The highest state of being: the simpler you are, the happier you are.

/August 2022

Modern people live very tired.

money, no matter how to earn enough; cars, houses, choose the most high-end; clothes and ties, also become the shackles of identity.

as a result, people have more and more baggage on their backs, and people are getting more and more tired.

in fact, the highest state of life is to do subtraction.

being indifferent to material desires and full of heart, it is the richest way to live.


material minimalism

Confucius said: "eating vegetables, eating and drinking water, bending and pillow, music is also in it."

the greatest skill of a person with a high realm is to live in poverty and happiness.

most people eat restlessly and can't sleep well for the sake of fame and wealth.

but they have long jumped out of the material cage and enjoyed the joy of minimalism.

once heard a story:

there was a doctor walking by the river and saw a fisherman fishing.

he asked the fisherman, "how much time do you fish in a day?" The fisherman replied, "an hour or two."

the doctor wondered, "Why not arrest for a day?" In this way, it won't take you 20 years to grow old. "

the fisherman said leisurely, "am I not doing well now?" If you have time to bask in the sun and play with your children, isn't this an old age?

Why does it take me another 20 years to live the life I can live right now? "

how many people try their best and still have a bad life.

every day I am out of breath, but my happiness is getting thinner and thinner.

this is because it is so hard that it ignores the truth that "happiness is very simple".

Don't be burdened by material desires, put down the burden in your heart, and happiness is in the moment.

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the spirit of

Confucius praised Yan Hui: "with a cup of food and a ladle of drink, in a bad alley, people can't bear to worry, and they can't change their joy."

living in shacks and broken alleys and eating light food can not stop Yan Hui's happiness in studying.

the wealth of fame and fame is like passing in the blink of an eye; the evergreen tree is full of spirit.

Qian Zhongshu's novel Fortress besieged has caused a great sensation at home and abroad after it was published.

many people have come to see this literary man.

Qian Zhongshu refused: "if you feel good about eating an egg, why do you need to know the hen who laid the egg?"

Princeton University in the United States invited Qian Zhongshu to give lectures for only 12 lectures with a fee of 160000 US dollars.

in spite of the generous treatment, Qian Zhongshu refused impolitely.

Qian Zhongshu said: "all happy enjoyment belongs to the spirit."

all his life, Qian Zhongshu plowed and planted flowers in the back garden of the spiritual world.

inner happiness is far better than material stimulation.

the whole world is fighting for fame and wealth, and people who are full of spirit will only take it lightly.

the heart is rich, so why look outside?


the simpler it is, the happier it is

"Laozi" said, "Big sound, elephant is invisible."

the most perfect thing is the simplest.

when a person is born with nothing, it is the happiest moment in his life.

having, crowding out our happiness. We might as well put it down and embrace the happiness that belongs to us.

the entertainment industry is a vanity fair, but in this flashy circle, there are always people who keep quiet.

Tony Leung Chiu-wai is the movie star, and he has invited him to dinner countless times, but he has always been indifferent to it.

Zhang Guorong, Faye Wong and other friends are playing cards at his house, while he hides and drinks tea leisurely.

after filming, everyone sang and drank together, and he said, "you guys play, I'll go home."

Tony Leung's hobby is to be alone, reading books, looking at the stars and taking part in meditation.

he is never gregarious and focuses on enjoying the ultimate happiness of serenity.

climb too much, it seems lively, but then there is only emptiness;

keep it simple, seem lonely, and have a rich heart.

people can only get more if they can give up.

the streets are full of beautiful scenery, which only belongs to the elegant people who have leisure to appreciate.


the ancients said: "when it comes to Tao, there is no difficulty, only disrelish to choose."

numerous and complicated, will only worry about the city, troubles surging.

the higher the realm, the simpler, fuller and happier the person is.

it's fun to eat and drink tea, sit and lie down, and savor it with your heart.

the heart is pure, and beauty is everywhere.