The family has the pure gas, the person has the blessing

/August 2022



is the best fortune.

I often hear old people say, "Wealth does not enter the dirty door, but happiness does not moisten the muddy people."

because the God of Wealth likes to be clean, he refuses to go into the messy house;

sloppy people can not get his favor.

A person's living environment will exert an imperceptible influence on his ethos.

if the home is dirty and messy, the owner is often lazy, lazy and unenterprising.

if the home is clean, the owner is often neat, neat, smart and capable.

as the ancients said, "people stand because of their homes, and houses because of people have to be preserved." People support each other and feel heaven and earth. "

means that people get married and have a career in the house, and the house also has the meaning of existence because of the person.

people and houses are mutually beneficial and coexist, and people support houses and houses.

as the saying goes, "the blessed people live in the blessed land and the blessed people live in the blessed land."

A house with bright windows is the best feng shui.

plant the plane tree and attract the Phoenix.

in this way, fortune will naturally come to your door.


clean, is the best family style

family appearance, hiding the upbringing of a family.

the environment at home can reflect the most real state of life.

Zeng Guofan's eight-character tip: book, vegetable, fish, pig, morning sweep Kao Bao.

"sweeping" means cleaning the yard and keeping the home clean and tidy.

in his letter from home, he warned his brothers many times: "it is difficult to clean up. This is the atmosphere of family failure."

all big families have a strict style of tutoring, and sloppiness will not be tolerated.

Zhu Zi's Family motto also says: "get up at dawn and sweep the court."

diligent cleaning not only maintains indoor hygiene, but also cultivates good behavior habits.

by cleaning this little thing, we can see the whole through a small part and build a great ambition.

there is a saying in Daojing: "governing a big country is like cooking something fresh."

the same is true of a person's growth and success, a family's tutoring and family style.

tidying up a room is not just a kind of work.

is to sweep away their own inertia and exercise their own quality.

people with clean homes always have good self-control.

the ancients said, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

if you want to live a good life, start by cleaning the house.

what kind of environment you live in, what kind of life you will live.

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clean, is the best state of mind

home, not only the residence of the body, but also the end-result of the soul.

Life is only a few decades, and 2/3 of life is spent at home.

A home with bright windows can make people physically and mentally happy.

when you are in it, your mood is always at ease.

when you are upset, you might as well clean the room.

cleaning the room is also cleaning your heart.

there is a poem in Buddhism:

"the body is like a banyan tree, the heart is like a mirror platform."

wipe frequently to avoid causing dust. "

the process of cleaning can make the body busy and calm the mind.

the mind is clear and there is time to reflect on more things.

sweep away not only the rubbish in the house, but also the miscellaneous thoughts in the mind.

as soon as the distractions are removed, the person calms down.

all problems will be easily solved.