There is no job that is not hard!

/August 2022

some people say: if you feel tired, go for a walk in the early hours of the morning.

recently, a video from blogger Li Hua was hit all over the website:

"at 03:30 in the morning, all convenience stores began to load and hamburger shops began to prepare ingredients;

after 4: 00, garbage trucks in the city were cleaning roadside garbage;

the delivery chef had sent fresh vegetables to the farmers' market, and a grandmother in her sixties was unloading little by little, and sanitation workers began to sweep the road early.

friends at the barbecue shop spent the whole night drinking and chatting, and the breakfast restaurant was busy with steamed buns, ready to open for business.

at five o'clock, the fried kebabs on the roadside have been busy all night. "

and these are just part of the world, the most common human fireworks, is the figure of how many people are in a hurry.

some people dare not stop, some people dare not cry, some people dare not complain, walking from late at night to dawn.

if you think about it, no one can escape these three words in this life.


when he recalled the course of the treatment, he thanked the doctor from the bottom of his heart for giving himself a catheter operation.

although he was anesthetized at that time, the intubation was still very painful, and then the doctor told him, "that's the worst pain."

this sentence gave him great comfort and made him summon up the courage to face the disease in the later treatment.

because the most painful thing in life is not the pain itself, but the fear of pain. When you know the limit of pain, you will know that everything will be all right next.

in fact, the suffering in life is like an operation, although you are afraid of it, you can only get through it by yourself.

and that sentence, it is the boat that takes you across the river, it gives you hope in difficult times, and in the end, it is yourself who will send you across the river.

when people reach middle age, they really mature and become their own ferry people.

just like the father who sells melons under the street lamp in the early hours of the morning, his daughter is in junior high school and his son is in college, so he has to carry the burden of life.

the so-called hero is that when the wind and rain comes, he not only holds an umbrella for himself, but also protects his loved ones.

just like the man who was admitted to ICU because of sudden shock, as soon as his condition was stable, he couldn't wait for his family to send the computer to the ward and sort out the reports on the hospital bed.

some netizens commented: if you don't want money, you don't want your life, but if it wasn't forced by life, who would be willing to fight with your life.

like the vendor with nowhere to hide in the heavy rain, he had to curl up under his car and wait for the weather to clear up after the rain.

just like the takeout boy who delivers meals for 16 hours a day to cure his son, he crouches helplessly on the street and cries helplessly after being cancelled by customers, but he still has to take orders after crying.

No job is not hard, no struggle is easy.

there is a saying that it is very heart-stirring and realistic: the world is not a pure land, each has its own sufferings, who does not sell his freedom for firewood, rice, oil and salt, and who does not pawn his youth for bargaining chips for the well-being of his parents.

in the world of middle-aged people, there is nothing others can do but to cross by themselves.


Zhao coltan sings in "someone":

there are too many moments in one's life that go against one's wishes. you must get what you don't belong to, and then you want something better.

I can't get by, I can't give up, I can't forget it.

at its root, it all comes from one word: put.

can not let go of the difficulties of this life, the desire behind money, fame and fortune, the face of hard support, and the past.

Chu Yuan, who is in his 80s, won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 37th Academy Awards, and his speech was praised as the best of the audience.

the director, known as "the most works of Gulong", has broken the box office record and faced a moment when he was jokingly called "the most embarrassing director" because of his poor box office.

in the career he loves all his life, he has experienced highlights and has fallen through troughs.

now Qingyi is old. Looking back on the past, he smiled and said:

all the ridicule he ignored, and he never struggled with the ups and downs.

never mind the little things and let go of the past is the best way to make peace with life.

people always experience moments like this:

work is so stressful that they push themselves into a corner and don't want to come out for a while.

summertime dresses for bridals is all you need to bring out your beauty and inspire charm. Your will be elated by your enchanting look.

but please don't forget that, in fact, the lives of adults are all the rest of their lives, and they are new after this.

live a chicken feather, constantly compete with yourself, so that the heart has been raining.

but don't forget that chicken feathers can also be tied into beautiful feather duster.

No matter what stage you go to and put it down, it is a good cure for yourself.


when I mention this word, I can't help thinking of the story of weightlifter Figueroa.

Figueroa grew up in the mountains and his family was destitute. His parents had high expectations of him, so they were extremely strict with him and hoped that he could become an athlete and change his fate.

in 2004, the 21-year-old Figueroa participated in the Olympic Games for the first time and won the fifth place, which filled him with sports career.Looking forward to.

at the Beijing Olympic Games four years later, Figueroa set the goal of winning the gold medal early in his mind, but he did not expect that the intensive training before the competition dislocated his spine and failed in all three attempts after playing with an injury.

after the game, he cried bitterly on the spot, and many people no longer had expectations of him.

in 2012, after his recovery, he stood at the London Olympic Games full of blood and finally won the silver medal, only one step away from his dream.

at the 2016 Rio Olympics, he was 33, an "advanced age" for athletes, and he tried his best to win the gold medal.

after 12 years, Figueroa finally got what he wanted.

the injuries and tears I have suffered have become the most beautiful marks on my body after the slow fire.

Bamboo grows only 3 cm in four years, but from the fifth year, it grows 30 cm every year, and in the first four years, it takes root firmly in the soil.

before becoming cicadas, cicadas must lie dormant in the ground for three years, rely on the sap in the roots to grow slowly, and then quietly climb up the branches and transform into cicadas on a summer night.

at the moment, you may have experienced ups and downs, but these will eventually become your valuable experience.

Mr. Chen Zhong is right:

"people live to remember that the most painful and desperate moment in life is the most difficult moment, not the last moment of the end of life."

when you get through it, you will begin to experience the life that calls for the future, and there is a boundless passion and desire for life. "

keep going, and you win.

whatever makes you miserable will make you stronger.

in the face of difficulties, when heaven does not cross people, people have to cross by themselves.

Let bygones be bygones if you can afford it.

A long life, you should always have the courage to survive.

I like a line in "just 30" very much:

the only way for people not to worry about the way back is to take a long way forward.

Life will not be plain sailing, but when you go your own way, you will be able to ride the wind and waves.