The price of desire (good in depth)

/August 2022

desire is a human instinct. Food, clothing, housing and transportation are all driven by desire.

A man cannot survive without desire.

however, there is a limit to everything. If there is no restraint, desire is the greatest curse in life.

Shakespeare said: "desire is like charcoal fire, it must be cooled, otherwise, the fire will scorch the heart."

all things have a price. The result of indulging desire is the loss and downfall of the soul.


the more desires, the heavier the mind

Phoenix Satellite TV host Liang Dong told a story.

he has a friend who loves antiques and attended various auctions all over the world when he was young.

bought a lot of precious collections, many of which were so fragile that he specially put them in the first class of the plane and brought them back.

he rented a warehouse of 3,000 square meters and put these things in it.

fearing that things would be stolen, he installed 360-degree surveillance in the warehouse, plus a dozen security guards on 24-hour patrols.

he collected many bamboo products of different years, and the two men listened to the bamboo crack while they were drinking tea.

he said, "A hundred dollars is gone."

after a while, there is another sound, and another hundred yuan is gone.

he spent a lot of effort, but still could not maintain the constant temperature and humidity of the warehouse.

the collection was broken all the time, and his mood became anxious for a time.

he began to find a way to change hands and get rid of the collection that he had bought so hard that year.

these precious antiques are no longer a pleasure but a burden with him.

Su Shi said: "A gentleman can imply things, but not pay attention to things."

there is so much material that it is easy to become a mountain in your mind and make yourself out of breath.

Zhou Guoping told a fable:

A rabbit loves the moon. Unlike other rabbits, the moon has its own charm in her eyes.

the Lord of the gods saw that she had a discerning eye, so he gave her the moon.

the next day, the white rabbit still went to the grass to enjoy the moon.

but the mood is very different. A thought popped into her head: "this is my moon!"

she stared at the moon like a rich man staring at his golden cellar.

when the moon was covered by dark clouds, she became nervous for fear of losing her treasure; when the full moon was missing, she felt heartache as if she had been robbed.

in her eyes, the ups and downs of the moon no longer have their own charm, on the contrary, they are full of danger, evoking her endless gains and losses.

many people think that having is happiness.

do everything possible to get and possess.

but once you have it, you find that owning it is often a burden.

the more things you have, the more energy and consumption you put in, and people begin to be enslaved by things.

the more things you have, the heavier the gain and loss, but the more nervous you are, the more you worry about gain and loss, and the loss of happiness.

Zhuangzi said: "things but not things."

people should control foreign things, not be enslaved by them.

desire is not equal to happiness. Getting is not equal to happiness.

learn to be simple and abstinent, so that one can truly have inner prosperity and happiness.


the more desires, the more dangerous the mind

there is a book called Jie Ren Yi in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, in which there is a saying:

running around all day long is only for hunger.

I have enough food and clothing, and I want to have a beautiful wife.

if you take a beautiful wife and give birth to children, you hate having no land and little roots.

buy more countryside, no boat and less horse.

the slotted head buckled the mule and horse, sighing that he had been deceived without an official position.

when a county magistrate dislikes being a small official, he has to hang purple clothes toward the middle.

if you want the hearts of the world to be satisfied, you have to have a dream.

from dressing and eating, to houses and cars, to getting rich and becoming an official, people's desires are endless.

there is a concept of threshold in psychology.

with the stimulation of desire, the threshold of people becomes higher and higher, and the happiness brought by the same thing shows a decreasing trend.

wanting more happiness means more excitement.

as long as there is no abstinence, there will never be a moment of satisfaction.

there is no end to desire, but there is an end to man's ability.

once the desire exceeds the individual's ability, it is easy for a person to break through the bottom line and pay for his own desire.

I have heard such a story.

there is a painter who wants to paint Buddha and demons.

in the temple, he found a clear and serene monk as a model and gave him a generous reward.

A few months later, the painter wanted to paint the devil, so he went to the prison to look for it.

he found a prisoner. He was satisfied and began to paint.

at this time, the prisoner burst into tears.

the artist was very strange, so he asked him why.

the prisoner said, "I was the one who painted the Buddha last time, and I am the one who painted the devil this time."

it turns out that after the monk got paid, he went down the mountain to indulge in booze. The money was quickly used up, but the desire became greater and greater, and eventually fell step by step.

he stole, robbed, did everything wrong, and ended up in prison.

after understanding, the painter sighed, threw away the brush and stopped painting.

the ancients said, "if you want more, you will be dangerous, and if you have few desires, you will be flat."

the more desires, the more sinister the mind.

if one's desires are unrestrained, one is likely to change from a greedy villain.A demon who becomes a demon.

desire is a trade with the devil.

what you get is temporary pleasure, but what you lose is the bottom line.

Kazuo Inamori said: "unrestrained desire is the drug of life."

once contaminated, there is only infinite destruction.


the more desires, the softer the spirit

the ancients said: "if you want more, you will be discouraged, and if you have few desires, you will be strong."

cannibalism has a short mouth and a short hand.

the more desires, the more people ask for and the more restrictions they are subject to.

for a long time, the whole person's spirit will become weak, dare not say anything, dare not do.

Gong Sun Yi served as prime minister of Lu during the Spring and Autumn period.

on weekdays, many people like to eat fish, so many people buy fish for him.

Gong Sun Yi shut everyone out.

my younger brother was puzzled and asked him, "Don't you like fish?"

Gong Sun Yi said, "it is because you like to eat fish that you can't collect fish."

if you collect fish, you have to do things for others, even if you break the law.

slowly I will be exempted from the aspect, and it will be difficult for me to buy my own fish. "

desire is a yoke.

the more desires a person has, the heavier his shackles will be.

in the end, there are minefields everywhere, and there is no freedom everywhere.

over time, one can only be submissive and obedient to others.

Chen Zhongwei, a native of the Song Dynasty, used to be a lieutenant in Putian County. At that time, the big family in the county was a relative of an important member of the dynasty, so he sent him a letter of recommendation.

Let him take it to see the officer, so that he can take a step forward.

A year later, the big family was arrested for tax arrears.

he was so angry that he questioned Chen Zhongwei: why did he not show mercy to himself after receiving his own letter of recommendation?

who knew that Chen Zhongwei took out the letter of recommendation and returned it to him without opening it.

the rich man was so ashamed that he apologized to his face and made up for the tax.

the ancients said, "the wall stands on a thousand feet, and no desire is just."

if a person does not have any desire, he is not afraid of anything, he does not have to be afraid of anything.

in other words:

A person will not be flattered and submissive only if he is not burdened by desire.

can you keep your heart and backbone.


the more desires, the worse the mentality

Zhuangzi once said:

when gambling, some people bet big and some people bet small.

the person who gambles with tiles, he gambles freely, anyway, he is betting on tiles;

those who bet on beautiful and expensive hooks may be trembling and afraid;

those who bet on gold must be delirious.

the more valuable items, the stronger the desire to win, and the worse the mentality of people.

Hou Yi was a famous sharpshooter in ancient times.

after hearing this, King Xia summoned Hou Yi, hoping to see him shoot archery.

make it clear in advance that if you shoot a hundred gold, you will be punished if you miss.

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after Hou Yi heard this, he was so anxious that he could no longer hold his breath.

when shooting arrows, the mentality collapses and finally misses the target.

the ancients said, "those who are heavy on the outside are clumsy inside."

the more unexpected it is material desire, the more lacking it is in the heart.

he doesn't have his own certainty, so he is led by the nose by something else.

after Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou, his official career was hopeless and discouraged.

he wrote in the "Cold Food Post": "I also intend to cry and paint poor, and I can't afford to blow dead ashes." Talk about your own depression and despair.

when he came back drunk, he said in the riverside: "I hate this body for a long time, when to forget the camp."

he hates himself. Why can't he forget fame and fortune and be unwilling to live in peace here?

it was not until the night trip to Chibi that he realized that "sending mayflies to heaven and earth is a drop in the sea."

these fame and fortune gains and losses, but fleeting, but the breeze of the bright moon, these natural things are more worthy of appreciation and trust.

Su Shi, who let go of his gains and losses, woke up from the low ebb of life.

it is only then that Su Dongpo, who is open-minded and free and easy, has been sung by the Chinese for thousands of years.

Fan Zhongyan said, "Don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself."

people live a lifetime, living is a mood, a state of mind.

what's the use of having an unhappy heart while being rich in material things?

only by letting go of the craving for external things can one regain inner peace and freedom.

Mencius said, "Don't be good at having few desires."

the less the desire, the less the mind, the better the state of mind.

this is not only the way to nourish the heart, but also the way of life.