Time knows people, but adversity knows hearts.

/August 2022

born in the world of mortals, time knows people, adversity knows the heart, shows human nature in front of power, sees the truth in adversity, does not know one person.

as someone said: those who speak beautifully may not be sincere, and those who appear to be friendly may not be kind. Don't open your mouth when you trust people. Make friends with your heart.

in just a few decades of life, everyone will experience a lot of ditches and ridges, and meet all kinds of people, but there are several more. If you can meet a person who is really good to you in the vast sea of people, he must be an honorable person and a bosom friend, and we must cherish it.

all say that time is the best filter, true friends, can withstand the baptism of time, regardless of family, friendship, or love, if you do not work hard, you will turn a blind eye and become more and more strange!

to know whether a heart is true or false, you can escape from people's eyes, but it is difficult to escape the proof of time.

in this world, true feelings can withstand the polish of time and the precipitation of time. No matter what status you may be in the future, even if you are high and powerful, rich, or born poor, time will keep the best people by your side.

it can be said that there are two kinds of people in the world who are worth cherishing.

I am very busy, but I wish you for someone who is free for you.

people who are poor and willing to give everything for you.

know that the value of people is not money and status, but pattern and character; the value of love is not material and background, but feeling and fate.

so, do not believe the sweet words of the moment, time can test the truth; do not indulge in short-term hypocrisy, the years will expose everything undoubtedly.

A true love is not a bold word of oath, but the sharing of joys and sorrows in the most difficult times.

A long-term relationship is not always with you, but at a critical time to stand up and keep your word.

ordinary companionship, although not romantic, is absolutely honest and truthful.

the most romantic thing in the world is to have three close friends, warm and waiting, and every word is appropriate; every word is sincere and has endless feelings and meaning.

that affection, because I know it, I care about it, and I cherish it because I know my heart.

time will let some memories flow away with time, but the true friendship between friends will always take root in life.

Look no further than short homecoming wear with long sleeves and feel your extremely best. The available collection can go well with all occasion.

it is the exchange of heart and heart over time, and it is a kind of fate to get to know each other. As long as we meet each other hand in hand, cherish each other, and go through the long life wind and rain together, then everywhere is the most beautiful scenery, filled with warmth and joy.

through the mountains and rivers, through the wind and rain, I hope that every day and every year of my life, we all have close friends!

Thank you for the encounter of life and all the experiences. Without the precipitation of years, life would not be so beautiful. Without the many tribulations of life, you would not learn to bear the storms bravely.

the most beautiful gesture in life is to meet a mentor with affectionate and simple temperament in the complex world, who can cherish each other and cherish each other.

so, such a day, I believe it will be like a fish in water, all businesses will prosper, more and more warm!