The classic dialogue between mother and son is amazing and worth spreading for 50 years.

/August 2022

Professor Li Meijin once said:

Family education is a discipline that requires wisdom and skill.

I have seen many mothers in my life. When I saw the dazzling light of other people's children, I lamented the ordinariness of their own children.

but in fact, nothing has ever been born in this world.

behind every good child, there is often a great mother.

they use their most simple brushes to outline the best appearance of education for their children.

the future of those children has long been doomed in the process of growing up.


when she was 3 years old, the mother took her son to the supermarket.

my son wants to buy ice cream, but his mother agrees and tells him that he can only choose one and check out at the door first.

after a while, my son ran over, held two flavors of ice cream in his hand and said

"Mom, I like both very much, so I want to buy two!"

Mom said seriously, "those who don't know how to choose will not get either in the end."

then put both ice creams back and went home with a reluctant son.

since then, young children have learned to choose and choose.


at the age of 4, the mother took her son on the subway, and the son opened a box of biscuits while his mother was on the phone and ate very delicious.

when my mother finished her phone call, she found that the ground was covered with crumbs of cookies.

the mother touched her son's head: "son, mother came to test you. Once upon a time, there was a big gray wolf who found three lambs after getting on the subway. How many sheep are there now?"

the son replied confidently, "No, because they were all eaten by wolves!"

Mom: "No, there are three more, because eating is not allowed on the subway."

the son immediately said with shame, "Oh."

then the mother handed her son a tissue and asked him to squat down and clean up all the debris.

so far, the son has learned what self-cultivation is from his mother's gentle reminder.


when she was 5 years old, the mother took her son to buy fruit one day.

my son was bored, so he secretly picked the peach in front of him and didn't share this "interesting story" with his mother until he was almost home.

the mother heard that, without saying a word, she turned around and took her son back to the fruit store.

after careful examination, it is true that there are traces of her son picking out with his fingernails on many peaches. After explaining the reason to the boss, the mother bought all the peaches that had been "destroyed".

the son was confused, and the mother patiently explained:

"We broke other people's peaches, so others didn't want to buy them, so we have to be responsible for it and buy him home."

then if you buy it home, you can't waste it. Is it right for us to try to finish it? " Sure enough, he ate peaches at home three times a day for a week, and his son was miserable.

from beginning to end, the mother did not scold her son.

but the son kept it in mind and learned about honesty and commitment.


at the age of 6, my son was infatuated with football.

it's not fun to play with children in the yard. He wants a football of his own to play at home.

parents hesitated when they knew their son's wish, because at that time the family conditions were mediocre, and a football cost 50 yuan, but they finally declined their son.

one day when I got home from work, my mother saw her son playing a new football at home.

when he was asked where he came from, the child stumbled, saying it was a gift from his neighbor's friend.

after repeated questioning, he finally admitted that he had stolen the family's money to buy it, and murmured, "you are so stingy for 50 yuan."

when my mother heard this, she was stupefied for a moment, said nothing, and took him to his father's construction site the next morning to help with his work.

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after three days of work, my son cried several times before he finally earned 50 yuan for football.

when I got home, the mother looked at her tired son and said,

"son, when you grow up, you will know two things.

first, the things we especially like and want are generally very expensive; second, it is not easy to make money, but no matter when we have to rely on our own ability to earn money, we can only spend it in the future. "

after hearing this, the child bowed his head with remorse. from this moment on, he learned that what he likes should be earned by his own efforts.