The wisdom of half a bucket of water

/August 2022

as the saying goes, "when the water is full, it will overflow, and if the moon makes a profit, it will lose."

means that everything is too perfect to achieve.

A true wise man has a certain yardstick in dealing with others and knows "half wisdom".

most of the time, if you understand the word "half", you will understand life.


being a man, half showing and half hiding, converging edge

the ancients said, "A gun shoots a bird in the head and a knife cuts a snake on the ground."

in life, people who always stand out in everything will not win the favor of others, but will bring disaster to themselves.

people who are really smart are good at hiding themselves, and even if they are brilliant, they are not too ostentatious.

only by hiding carefully and reining in your edge can you accumulate strength and rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Sima Yi was reused by Cao Cao because of her talents, but she was always low-key and introverted and careful everywhere.

he knew very well that Cao Cao was paranoid by nature, so after he became an official, he pretended to be ill at home for many years, which made Cao Cao let his guard down. As a result, he saved himself in troubled times.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, led the Hunan army to defeat the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom many times, but he took the initiative to reduce the Hunan army.

the court originally thought that his meritorious service was high, but his move completely dispelled the court's suspicion of him and continued to attach importance to him.

talented woman Zhen Huan comes from a famous family with outstanding temperament and superb dancing skills, but she never shows herself.

after entering the palace, during the festivals, she deliberately hid her dancing ability to avoid causing jealousy. When the emperor asked her to help manage the harem, she deliberately pretended to be stupid to prevent the trees from attracting wind and provoking the queen to fear.

they are appreciated not only because of their outstanding ability, but also because they know how to hide their edge and keep a low profile.

there is a good saying: "the highest state of life is to be simple and clumsy."

to hide one's edge is not to be timid and cowardly, but to look for opportunities and get ready to start; to rein in oneself is not to be afraid of others, but to keep a low profile and take a long way.

the world is changeable, the hearts of the people are complicated, and the true wise men are often half hidden in the crowd and never made public.

A man can achieve great things only if he knows how to be cautious in times of prosperity and patient in times of adversity.


doing things, half fighting and half following, it is natural to practice

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic once said: "leisure but less desire, peace of mind but not fear, tireless physical work, obedience of spirit, obedience of spirit, each obey his own desires, and all get what they want."

people who live a happy life will not only pursue excellence in hardship, but also be at ease after striving for it.

those who simply climb upward and do not know how to rest will only make themselves physically and mentally exhausted and scarred.

author @ Dulanjun once shared a story.

his friend Ah Rong is hospitalized because of illness. When he went to the hospital to visit Ah Rong, he found that Ah Rong's face was tired and had already lost his former appearance.

in the conversation between the two, Mr. Watanjun realized that Ah Rong had been working hard all these years.

in order to achieve performance, he often stays up until the wee hours of the morning; in order to get orders, he always drinks and socializes with clients, and even if he is not feeling well, he has to work overtime.

now, lying in his hospital bed, he can't help but wonder, "have you spelled it too much?"

in life, everyone wants to go uphill, but sometimes too fast, haste makes waste.

the actress Yong Mei is a steady and calm person.

when she meets a good script, she will strive for it and try to play every role well.

when she gets the Berlin film queen, she is instantly popular, but she is not impatient and devotes herself to spiritual practice.

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she said: "I am not a particularly ambitious actress. If I am too ambitious, people will be very tired. I will just let things happen."

the Zen master Huilu once said, "where you are happy, where your heart is at ease, do your best with me and let nature take its course."

people who are really smart know how to do things half-and-a-half, not only with no regrets, but also with nature.

fight hard when you strive for it, and put it down calmly and casually, so that you can live a light and leisurely life.

Life is short. May you be at ease with yourself for the rest of your life.


get along, half-wise and half-foolish, confusion is a blessing

once read a question on Zhihu: "what is true maturity?"

among them, one answer has won numerous praise: "True maturity is only half sober and half confused."

being a man and doing things clearly is a kind of wisdom; it is a blessing to get along with others at the right time.

in life, being smart and capable cannot protect yourself, but playing dumb properly will avoid disasters.

Minglan in the TV series "do you know whether or not", a large part of the reason why she is able to live in the Shengjia family is that she knows how to play dumb.

when the little father-in-law gave her a purple pen to show her goodwill, Minglan knew that her sisters adored Qi Heng, so she lied that she could not write and gave the pen away.

when Mammy Kong asked the Sheng sisters to familiarize themselves with the Book of Tea, Minglan knew the book by heart, but when she knew that none of her sisters had read it, she pretended to say that she had not read it either.

in the Yuqing view, when Qi Heng expressed his love to Minglan, Minglan knew he was a common woman, and falling in love with him was bound to be blocked by his mother, so he pretended to be confused and deliberately alienated from him.

the difficult situation of the Sheng family did not overwhelm Minglan. On the contrary, her life was "dull" and lived comfortably and comfortably.

the mostA wise life is often half awake, half drunk, half wise and half stupid.

only by keeping a balance between wakefulness and confusion, and learning to make choices, can people live a transparent and comfortable life.


Mo Yan once said in sandalwood punishment: "the most taboo thing in the world is perfection."

the best state of life is to bloom half a flower and drink half a day.

after half a lifetime, I finally know:

being a man, half revealing, half hidden, can protect oneself and rise abruptly based on accumulated strength;

doing things, half striving, and half following fate, can lighten the burden and take a long walk;

get along with each other, half awake, half confused, can you live comfortably and live a stable life.

for the rest of your life, don't ask for too much, don't ask for too much, do not ask for half of everything.

encourage each other.