Shanghai "socialite" group exposure, old stockings take turns to wear: the family has a daughter, be sure to let her understand these four points!

/June 2022

recently, an article entitled "I have been a socialite observer in Shanghai for half a month" has exploded on the Internet.

A netizen spent 500 yuan to sneak into a group of socialites in Shanghai, only to catch a glimpse of a shocking scene.

in our imagination, the word "socialite", which stands for nobility, wealth, fashion, etc., is definitely not the world of ordinary girls, but it is a social group that many of them aspire to.

however, after half a month of observation, the so-called Mingyuanqun's life has left the author "amazed".

"I thought that in the group, I could talk with rich women about luxury goods, share network resources, and meet financial elites.

I found that I was wrong. After lurking for half a month, I found that I did not join the famous Yuanqun, but the high-equipped version of pinduoduo. "

in the previous hit drama "just Thirty," we can see that the so-called wife circle and famous Yuanqun are keen to enjoy top afternoon tea to demonstrate a noble and elegant life.

but it turns out that this expensive, stylish afternoon tea can be obtained by a combination of six people.

famous-brand stockings can be secondhand or single-handed.

designer bags can be rented.

on the other hand, top hotels also book rooms in order to take photos and show off their positions, and then post them on moments to show off their decent life.

obviously she doesn't have the strength of a socialite, but she insists on dressing up as a "socialite".

all the show is nothing more than to satisfy the inner vanity, and hope to get a shortcut to the rich and distinguished families, so that they can lead a higher and higher life.

think of yourself as elegant and decent, with a halo, but you don't realize that it is shallow and ignorant and extremely small.

writer Bi Shumin said:

Women who really have meaning and have seen the world never compare with each other, let alone cater to and chase.

if you have a daughter, I hope you can make her understand these four points.


only pay attention to material enrichment

is sugar-coated poison

"snail dwelling", the mother of seaweed once sent a famous exclamation:

but if you only pay attention to material enrichment, it can only be sugar-coated poison.

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recently, Zhu Zhiwen, the elder brother in coat, married daughter-in-law, and even his daughter Zhu Xuemei, whom he had not seen for a long time, also went on a hot search.

having no worries about the economy, he tried his best to meet his daughter's material needs, completely neglecting the supervision of her studies and the cultivation of her spiritual realm.

finally, under the indulgence of her father, Zhu Xuemei dropped out of school early and only knew how to eat, drink and play. Now she has not only accomplished nothing, but is also fat and swollen.

in her opinion, it doesn't matter if you have money in the family and don't worry about food and drink.

do not know that without spiritual support, a person can only be reduced to rotten wood in the end.

once upon a time, many parents held the mentality of "raising a man in poverty and raising a girl in wealth" and tried to make their daughter a princess in material life. It was not important to work or study, but the most important thing was to be happy and satisfied.

do not know that the key point in educating children is not whether they can give a rich life, but whether they pay attention to the establishment of the correct values.

only pays attention to the material supply, but does not pay attention to the spiritual filling, finally can only let the child get lost on the life journey.

everyone can look up at the starry sky, but they must first keep their feet on the ground and be guided by correct views on right and wrong and values.


compared with material enrichment

spiritual enrichment

Taiwanese writer Lin Ching-Xuan said:

"third-rate makeup is face makeup, second-rate makeup is mental makeup, and first-class makeup is life makeup."

the real enrichment is more important at the spiritual level than at the material level.

this year, Zhong Fangrong, the "left-behind girl" in Hunan who scored 676 in the college entrance examination, became a hot search for her major in archaeology at Peking University.

in the face of public criticism, Zhong Fangrong's father responded that his daughter was relatively light on money and had been firm and independent since she was a child.

this is inseparable from parents' education from childhood to childhood.

"I think children will be happier to do what they like."

"money is not very important, life is enough."

to really love a child does not necessarily mean giving her such superior material conditions.

Australian parent-child education expert Steve wrote in raising a Girl

one day, you will find that even if your daughter grows up and knows how to taste foie gras and macarons, know Chanel and Hermes, will use the riddle of Estée Lauder and Sea Blue, but it is far less important than teaching her independence, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-improvement.

in the long and unpredictable life in the future, she can be unpredictable, full of wind and rain, she can not have expensive material possession, but can not be supported without full spirit.


temperament and talent is the greatest decency

French thinker Voltaire said:

many people think that such a life is decent with exquisite makeup, expensive bags and goblets.

do not know that if there is no temperament and talent, all this can only be reduced to vulgarity.

there is a female film "growing up Education" based on memoirs in the UK.

16-year-old Jenny is beautiful and lively, with excellent grades, and is a "seeded player" admitted to Oxford University. The teacher has high hopes for her.

one day, she met the fashionable, romantic, mature and charming man David, who took her to high-end restaurants and music theatres.Art auction.

in the face of the English teacher's advice, she confidently retorted that even if you graduated from Cambridge, you would not just be an ordinary teacher and lead an ordinary life in the end.

Vanity and temptation lost her. In order to seize this seemingly ideal and decent life, Jenny chose to give up her studies, but discovered David's scumbag nature the night before her marriage.

under the pain of loneliness, she came to the English teacher's home.

the decoration of the house is far from high-end, but the collection of books, paintings, piano, etc., are all so artistic.

the teacher's appearance is not outstanding, but when he is in the house, he looks so elegant and decent.

the ancients said that the belly is full of poetry and books.

it doesn't matter if you are not beautiful enough, your temperament and talent is your greatest strength, and it is the strongest armed force to resist insipid and wind and waves.

Yang Lan once asked:

how many parents or girls themselves have asked themselves the same way?

her answer is:

"I think our persistence is that even if we eventually fall into the tedious, lead-rich, the same job, but have a different mood; the same family, but not the same mood; the same offspring, but not the same literacy."

she loves to read. Whether it is history books, biographies, philosophy books or spiritual books, she will read them carefully as long as she can increase her knowledge and enrich her spirit.

it is because she continues to add value and improve herself that creates her grace deep into her bones.

the real meaning of raising a daughter is to cultivate her temperament and talent from an early age, broaden her horizons, and increase her knowledge and experience.

compared with some women who disguise themselves as "socialites" with high-end silk stockings and designer bags, it is better to teach their daughters to spend more time enriching their knowledge and ideas.

in the final analysis, it is as thin as paper and blooming in an instant. When the skin grows old, it can support a person's only temperament and talent.


the most important thing for girls is to live up to their talents

each child has his or her own strengths. However, society expects different things from each child.

Boys are generally expected to get ahead and succeed in their careers, while girls are often expected to be admitted to a good university, then get a decent job and marry an ideal partner.

this expectation can not be said to be wrong, but for a girl, she is first of all a person, she should have her own pursuit and dream.

when a girl has talents and dreams, she should integrate them into her life.

when one day can shoulder this talent and dream, there will always be people who know how to appreciate themselves.

like Academician Chen Wei, who contributed to the fight against the epidemic, because of her original belief, she gave up the so-called easily available future and chose to devote herself to national defense, devoting all her energies to doing scientific research for the country.

she spends less time with her husband, but those who love you will always understand and make it happen.

for her, her husband not only understands and supports, but also loves and admires her.

as a woman, what can win the respect of others is definitely not her good tolerance or vain form, but her persistence to her heart!

compared to walking into a family and teaching a husband and children, living up to your talent and lifelong growth is the most important explanation for your life.

what does it mean to have seen the world?

many girls think that they have seen the world by going to high-end restaurants, using top-notch bags, drinking the finest afternoon tea and dating rich people.

however, the more you show off, the more you can only look like you haven't seen the world.

what is missing in your heart, the more you will show off.

people who have really seen the world can stand prosperity and mediocrity; they can look up at the stars and keep their feet on the ground; they know the world but not the world, and they are naive when things change.

therefore, the best way for a girl to grow up is not to let her wear the cloak of a socialite, let alone catch a rich son-in-law, but to lead her to understand the world, enrich her knowledge, increase her knowledge, establish her values, and strengthen her heart.

if you also have a daughter, please tell her that superficial elegance and nobility are clouds after all, and only the knowledge in the bones, the nobility in the soul and the persistence in the heart can support a person's life!

growing up is the most important topic in a girl's life!