What is life? (every sentence sticks to the heart)

/July 2022

what is life?

what you have to experience, what you have to worry about, what you have to go through, what you must experience, is your whole life.

what is life?

losing is inevitable, feeling unbearable, holding what cannot be supported, shouldering what must be shouldered, is a lifetime.

what is life?

from their own cries, from the cries of others, money and wealth is in vain; fame and status is a dream.

what is life?

what you like may not like you, and what you pursue may not be satisfactory. Life is the process of wanting to escape and clenching your teeth countless times.

Life is indisputable.

is yours and always belongs to you; no, it can't be disputed.

the world is cold, do not live in a negative way; in the world of others, do not envy and envy. Live your own life, take your own way, and face every day positively is the meaning of life.

Life cannot wait.

Love, cannot wait, affection, cannot wait, struggle, cannot wait.

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what should be done, such as today and tomorrow, it is not called waiting, it is called laziness; those who want to see, if today put off tomorrow, tomorrow, love will come to an end, people will be far away.

Life, don't be greedy.

Why are people tired? Because I want too much.

if you pay one point, if you want others to give you three points, your heart will be tired; if you fish for three days and always screen the net for two days, you are bound to be disappointed if you want to walk in front of others. In life, there may not be gains from hard work, but dreams must have nothing!

Life is self-aware of cold and warm.

everyone's life is different. Don't judge other people's life, live your own life well.

No one can replace another, so you have to be strong; no one can always accompany others, so you have to be independent; no one can fully understand who, so you have to be optimistic!

Life, there is nothing I can do about it.

some people come and go, and some beg and lose. Contrary to one's wishes is life, missing and pursuing is life, our life, there will always be too many unsatisfactory places.

Don't be complacent about success and don't give up on failure. Their own life, their own good life, their own road, their own serious walk. Don't ask for celebrities, but be worthy of your heart.

Life is self-sufficient.

if you are ill, you have to carry it, when it is difficult, you have to endure it, and if you suffer, you have to swallow it. In fact, life, the most difficult time, is nothing more than bitter love, pain parting, can not get!

try to be yourself, try to fulfill yourself, please yourself with your heart, and leave the rest to providence!

Life, it's good!

although human feelings are cold, it's good to have love around you! I'm ordinary, but I don't give up my ambition. I'm good! The life is dull, but the family is harmonious, very good!

Life, contentment!

there are not many acquaintances, but there is a sincere one; no one understands, but love is stronger than gold; no one is glamorous, but there are good years. This is a rare life!

what is life?

the world is cold and cold, the heart is cold and warm, and we should be relieved of the loss. How happy and how to live! How to live a happy life! Follow your heart and don't ask for too much; go all out and cherish what you have!