The body is not as good as peace of mind, the width of the house is not as wide as the heart.

/August 2022

time is in a hurry, the calendar is torn off page by page quietly, some of the past, has been diluted into once; some dream, beautiful years of the journey, time so unwittingly slipped away from us like running water, people want to stay can not stay. As Tao Yuanming said: the prime of life does not come again, every day is difficult to morning, timely encouragement, time waits for no man.

Yes! We walk in the world of mortals every day, all the way through wind and rain, all the way, we meet all kinds of people, some of them become passers-by; some become like-minded mentors, experiencing ups and downs, only our own heart understands.

gradually understand that when people are alive, they should deal with the cold of the world calmly, make life simple and live every day with peace of mind, which is the best wine full of gold bottles in our ordinary days. Just because life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, life is only a few decades, in the face of many ups and downs, whether it is success or failure, we should smile, calmly take the road under our feet, and make the day more and more peaceful and warm in the ordinary. Is the best to understand.

because there is no dress rehearsal in life, life cannot start all over again. Only by looking down on some things and away from the haze can we live a more and more comfortable life and live a colorful life.

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remember Sanmao said: if the heart has no place to live, it will wander everywhere. If you want peace of mind, you must learn to understand and understand, to be tolerant and kind to you. Because everyone has their own way of life, it can be said: you have your direction, he has his way.

everyone has their own joys and pains, only to look at the numerous and complicated things with a simple heart, walk slowly in the ditch, taste carefully, understand deeply, keep their duty as a human being, treat everything with a normal mind, tolerate their relatives and friends with a tolerant heart, and live a light life in every moment, peace of mind, that is, home.

therefore, physical peace is not as good as peace of mind, and the width of the house is not as wide as the width of the heart. Everything can not be too serious, because no matter how perfect things will have flaws, there will also be imperfections, only to maintain a normal mind, not to be happy, not to be sad, to be humiliated and unsurprised, to laugh at the flowers blooming before the court; to go or stay unintentionally, to watch the clouds and clouds in the sky, that is, to be calm and relaxed.

as long as you understand the fame and fortune in the world with a normal and tranquil state of mind, look down on everything in the world, and cherish it, plain and light is true, and good health is happiness.

as the old saying goes, "what you lose is what you gain". When we come to this world, what we live is a kind of mood, a kind of state of mind, gain and loss is not the most important thing, the important thing is good health, grasp the present, look down on all the complexity of the world, do not seek great wealth and wealth, but only ask for peace of mind. Let oneself live a down-to-earth, safe and warm life.

as long as we live in peace of mind, we can live calmly and calmly, then we can live every day and every year safely in this world!