The sooner you know the four rules of life, the more blessed you will be.

/August 2022

there are a few sentences in

if virtue does not match, there must be disasters.

virtue is thin and respectable, wisdom is small and ambition is big.

the strength is small and the weight is heavy, which is rarely less than that.

A person's virtue is unworthy of his status, and sooner or later he will suffer;

A person's ability is not worthy of the responsibility on his shoulders, and he will encounter disaster sooner or later.

A person's life, many things are regular, if you want to go smoothly, you must understand these four rules of heaven.


temper cannot be greater than ability

tell a story.

there was a little boy in the United States who was grumpy and moody from an early age, and his family had a headache.

at the age of six, the boy didn't want to sleep in the crib and wanted a queen bed, so the mother refused him on the grounds of unsafety, so the boy picked up a toy and smashed it at his mother.

the father saw this, took the boy aside and told him, "son, I want to tell you that a big temper is far more respected than ability."

then his father gave him a wrench and encouraged him to take down the crib.

A few days later, the boy took down the crib and made a big bed with the help of his father.

after graduating from college, the boy set up an online bookstore. He has only one requirement for his employees: customers must respond to their needs within three seconds.

then, several executives were furious and protested together, believing that the requirement was too harsh for them to do.

these executives thought that joining together would catch him off guard and force him to change the rules.

unexpectedly, he smiled and said: "all of you will immediately go to the personnel Department to apply for your departure. I hope your work will be smooth in the future. I will send you a sentence: don't be more grumpy than you can do."

after sending away outgoing executives, he regrouped talent and led them to engage in technological research and development day and night.

he insists that his strategy is right. Only by providing more convenient services and more complete bibliographies than traditional bookstores can online bookstores have a future.

half a year later, he really led his team to respond within three seconds of buying books online, and the bookstore was widely praised by consumers.

this online bookstore is now Amazon, and the boy is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

as the saying goes, the weak are as angry as a tiger, and the strong are as calm as water.

the weak, the more incompetent, the greater the temper; the strong, the greater the ability, the more peaceful and humble.

be a man, your temper should never be greater than your ability.

Don't indulge your emotions easily if you don't have the ability to clean up the mess.


status is not greater than virtue

the ancients said: "officials without virtue is as expensive as morning dew."

if a person occupies an important position, if he has no character, everything he gets will soon dissipate like dew.

Chen Ziqiang, prime minister in white of the Southern Song Dynasty, is the best proof.

Chen Ziqiang did not go well in the first half of his life. He was only over 50 years old in the entrance examination of Jinshi. At the age of 60, he was still a small county magistrate and was often looked down upon by his colleagues.

later, one of the students he once taught became a prominent figure in Chaozhong, with great power.

through this relationship, Chen Ziqiang prospered and became the right prime minister in the third year of Jiatai.

in a high position, instead of thinking about benefiting the people, he is preoccupied with using power for his own self-interest.

he set up the "Department of National Affairs" to be in charge of finance, and made use of this institution and position to collect people's wealth without scruples and enrich his own pockets.

later, the matter came to light, and the court removed him from office in the name of "A Tsai reigned, regardless of state affairs", confiscated all his property, and exiled him from Leizhou Peninsula. Chen Ziqiang died shortly after his exile.

as the saying goes, if virtue does not match, there will be disasters.

A person's virtue is not enough, even if he gains momentum for a while, he will fall from a height sooner or later. The higher he stands, the worse he will fall in the end.

in the final analysis, your virtue is not only the blessing you have accumulated, but also your way back.

only a person with good character can stand tall and walk steadily.


Wealth cannot be greater than cognition

many people fantasize about getting rich overnight, but can you really live an ideal life after getting rich overnight?

Zhihu has a heart-piercing answer: "if I give you 5 million, you may still be poor."

when water can carry a boat, it can also overturn it. if people cannot control wealth beyond their knowledge, most of the "windfalls" will become "unexpected disasters".

talking to strangers tells the story of Li Xu, a nouveau riche in Beijing, which makes people sad.

before the age of 28, Li Xu, like most people, went to work step by step, married and had children, and lived a dull but happy life.

later, because of the demolition of his family, he was assigned to three apartments and became a nouveau riche overnight.

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after quitting his job and living a life of drunkenness and spending money like water, Li Xu knew that the money would be spent by himself sooner or later, so he thought of investing and tried to make money by investing.

in Li Xu's understanding, as long as he invests, he can make money, but every time he invests, he has no idea how these projects work, has not done market research, and does not know what development prospects the project has. He just relies on money. Desperately invest.

in just a few years, he lost all his tens of millions of assets, owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts, and ended up separated.

whether people can acquire wealth is one thing, and whether they can control wealth after acquiring it is another.

when your knowledge is not worthy of your wealth, all the pies that fall from the skyIt will be a trap in life.

the writer Shuimuran has an excellent saying:


desire cannot be greater than ability

Last year, there was an uproar in the news that "post-90s female nurses were driven out of their homes with huge debts."

Li Mei, a post-90s female nurse, owed hundreds of thousands of online loans. After her mother helped her repay 238000 yuan, she continued to secretly borrow money.

the mother had no choice but to take out her adoption certificate to prove that Li Mei was not her own daughter and wanted to drive her out of the house.

Li Mei's consumption bill is surprising, ranging from 20, 000 to 30, 000 to 40, 000 a month, while her monthly income is only 8000 yuan.

because the speed of making money is far behind that of spending money, Li Mei began to lend online, and the debt is snowballing.

Li Mei took the borrowed money in this way and was at ease to satisfy her inflated desire and pursue a refined life.

be sure to call a ride-hailing when you go out, eat the delicious food you like, coffee must be Starbucks, and she must have jewelry and bags from colleagues. Whenever I have time on weekends and evenings, I go shopping and go to bars with friends.

even if you only have two days off a week, you still have to fly around the world and sign in at online celebrity attractions.

Li Mei's tragedy, in the final analysis, is caused by desire over ability.

Descartes' motto is: "Let my desires not exceed my abilities."

A person's misfortune is often due to the fact that desire exceeds ability.

live as much as you can.

when you can't support your desire, you should learn to subtract instead of making your face swollen and fat.

in the end, we have to find who we really are, not lose ourselves under the threat of desire.



the last thing a person has in his life is something that matches his ability and virtue.

mismatched wealth and power, sooner or later, will always leave you in some way.

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