You can be kind, but you can't be bullied!

/August 2022

Dong Qing once said:

if you are so good that you have no reservations, the other person will dare to be unscrupulous.

in real society, people are unfathomable. Sometimes, when your kindness is trampled on as a matter of course, you really realize that the story of Mr. Dongguo and the snake is not exaggeration.

A person, integrity and kindness is a good thing, compassion is our nature.

but your kindness must not become a weakness for others to bully you, let alone a weakness for others to hurt you.

some people are like cold-blooded snakes, who do not know how to repay their kindness, but only know how to get more and more. When they meet people who are good to him, they will rely on the good of others to take an inch.

such a person, the weaker and kinder you are, the more you will spoil him and make yourself cold.


you can be kind but bring your own edge

I have seen such a story.

there is a grocery store owner in Russia.

he accidentally met a cash-strapped old woman, so he felt compassion and decided to offer free bread coupons to pensioners.

because the shopkeeper is kind-hearted, he gradually gives out coupons to the disabled and the low-income poor.

soon, the news didn't go away, and the poor people in the nearby town also came to his grocery store to get coupons, and there were still some lazy people.

with more and more coupons to be offered, Mr. A gives out a certain number of coupons every day in order to worry about his life.

Are you agitated to acquire formal wear for elderly woman and be unique in a crowd? Take advantage of the unique combination of comfort and simplicity.

sometimes some people abuse and blame when they are too slow to get bread, without the slightest sense of gratitude.

this is a very warm story, but in the end it is very chilling.

Mr. A's kindness only feeds their stomachs, but not their conscience.

in the end, it led them to take Mr. A's help for granted.

in reality, such examples abound. Maybe when a person is about to starve to death, you provide him with a steamed bread, and he may say good things about you.

if one day you don't give any more, or if you give less, you will forget all your memories in the twinkling of an eye, or even regard you as an enemy.

at the beginning of human beings, nature is good. There is no doubt that kindness is our nature and a virtue that we always practice.

but kindness must not lose its edge. Kindness with edge is precious, and kindness with edge is cherished.

kindness without edge will only spoil a person who does not know how to be grateful, or even pull him to the opposite of love, making him a white-eyed wolf who does not know how to repay gratitude.


goodness, with boundaries

kindness, is not only an instinct for us, but also a commendable quality.

but it is not our duty. When you meet someone who hurts you, you can choose to protect yourself. You don't have to continue to be kind to him. No matter how kind you are, you must have a boundary. Otherwise, you will be reduced to foolishness.

kindness, there must be boundaries and softness, there must be limits.

for some people, you dig out your heart and heart to him, but he ignores you. Some people are so kind that they treat you like a soft persimmon.

there is nothing wrong with sticking to kindness, but there must be boundaries and limits. In the face of those who blindly advance by an inch, we must not be patient, let alone pay foolishly.

people who take an inch can't get used to it, and people who don't know how to be grateful really can't give. As a person, don't be too good, let alone do good deeds without boundaries, turn your face when you should turn your face, and be ruthless when you should be ruthless.

in this world, we owe no one except our parents. We choose kindness, not because we are weak or stupid, but because we have a conscience to be human.

just as Russell said:

if reason does not exist, kindness is meaningless.

goodness, there must be principles and boundaries, goodness must have a limit, is the true goodness, only then people respect you, only then people cherish!


you can be kind but not easy to bully

especially agree with one sentence:

to be kind to others, don't forget to be kind to yourself.

I deeply think that kindness is a good thing, but we must not injure ourselves. While being kind to others, we should also protect ourselves and not be bullied and hurt ourselves.

No matter who you get along with, you can think of others, you can be considerate of others, but you must have a bottom line, and see if the other person is worth it and whether he or she is grateful.

for those who take an inch, don't continue to be spoiled. For those who make you aggrieved, stay away. For those who embarrass you, turn around. Don't flatter yourself. Don't be humble and soft-hearted. For those who don't know how to be grateful, no matter how much you give, it's in vain.

remember that if you give unreservedly to others, you will end up being taken advantage of or even bullied.

the kindness with boundary and edge is meaningful and the goodness we practice all the time.

in this world, not everyone knows how to be grateful, and not everyone knows how to cherish it. Therefore, your kindness must have a bottom line.

for those who take an inch, don't pay for him; for those who don't know how to be grateful, don't get used to it and give your kindness to those who know how to cherish and be grateful.