Be sure to pass on these 10 habits to your children, better than 10 houses

/August 2022

good habits are the golden key to a good life, while bad habits are shackles on the way to growth.

when children have good habits, good grades are readily available.

A good parent is not how much savings or real estate they save for their children, but set an example to pass on good habits to their children.

you know: good habits accompany a child's life, and can even determine a child's fate.

Please force your child to develop these 10 good habits, which will benefit him for life.


keep on reading

the ancients said, "there is a house of gold in the book, and there is beauty in the book."

more reading can broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge, improve your child's imagination and thinking ability, and let your child experience different lives.

Reading can change a person's temperament, speech and mind, and make children elegant, confident and knowledgeable.

Let a child develop the habit of reading, will benefit him for life, because reading is a lifetime thing, if you want to educate a good child, you must first teach him to read.


when you express your gratitude by words and deeds, the child will understand that nothing is taken for granted.

teach the child to be grateful. He will appreciate the difficulties of his parents and cherish his family's love and giving to him.

A person can live an ordinary life, but he must know how to be grateful, which is a very noble virtue.


self-discipline of life

many children have worse habits as they grow up, stay up late, and don't do housework.

in fact, these habits of self-discipline should be cultivated from an early age.

early to bed and early to rise, regular work and rest, getting up on time, making quilts and tidying up the house are all good habits that parents need to teach their children.

parents should set a good example and create a positive family atmosphere so that their children can learn from themselves.


stick to the bottom line

people who have a bottom line know well, have a pattern, and know what to do and what not to do.

the bottom line of life: it is necessary to control money, understand that it is not easy for parents to make money, do not pursue a luxurious life, and thrift is the real self-cultivation.

the bottom line of being a man: kindness is valuable, but it should also be sharp, refuse unreasonable things bravely, and do not connive at those who take an inch.

body bottom line: protect your body at all times. There is only one life. Don't covet property when you are in danger. It is most important to protect yourself.


respect others

as the old saying goes, "those who love others always love them, and those who respect others always respect them."

respect is mutual. If you respect others, others will respect you.

respect other people's privacy: do not inquire, do not spread, do not spread rumors;

respect other people's defects: no ridicule, no booing, no blow;

respect other people's efforts: no contempt, no stain, no spoilage.

respect is a compulsory course in a lifetime. We should learn to appreciate other people's strengths, tolerate other people's shortcomings, and respect other people's lives.


Control emotions

A child who grows up in a bad mood family will naturally be affected by emotion, irritable and irritable.

so, as a parent, no matter how angry or irritable, do not bring emotions to your children, children will learn these bad habits and bring bad emotions to others at the same time.

if you have something to say, the child can listen. He has never seen an adult lose his temper, so he naturally won't lose his temper at others.

emotional impermanence, hurt others and hurt yourself; emotional stability, a happy life. Be sure to teach your child the good habit of controlling emotions. He will benefit a lot.



A healthy body is the greatest wealth in life. Only with a good body can you have a good future.

Learning is important, and exercise is also essential.

exercise can improve body resistance, immunity, enhance physical fitness and make the body healthier.

exercise is a lifetime thing. You should know how to stick to it. Health is the first thing in one's life. Without health, everything else is zero.


keep the promise

the most important thing in one's life is not wealth, not fame and wealth, but trust.

as the old saying goes, "A man does not stand without faith, and his karma does not believe but is not happy."

A person with credibility will be respected, recognized and supported by others.

therefore, from an early age, children should be taught to keep their promises and be reliable people who live up to themselves and others.


cherish friendship

it's important to choose a friend, make a best friend, stay with you all your life, make a bad friend, and ruin your future.

in this life, how far you go and how high you achieve depends on who you walk with.

when you meet a close friend with the same values and positive values, you must cherish it.

especially the friendship of the student days, sincere and innocent, study together, encourage each other, and grow together.

cherish each other and you can become the most important person in your life.


like yourself

there is no perfect person in the world. Accept yourself calmly from the bottom of your heart and like yourself in order to make your life happy and happy.

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if you don't like yourself, how can you expect others to like you?Where's Riley?

A lot of times, when you encounter unsatisfactory things, you will always doubt yourself and deny yourself.

in fact, it's not that you are bad, it's just that you are too eager to get better, it's not that you can't, it's just that you have more expectations in your heart.

if you like yourself, you have the motivation to move forward and the courage to defeat tribulations. on the way of life, you don't have to pay too much attention to the opinions of others.

from the bottom of your heart, be kind to yourself, embrace your strengths, improve your weaknesses, really like yourself, and others will appreciate you.


habits, which seem small, determine a person's fate.

if children want to have good habits, they should start by setting an example for their parents. Although it is not developed overnight, but through the joint efforts of parents and children, there will be a good future.