The deepest understanding on the way to getting old.

/July 2022

people in this life, we always care about others foolishly!

when we were young, we wanted to please him in our hearts and didn't speak even when we were wronged.

when we started a family, we were full of children, holding on even when we were exhausted.

We work so hard to make money that we don't spend much for ourselves.

We give half our lives to others, and there is nothing to think about ourselves.

for home, for the child, for him, the vicissitudes of life face, dyed white hair.

when walking on the road of getting old, you must learn to be kind to yourself and make others happy. At the same time, making yourself happy is the skill!


Let go of troubles

Life is a mirror, it cries to you, it cries to you; you smile to it, it smiles to you.

when people reach middle age, they have a lot of trivialities. Don't get angry and let yourself be wronged.

put aside the little things, and tomorrow will become a story; don't think too much about big things, walking in the past will become a thing of the past.

Don't care so much about your life.

if you care about it, life is full of sadness; if you are broad-minded, all you can see is spring!

Rousseau said:

Let yourself be more generous and be kind to yourself. Eat what you want and buy what you want.

Don't lose your temper easily, reward yourself every once in a while, and you will have more motivation to move forward!


have a good mindset

some people say that God closes a door for you, and he will open a window for you.

No one's life is an immortal day, there are ups and downs, adversity and setbacks.

when troubles arise, let's not worry, straighten things out and deal with them patiently.

it's your own fault, take it easy; it's not your own fault, don't take it to heart.

the greatest wisdom of middle-aged people is to be able to play down the influence of others on themselves and have the ability to make themselves happy!

as the ancient poem says: if you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.

what's the big deal that can't be solved?

everything is not worth mentioning except life and death, adversity will pass, setbacks will disappear, bumps will be flat, haze will dissipate!

give yourself a period of time to make a turn. Have a good state of mind to face life, in fact, everything is the best arrangement!


please yourself

please others in the first half of your life and please yourself for the rest of your life!

Life is short, time is too difficult, how to be happy and how to live is not good?

things that can be solved will be solved sooner or later, while things that are difficult to solve will pass sooner or later. Those who love you will always be with you, and those who don't love you can't stay.

Buddha said: what belongs to you will always be there.

the ups and downs of life and the twists and turns of the years are all to hone you. It is these adversity that make you more far-fetched and bold in the hammering.

Audrey Hepburn said:

be yourself, please yourself, cultivate yourself! Treat you better and better, you will meet better people and have more good luck.

good luck likes to be close to a person who laughs better than a person who always cries!

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on the way to getting old, I hope you are tough enough on the outside and safe on the inside. May you live a more beautiful life through a thousand sails!