People who are still healthy at the age of 50 all have these six traits, and they can't do without one.

/August 2022

it is said that people's health is like climbing a hill. It takes decades to climb to the top, and then it's time to go downhill.

but sometimes there are exceptions. in life, some people are sick before they are 30 years old, while others are still strong and not old when they are 50 years old.

it is not just disease that makes these differences.

if you look closely, you will find that those who are still healthy over 50 tend to have six traits, not even one less.


trait 1: calm, not easy to get angry

Huangdi Nei Jing says: "all diseases are born of qi."

statistics from the World Health Organization show that 90% of health problems are related to emotion.

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Nobody likes to be sick, but there are always people who love to get angry, and anger gives them a chance to get sick.

after anger, liver qi stagnation, qi depression into fire, disturbing the gods, Yang does not enter Yin, insomnia can occur.

and anger will also send stimulation signals to the nerves, making people have symptoms such as dreaminess, light sleep, palpitations, difficulty in falling asleep, and so on, thus affecting their health.

keeping peace of mind and not getting angry easily is the most basic way to keep a person in good health. if you can't control your emotions, it's hard to have a good body after the age of 50.

you know that your body is your own, so don't mess with yourself if you don't like it.


trait 2: the fast-paced society breaks the law of life. More and more people don't get up during the day, don't sleep at night, drink when they should sleep, and doze off when they should wake up.

even three meals a day have become perfunctory, and even breakfast has been omitted, but they do not know what harm it will bring to their health if they do not eat breakfast.

A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that the habit of skipping breakfast greatly increases the risk of premature death caused by cardiovascular diseases, especially stroke.

it can be seen that skipping breakfast will bring health crisis to the body for a long time.

in fact, people's first task is to be healthy. Only a healthy body is the best capital for making money and living.

the philosophical thought of Daojing is called "Tao imitates nature", which means that man imitates Tao and Tao imitates nature.

the law of nature: work at sunrise, rest at sunset, avoid summer when hot, dress when autumn is cool, eat when hungry, stop when full, all life follows the instinctive needs of the body and the law of nature.

only by following the laws of nature and adapting to the changes of 04:00, can we give people a healthy body.


trait 3: simple, not fame and fortune

Nan Huaijin said: "three thousand years of history is nothing but fame and fortune; 90,000 miles of enlightenment will eventually lead to poetry and wine countryside."

simplicity is the premise for a person to feel life, and fame and wealth will only keep people away from the truth.

those who lead a happy life at the age of 50 are by no means those who pursue fame and wealth so that they forget to eat and sleep and alienate their families.

on the contrary, although they have different wealth, they all share the same trait, that is, simplicity.

simplicity does not need too much fame and wealth to strengthen, what is needed is an attitude of living seriously.

only by looking at the life in front of us and living a steady life, can we feel the beauty of the years, and the happiness produced by beauty can also play a great role in people's mental health.


trait 4: there is at least one positive pleasure

Zhang Dai said: "people are not addicted, so they have no affection."

after decades of walking, people who do not have any hobbies tend to lack love for life and experience happiness, while people with bad hobbies are another disaster for their families.

only positive hobbies and pleasures show a person's love for life.

drinking tea, reading, traveling, sports, and even planting flowers and grass, singing and fishing can all reflect one's love of life.

loving life is a person's most positive performance.

as Liang Qichao said, "mortals must often live in interest before life is valuable."

Life is valuable, and the state of mind changes with it. Even at the age of 50, you can live with a smile.


trait 5: family harmony

the quality of the family atmosphere will affect one's mood and will to struggle.

We can clearly see that happy families get along harmoniously, always with laughter and laughter, while unhappy families always make chickens and dogs jump and feel restless because of all kinds of trifles.

as the first trait says, "all diseases are born of qi".

in a disharmonious family, the longer you live, the more bitter you will be. When you are depressed for a long time, even a healthy person will become ill.

therefore, family harmony is very important when people are over 50.

A harmonious family is like a sweet spring in the desert. When people are tired and tired, they get a moment of relaxation and feel the most tranquil tenderness.

No matter whether you have money or not, family harmony is not only the greatest wealth of a family, but also an indispensable factor for one's physical and mental health.


trait 6: there are three or five bosom friends

bosom friends who seem to have nothing to do with health, but they are not.

after the age of 50, life begins to be idle, and sometimes I don't know what to do in the face of long years.

if you have friends around you to chat, you don't need more, three or five best friends are enough. It is also a kind of comfort to each other to play chess, chat and talk about the past when they are bored.

even if there are lovers and childrenEven parents and elders are still alive, but the position of friends is still irreplaceable.

there are some things you can only say to your friends, and some bitterness, you can only talk to your bosom friends. It would be nice to say it. After all, we still have to live.

when people reach middle age, everyone needs to talk. Three or five bosom friends are the best choice.


stand at thirty, forty without doubt, fifty know destiny.

it is only after 50 that people realize that in fact, the most precious wealth in one's life is not fame and wealth, but health.

what we compare for the rest of my life is not matter, but who walks more steadily and longer.

if you are young, I hope you can work hard for these six traits;

if you are over 50, try to achieve many of them, because it is related to the quality of your life for the rest of your life.