The attitude towards parents is the best fortune teller in the world!

/July 2022

filial piety is the first of all good things.

filial piety to parents is the foundation of being a child.

people are not filial to their relatives, not as good as grass and wood.

parents are our Buddha

parents, who give us life,

give us body hair, and

is our benefactor.

parents are here, there is still a place in life,

parents go, life is only on the way back.

with parents, home is always there.

if parents go, home becomes a dream.

all people are born with parents.

as children, they must be filial piety.

to burn incense thousands of miles, it is better to honor our parents at home, to worship Buddha and worship Buddha, than to be kind to our parents.

our parents give us unreserved love.

they are the greatest Buddhas in our lives.

only by being kind to parents and filial piety to parents, can we reduce regret and debt and accumulate good fortune.


remember the kindness of parents, forget the faults of parents

parents' life, exhausted on us,

parents keep watch on us every time in their old age.

when I was a child, I grew up under the protection of my parents.

when I grew up, I moved on under the care of my parents.

once upon a time, I didn't know the parents' good intentions.

always used their own ideas to measure the parents' right or wrong.

kept the parents' mistakes in mind, and

understated the kindness of the parents.

all parents in the world have a selfless love for their children until they become parents.

if a man is not a saint, who can make mistakes?

parents are also mortal, and mistakes are caused by love.

only by accommodating parents can we tolerate the world.

remember the kindness of parents and forget their mistakes.

is the greatest reward to parents for their children.


filial piety

parents are the loneliest when we grow up.

used to think that filial piety to parents,

is to give them a lot of money and gifts.

but in the hearts of parents, what they really want is not cold matter, but warm companionship.

Life is short and things change.

many people regret waiting.

Selecting from black bridesmaid dresses to perfectly illustrate the essence of fashion. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

filial piety to parents Brooks no delay.

after all, life is subtraction.

after all, one day is less than one day.   No matter what kind of life you want,

no matter what kind of wealth you want,

put filial piety to your parents first.

those who are kind to their parents are sheltered by heaven, and

those with old adoptive parents are deeply blessed.

honor your parents from the bottom of your heart,

instead of pretending.

treat your parents well, just as your parents love you.

you can have peace of conscience if you don't owe your parents.  filial piety is a real success.