The best health care in the world: forget

/August 2022

I always remember everything clearly when I was young, but now I find that forgetfulness is actually a kind of ability, a kind of realm.

as you get older, your energy becomes more and more limited. If you carry too much memory, it will only add to your burden.

the most important way to maintain good health is to be forgetful.

forget what should be forgotten, put what should be put, and empty out the negative energy of oneself, so that we can face life happily.


forget worries to nourish the heart

nine times out of ten, the world of adults is not satisfactory.

in fact, it is not terrible to encounter troubles. What I am afraid of is that I always keep all kinds of troubles in my heart and keep them on my mind. It is not only useless, but also easy to worry into illness.

Zhihu read the story of a netizen.

two years ago, he felt hit by the failure of his job promotion.

in the following days, he repeatedly reviewed the reasons for his failure and thought that he had been treated unfairly.

however, the more aftertaste, the more frustration.

in the end, he even began to be unable to sleep, eat, and be in a trance all day long.

until one day, seeing him sitting there worrying again, my 4-year-old son suddenly came up to him and said,

"Dad, can you make me a boat?"

at that time, he had no intention of making a boat, but he had to agree reluctantly because he was entangled by his son.

it took him most of the day to build the toy boat.

the moment he finished the boat and gave it to the child, looking at the child's cheering look, he remembered that he had completely forgotten his troubles during this half-day.

since then, he has been busy at home, looking everywhere for things to do and making a list of tasks for himself.

and with more and more things to do, he not only seldom thought about it, but also regained his vitality and health.

I quite agree with the passage he wrote at the end of the story:

"in retrospect, it was too tricky to be necessary at that time. People still have to learn to look forward and don't take their troubles seriously, then it's not a thing. "

when some people encounter problems, they are used to thinking about them carefully and thinking about them.

No one knows that it is most sad to be bitter about it.

most of the time, people are unhappy because they have a good memory.

Confucius has a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "forget to eat with anger, forget worries with joy, and never know that old age is coming to Yuner."

the saint also has troubles, but he does not think about it, but chooses to drive out troubles with an optimistic attitude.

Happiness is not worry-free, it is learning to forget worry.

if you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.


forget one's feelings

as the saying goes, life is full of flavor, and love is the strongest.

but the word "affection" is the most moving and hurtful.

when a relationship is hopeless, forgetting is the fulfillment of yourself.

in 2010, Li Zongsheng, who stopped writing for a long time, wrote "Song for himself".

in the song, he expresses the true meaning of touching emotion in plain and simple words:

"if you don't want to give up, you just talk about the past, and by the time you find out that time is a thief, it has already stolen all your choices."

anyone who knows him knows that before that, Li Zongsheng had already ended his second marriage with Lin Yilian.

over 50 years old, I have loved and hurt, and I am alone again.

since the divorce, Li Zongsheng has been living alone in Shanghai, choosing to return to the starting point of music and set up a guitar factory.

he named his brand "wooden guitar", and every piano he produced was handmade and tuned by himself.

for this reason, he is busy every day but enjoys it.

his love of making guitar slowly diluted his emotional trauma and made his temperament more and more peaceful.

this led to the birth of that song.

I think he still has some regrets about the past, but it should be more transparent and relieved after the ups and downs of the world.

as many people say on the Internet, this is a sincere self-examination.

and what is touching about it is that Li Zongsheng wrote about himself, and what everyone read from it was his own emotional process.

things are unpredictable. Sometimes, even affectionate efforts may not be rewarded.

whether we get together or break up, we must eventually learn to make peace with ourselves.

as a song goes: not all relationships have a beginning and an end, and loneliness doesn't have to be scary at the end.

Life is long. Learn to say goodbye to old love before you can embrace a new life.

I like such a sentence very much: do not be surprised, watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; leave or stay unintentionally, wander with the clouds of the sky.

the cause of death has its own fixed number, and it cannot be forced, nor can it be forced.

since this is the case, why not look at the origin and fall in an indifferent manner.

Don't be confused or trapped in love.

Let bygones be bygones and try to be a better person. The one who really belongs to you will come for you.


Mr. Feng Zikai once published a picture in the Hong Kong New Evening News.

an old man sat leisurely on the stone bench in front of the house.

in the setting sun, the old man was slowly combing his hair with a comb, and a group of his children and grandchildren stood not far behind.

there is also a pair of words on the picture: eyes full of grandchildren's foreign affairs, combing their white hair to the sunset.

even though you are in fullIn the big family of "children and grandchildren", the old man sat leisurely alone, as if he had completely forgotten the noisy world not far away.

has reached the great state of life, and there is nothing to disturb.

in my life, I often hear some people feel that it is a life of chicken feathers, which makes me upset and exhausted physically and mentally.

but there is a good saying: life is full of spiritual practice, life is full of ashram.

only when you have the wisdom to forget the troubles of the situation can you practice calm and calm.

when he was studying in Changsha, Mao Zedong knew that his mind was not calm enough, so he thought of a way to deliberately sit at the mouth of the downtown area and read every day, so as to cultivate his own meditation and perseverance.

thanks to this, later he completely achieved the goal of reading regardless of venue and conditions.

on the Jinggang Mountains besieged by large armies, during the long March, no matter how messy and chaotic the environment was, as soon as he picked up the book, he could immediately become fascinated and infatuated.

the phase is born of the mind, and the context is created by the mind.

No one can decide their own situation, but they can decide what kind of mentality to face it.

the heart is calm and calm, no matter how bad the situation is, it can be calm.

and vice versa, no matter how much space you have, you can't take it easy.

therefore, those things that make the heart confused and impetuous, we should learn to clean it up in time and simplify it.

if you interfere with yourself, just listen to it, and it's okay to shelve unimportant trifles for the time being.

Bai Juyi wrote a poem:

"I get a quiet place, so I forget the vulgar heart."

those who know the truth do not have to be in the mountains. "

there is no clean place in the world, but we can try to open up a pure land for ourselves in the complicated life.

leisure comes from the heart.

forget whether the situation is good or bad, pursue simplicity in everything, and one day, you will find your true self.

in front of the Mianyang Shengshui Temple, there is a couplet full of Zen:

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"all dharma are empty, but there is nothing in the universe;

spotless, where does the lotus method hide the heart?"

the world loves to seek ways to maintain good health in various ways, but all laws are unified, and the road is simple.

if you have nothing on your mind, you will live forever.