The best way to live in life: make yourself happy, reassure others, and reassure your family.

/August 2022

walking in the world, everyone has looked up at the starry sky with dreams, longing for their own poems and distance.

however, tossing and turning in reality, one day you will find that life is not as good as you think.

not all life is plain sailing, and not all hard work is rewarded.

there is often isolation and helplessness in the surging undercurrent, as well as the compromise to support the family.

also wanted to let go of all this "lie flat", but worried too much, so entangled depressed, unable to extricate themselves.

in fact, there is a vast sea of people, each with his own joys and sorrows, as well as his own joys and sorrows.

the best life is not about having many highlights, but trying to make yourself happy, reassure others, reassure your family, and live an ordinary life.


to make yourself happy is wisdom

A person has his own troubles since he is sensible.

after getting married, he is burdened with the hope of a family.

under the background of more and more serious "inner volume", the pressure of adults is increasing day by day.

so someone said, it's too hard, it's not worth it.

Life is not satisfactory, nine times out of ten, really smart people, know how to forget suffering, enjoy the sweetness of one or two points.

think about it: even if a person lives to be 90 years old, there are only more than 30,000 days. Apart from the things that have to spend time and energy, there are not many things that really belong to him.

therefore, to make yourself happy, it is worth taking a walk in the world.

fame and fortune, look down on some, the world is sophisticated, more open, contented and happy, there will be a lot less trouble.

in the park near the neighborhood, every night, there is always a middle-aged man playing the flute by the lake.

the sound of the flute turned melodious, which gradually attracted some people to stop and listen.

for a long time, I probably know his story.

the enterprise was restructured, and the couple were both laid off and rented a room to open a breakfast restaurant.

the daughter's tuition, rent and family life all depend on the husband and wife getting up in the morning and working hard in the dark.

at the end of the day, I have a backache. However, he always goes to the park to play the flute for a while after supper.

with the sound of the flute, all the troubles and troubles disappear.

I recall a sentence that Audrey Hepburn once said:

the most important thing for people is the ability to repair, resurrect and redeem themselves. "

Life is really hard, and you always have to make some sweetness on your own in order to fight against the holes in life.

Confucius has so many students that Yan Hui is the only one he praises:

"what a wonderful thing!" Hui Ye. A meal of food, a ladle of drink, in the shabby alley.

people can't bear their worries, and they won't change their joy. Hyun-ya! Back to you. "

A mouthful of food, a ladle of water, living in a simple alley, in such a miserable situation, Yan Hui can still enjoy himself, this is the real wise man.

to make yourself happy, in addition to training your mind, improving your pattern, accepting the gift of fate, and most importantly, learning to please yourself.

watch a favorite movie, listen to a favorite old song, read a long-cherished novel, or find a quiet place to have a cup of tea and stay in a daze.

you can also invite three or five bosom friends to have a drink and go shopping to refresh your mood.

to please yourself is not to escape or resist, but to change your state of mind, refresh yourself, and have the confidence and strength to control your life.


to reassure others, it is ability

when she was having tea with her best friend Lao Gu at the weekend, she received a call from her unit.

it is said that there is something wrong with the brochure to be used on Monday and needs to be reprinted.

as the head of the planning department, I thought she was going to work right away.

Lao Gu smiled and waved her hand and said no, then dialed a phone call, told a subordinate in a few words, and continued to drink tea leisurely.

Lao Gu said that this colleague is very reliable and can handle everything properly and has never dropped the chain.

at a critical moment, being a firefighter at work and making others so trusted is probably the best ability of a workplace person.

Buffett once said:

"Reliability is a more important quality than intelligence."

reliable people are not necessarily smart people, but they must be capable and reliable people who understand the boundaries of their abilities. "

in life, we often meet some people, which makes people uneasy.

what is promised cannot be fulfilled, and the appointed time is always delayed again and again.

therefore, in many cases, reassuring others is not only an ability, but also an attitude.

Ji Kang and Shan Tao, famous scholars of the Wei and Jin dynasties, are both seven sages of bamboo groves and good friends.

later, Shan Tao worked for Sima, while Ji Kang lived in seclusion in the mountains.

Shan Tao recommended Ji Kang to become an official several times, but all of them were rejected by Ji Kang, and for the last time, he wrote a famous Dear John letter.

the world feels that the two are separated.

however, on his deathbed, Ji Kang entrusted his son not to his brother or to other friends of the seven sages, but to Shan Tao.

he said to his son, "Shan Tao is here, you won't be an orphan."

sure enough, after Ji Kang's death, Shan Tao regarded Ji Shao as his own and trained him into a generation of loyal ministers.

it is a good character to reassure others.

A reassuring person may not be perfect or even have all kinds of shortcomings, but he is honest and reliable, so when something happens, others will think of him first.

between people, the most important thing is trust, and trust comes from the confidence of each other's character.


knowing that he is an ordinary person, he always likes to say to his children, "Don't worry, I'm here."... "

in order to reassure the family, how many adults are willing to carry everything.

recently, Zhou Ming, a classmate who has been working hard in Shanghai for many years, resigned and returned to his hometown.

because of his father's sudden cerebral thrombosis, he needs to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

he sold his small house in Shanghai, bought a big house, connected his parents to live together, and then used the rest of the money to start his own computer company.

I asked him whether it would be a pity to leave the metropolis that everyone yearns for, but you said you left.

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he said that there must be regrets, but now taking good care of parents is the most important thing.

I can't take them to Shanghai, but I can come back.

Zhihu read a question and answer: "from what moment did you suddenly have a sense of responsibility?"

there is an impressive answer:

"when I saw my parents stooping and hobbling, and saw their children babbling, I suddenly thought of the phrase" the old and the old, the young and the young "."

Yes, as parents grow old and children grow up, adults have more pressure and burden on their shoulders.

there are also more responsibilities and responsibilities.

if you take responsibility as a burden and complain, you will be more and more tired.

if you take it as a driving force to move forward and face it positively, your life will become better and better.

the greatest significance of a person's struggle may be because of himself, his relatives lead a more comfortable and dignified life.

Life is too short to make a trip in the next world, always make yourself feel that the world is worth it.

making yourself happy is the foundation of a good life, reassuring others is the key to a good life, and reassuring the family is the meaning of a lifetime of struggle.

having the ability, taking responsibility, and being able to make yourself happy anytime, anywhere, you are the winner of life.