Three chances to change one's fate in one's life

/August 2022

recently, I often see some readers in the background complain:

"I have a bad life. I wish I had been born into a family of rich people."

"my parents are incompetent and can't help me."

"I've had a really miserable life."


but is that really the case?

in fact, fate is a thing that no one can help you, only you can control.

those who believe in fate, follow it.

those who do not believe in fate lead it in a different direction.

A person's life, do a good job in the following three points, your own destiny, you decide.



she grew up living in a slum, her parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol, and her mother suffered from schizophrenia.

every day, parents quarrel about taking drugs and spend all their family savings to satisfy their drug addiction.

when her peers grew up carefree in the arms of their parents, Liz could not even meet the basic food and clothing.

can only wander in every corner of the city, suffering from cold words and ridicule, begging for a living.

later, she gradually realized that reading can change her fate, which is her only way out.

so she studied while working, finished the four-year course in two years, and tried to apply for a full scholarship.

suffering fettered her, reading saved her, and her life changed completely the moment she entered Harvard.

as the line in the movie says:

"I know there is a better and richer life outside, and I want to live in that world."

maybe God is unfair. Some people are born rich and prosperous, while others are miserable.

although we cannot choose where we come from, we can change our destiny.

if you want to counterattack life, reading is the lowest way, but also the fastest and most direct way to change your destiny.

No one cares about where you came from, no one cares about your appearance.

as long as your grades are good enough, you will have a chance to go to a good university, learn more, know more people, and live a relatively good life.

every ordinary person who works hard, life will give back to you in the best way.

many of my friends come from small towns and their families are generally or even poor, but they study very hard.

they work hard to get out of the countryside and work hard to take root in the city, so that their children can receive a good education and their parents get good medical conditions.

there is nothing great about their lives in the eyes of ordinary people, but only they understand the hardship and hard work.

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it's not about motivation, it's about reinventing yourself; it's not about winning or losing, it's the time to change your destiny.


Marriage: who you are with is really different

I went back to my hometown a few days ago and heard an amazing news.

Xiaomi, the daughter of neighbor Aunt Chen, was arrested in prison for embezzlement.

Xiaomi, who graduated from a famous school, successfully entered a certain institution to work as an accountant.

with outstanding working ability, she was also highly regarded by the leaders and promoted to several levels.

originally lived a stable and happy life, but Xiaomi was brought into the "big pit" of gambling by her husband.

after having tasted the benefits once or twice, the two began to gamble more and more, lost a lot of money several times in succession, and borrowed money from loan sharks.

finally, she got deeper and deeper, and when she was desperate, at the instigation of her husband, she came up with the idea of a unit.

originally a good card was played, but as a result, it was broken alive because of being with the bad people.

in fact, every journey you take, everyone you meet, and everything you do have a subtle influence on your destiny, especially the person next to you.

when you are with positive and positive people, you will be imperceptibly instilled with good qualities and ideas.

when you are with people with negative energy, you will only be decadent and ruin your life.

this is the case with Jia Jingwen, the tragedy of the rich and powerful.

the first marriage married into a wealthy family, but it became a joke, and everyone knew it when they divorced from their ex-husband.

often appear in front of the media with dishevelled hair and tears to ask for custody of her daughter.

lose face, lose youth and money, and almost cut off all job opportunities for Jia Jingwen.

fortunately, later Jia Jingwen met Xiu Jiekai, who spoiled her like a child.

Jia Jingwen, who is loved and nourished, seems to have gone back to more than a decade ago.

gave birth to two lovely babies. She not only had a good appearance, but also had a good audience, but also had a bumper harvest in her family and career.

A bad hand turns around completely, and even if you marry the wrong person, you still win it back.

this marriage is like a pair of shoes. What kind of shoes you wear and what kind of road you take can determine whether you go far or not.

if you meet the wrong person, it will not only make your feet bloody, but also make you fall down and bleed.

if you meet the right person, you will be able to stride in the right direction.


work: the steering wheel of life,

hold in your own hand

think of the 10th anniversary party and see the one in our class before.The prettiest girl.

unlike the glowing appearance of a few years ago, she seems to be a different person now.

the face is haggard, the figure is fat, and the beautiful and arrogant look of her schooldays is now completely gone.

remembering that when we went to the study room to review, she always lay in the dorm watching TV dramas and playing games.

We were busy graduating from internship, she was busy falling in love, and in order to find the best candidate, boyfriends changed one after another;

while we were busy looking for a job, she had already found a suitable candidate and began to get ready to get married.

after taking part in the work, we stay up late and work overtime every day. She concentrates on being her full-time wife and enjoys being "supported" by others.