An injured tree (depth good article)

/August 2022


in the 1950s, on a farm in the United States.

A farmer put an iron ring on an elm tree in the manor to tie his cattle.

as the elm grows, the iron ring is slowly embedded into the tree, leaving a deep scar on the epidermis of the elm.

one year, a strange plant fungal blight occurred in the area. All the elm trees in a radius of dozens of kilometers died, but the elm tree with an iron ring survived.

Why did this elm survive?

botanists became interested in this, so they organized people to study it.

it turns out that it was the iron ring that scarred the elm tree that saved it.

Elm absorbs a large amount of iron from the rusty iron ring and has a special immunity to fungi.

this tree is still growing energetically on the farm near Biola County, Michigan.

in fact, each of us will suffer all kinds of injuries in our lives, just like this tree.

but these injuries will, at some point, become a kind of nourishment, making life more resolute, strong, full of vitality and hope.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"everyone will have an extremely difficult time, the pressure of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, and the fear of love all day long."

if you get through it, your life will suddenly become clear; if you don't make it, time will teach you how to shake hands with them and make peace with them, so don't be afraid. "

keep an optimistic heart, even if life is like a reverse journey, it takes a Reed to sail.

you should always believe that what can't beat you will eventually make you stronger.


tell me about my own experience.

I majored in Chinese at university, and my writing skills have been pretty good all the time. So after graduation, I successfully entered a newspaper for internship.

the editor-in-chief who took me at that time was the harshest one in the whole newspaper.

how severe is she to her subordinates? To say the simplest, if there is a wrong word in your manuscript, you will be scolded in the face.

since I was an intern, I went through countless night shifts and changed manuscripts countless times. At most, I changed a manuscript 30 times before the editor passed it.

in the brightly lit big city of Shanghai, for many years, I have only been accompanied by a computer and a lamp.

many people have advised me to change my trainee teacher. There is no need to do so.

however, only I know that it is because of her strict requirements that my writing has improved by leaps and bounds and become the best of all interns.

at the end of the internship, I was the only one who stayed smoothly. It was only after

that I unwittingly knew that the quota for becoming a regular worker at that time was recommended by the chief editor.

the editor-in-chief's painful "torture" has benefited me a lot for the rest of my writing career.

later, since the rise of the media platform, I resigned and started my own writing business.

every time a reader leaves a message in the background, praising my article as piercing and practical, I am silently grateful to the editor-in-chief who has "tortured" me for several years.

it is often said that whoever makes you suffer will come and ferry you.

I have a deep understanding of this sentence in her. It was her harshness that made me who I am now.

I especially like what the writer Cao Youfang said:

"the so-called growth is to accept whatever happens in life, even if it is unfortunate or bad, we have to face it and solve it." keep the damage to a minimum. "

those who cheat and betray you will let you see the darkness of human nature, but it will invisibly enlarge your pattern;  those who despise you can not only hurt your self-esteem, but also stimulate your fighting spirit.

those who ostensibly target you may just exercise your ability to deal with problems in another way.

the person who makes you miserable is not necessarily the one who hurts you, and the one who hurts you doesn't necessarily make you worse.

No matter what kind of fate, their mission is to ferry you.

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I have seen such a short film:

A Hua, a rural girl, has been ridiculed and bullied by her peers because she is fat.

she also feels inferior because of this, but she can't change it all the time.

her mother-in-law could not bear to see her despair, so she said to her, "there is a dry well in the mountain. It is said that whoever fills the dry well with water, the Jade Emperor will appear and help her realize a wish."

after listening to her mother-in-law, Hua picked up the bucket and went to irrigate it.

in the process of carrying water, she encountered numerous troubles. She was tricked, fell, and even frayed her hands and bled.

she was so miserable that she wanted to give up for a time, but she chose to gnash her teeth when she saw the bloated reflection in the bucket.

day after day, non-stop. Until one day, the dry well was filled with water.

she shouted expectantly to the sky: Jade Emperor, where are you?

but the sky did not respond, only a few white clouds were floating.

Ah Hua bowed her head sadly, but at the moment, she saw the beautiful face and slim figure reflected by the well water.

Harvard high achiever Zhan Qingyun said:

"what makes the Tang monk a Tang monk is not the classics, but the way to learn from them."

everyone goes through painful times, but once you get through it and look back, you will find that it was those days that made you who you are today.

in Huang Bo's early years, life was very rough.

due to poor appearance, the record companyRefused to package him. In order to support himself, he sang in the karaoke hall for seven years and worked as a dance teacher for eight years.

when it was difficult, he was embarrassed by the guests in the bar and humiliated by the director. After several blows, he gave up, returned to his hometown and opened a factory to do business. As a result, he lost all his money overnight and was heavily in debt.

although his fate was ill-fated, these difficult experiences did not defeat him.

instead, he accidentally found the way to be an actor and began to hone his acting skills.

dormant for 16 years, Huang Bo finally became popular all over the country with one film after another and became the amazing "7.6 billion Actor".

and the foundation of singing and dancing that he practiced in the most difficult days has now become his stunt.

others act cute and show their faces and eat the meal of youth in fear, but he has become a powerful faction in this circle: he is good at singing and dancing, talented, can act, can host, and is versatile.

pain is the beginning of awakening and the only way to grow up.

but if you are afraid of hardship and dislike trouble, so as to avoid it, when it is inevitable, these difficulties will become the biggest stumbling block in your life.

as the saying goes, how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without going through a bitter cold?

simple and happy things can make you happy for a while, but things that are painful and difficult to do can really help you.

be hard on yourself and accept the things that make you painful.

those who have suffered and tired will become the brightest stars in the night sky and guide you to become a better person.

in the past, we all fear pain and want to avoid it.

but in fact, pain is not necessarily a bad thing.

the person who makes you suffer is sometimes your noble person, and the thing that makes you miserable is often the place where you need to be promoted most.

writer Xi Murong said:

she tells us with experience: life is a marathon, pass through, and then look back, the suffering will be your gift.