"to love a man who can spoil you until you are old."

/June 2022

Lin Yutang said:

A long marriage requires two people to support each other and take the helm together. Keep the wind and rain, but also endure the ordinary.

most of the men who can stay with you until they grow old have these characteristics:


give you respect, but also give you preference

read the sentence:

no matter which relationship, respect and preference, is the long-term way.

in the recent program "Hello Life", five CCTV hosts played the game of reporting numbers together.

Kanghui lost. His "punishment" was to call his wife and say "I love you". At the moment of dialing the phone, the mobile phone rang "Sweet Honey", and several other hosts held back a smile. Kanghui's eyes were full of shyness and laughter that could not be hidden.

the gentle way of talking to his wife made the rest of the audience shout "all bones are crisp".

the rest of their call was not made public because Kang Hui said he needed to consult his wife.

Negmati joked that "wife" 's opinion is not important.

Kang Hui said solemnly, "her opinion is very important."

48-year-old Kanghui and his wife have been married for 22 years and have no children, but she has given her the gentlest side:

as long as she is free, she must not let her wife do housework.

his wife hurt her waist. No matter how busy he was at work, he insisted on accompanying his wife to the hospital for physiotherapy.

his wife has a cat. He is afraid of cats, but he always listens to his wife talk about the trivia of their cat son and daughter with a doting face.

their love story is rarely known, but even if it is mentioned occasionally, you can see his respect and preference for his wife.

long-term love, you don't need to talk about me all the time. But only a small detail, I know, I am always in your heart.


knowing that it is not easy for you, it is written in the book "softness" that

because of understanding, he understands the fragility in your strong appearance and is willing to protect you behind you.

because he is distressed, he will consider all aspects for you, no matter what age he comes, he will try his best to take care of you.

there is a famous documentary "Darling, Don't cross the River" in Korea, which tells the love story of an old couple.

Grandma met her grandfather at the age of 14. She lived together for 76 years, experienced war and years, and gave birth to 12 children.

but even if Grandma is 89 years old, Grandpa still loves his wife as a child.

Grandma is afraid of the dark. The toilet is in the yard. Grandpa stays outside the toilet against the cold, singing warm songs to accompany Grandma.

Grandma's arthritis hurts on rainy days. As soon as Grandma mentions it, Grandpa will immediately blow her knee to relieve her pain.

both have wrinkles on their faces, and Grandpa, who suffers from coughing and wheezing, will still touch Grandma's face and fall asleep.

when I see beautiful flowers, I always want to pick a bunch of flowers and give them to Grandma.

sitting in front of the TV, Grandma said she wanted to eat persimmons. She turned to see that Grandpa was gone and went to buy persimmons for her.

in this world, there has never been a man who doesn't understand amorous feelings and doesn't know how to love people.

those marriages that come to the end are nothing more than you love me, I love you, and put each other on the top of each other's heart.

when a man loves you more than himself, he must be worthy of your life.


know how to share and prefer to share

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sharing makes the family warm, and sharing makes life a long journey. There are always people who are willing to walk with you in the wind and rain.

in the TV series "far away", Lu Xiaoou, played by Ma Yili, whose parents divorced from childhood, has been unable to understand why her mother left so decisively.

until by chance, Lu Xiaoou moved to his mother's house and met his mother's current partner Mike. Mike always takes his mother to heart: whenever he speaks softly, he is unwilling to let his mother carry heavy objects, and the housework must be a division of labor and cooperation between the two.

even in the simplest and most trivial way of washing dishes and cleaning dishes, the two of them are humming, making noise, and laughing. The small kitchen is full of happiness.

but when she was a child, she had never seen her mother like this. At that time, her father was always away from home for his career and seldom smiled at his mother at home.

while her mother always stays with her toys and stays all day.

there are people in the family, but it is as cold as an ice cellar, there is no life and there is little laughter. At that moment, she finally understood her mother. It was my father's snub and cumulative disappointment that bent my mother's waist and cooled my mother's once hot heart.

Mr. Lao she wrote in Camel Xiangzi:

the man who can accompany you to the old age does not have the heart to snub you, leaving you bent over by the accumulated trivialities.

even a pair of dishes and chopsticks, even a cup of hot water after a busy day, even if it's just a compliment. They know that women want nothing more than a share and understanding.

responsible for affection and family. Only in this way can the marriage last.

"Life is like a big river. It may be beautiful, but it is more likely to be rough."

the partner you need is the one who can stand side by side with you, sing the scenery on both sides of the strait, and hold your hand tightly in the rough sea. "

most people's marriages will experience the same thing and have a similar appearance. Chicken feathers all over the placeThe years are still good, but every choice of you and me in the marriage.

the man who can accompany you to your old age and make your marriage full of flowers is probably inseparable from respect, sharing, understanding, and heartache. If you have met a lover who keeps warm with you, please cherish it.

it is not easy to fall in love, but marriage is even more difficult. Life is so short that we don't have time to quarrel, apologize, grieve and haggle.

if you are still searching,