Parents are not "ruthless", no matter how good education is futile, no matter how busy they are, they have to read it.

/July 2022

as the saying goes: towering trees cannot grow in greenhouses and thousands of troops cannot be trained in hutongs.

Education requires strict and determined strength, which has been the same throughout the ages.

far-sighted parents all know that only through hard-hearted discipline can their children really become successful in the future.

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if parents are reluctant to put their child through hardship, don't blame him for being unworthy in the future.


parents are the mirror of children, and children are the shadow of parents

what is the nature of family education?

is not to give children comfortable living conditions, but to teach them the truth of life.

how a person should spend his life is not only his own choice, but also the outlook on life and values instilled by his parents since childhood.

every child is born with a blank sheet of paper. If you write down his kindness, he will become loving;

if you write him down to be strong, he will become independent;

he will become self-disciplined if you write him down about diligence.

behind all children's behavior, it actually reflects the parents' vision and mind.


A habitual son is like killing a child, doting will only harm a child

actor Liu Tao said:

"both boys and girls should know the rules from an early age and should not act too casually.

A child cannot be indulged blindly. There must be someone who can control him. "

to be strict with love is to strictly discipline children and urge them to strive for strength, so as to have a bright future. This is love for children.

on the contrary, they are spoiled and obedient to their children, which is called doting.

excessive doting will change the quality of parents' love for their children.

behind every fearless bear child, there is a pair of doting parents.

A habitual child is like killing a child, and spoiling a child is often the result of ruining the child's future.


when a teacher asks a student to stand up for a class because he is late, it is normal for most people, but now it is often questioned by some parents.

parents send their children to school in the hope that their children can be educated by their teachers at school, but if parents blindly protect their weaknesses, they will only bind their hands and feet.

in this way, no matter what mistakes the child makes, he will not be taught by the teacher.

what's the point of sending the child to school?

parents blindly protect their weaknesses and the authority of teachers decreases, which will only encourage their children's mistakes, do no good to their children, and will only harm their children in the end.


the ruler in the hands of a teacher is actually an important task

the reason why a child is a child is that he does not realize it and needs constant supervision.

compared with parents, teachers are more dignified.

especially when the teacher has a "ring ruler", it is more intimidating.

and taking the "ring ruler" means that the teacher has shouldered this important task and has to supervise the children all the time.

Education needs moderate punishment. If the ruler in the teacher's hand is not there and the ruler in the heart is not there, then education will lose the means of punishment and only praise will be left.

but blindly exalting the students, can you teach good students?

Education without discipline is incomplete, and proper criticism and punishment are helpful to children.


good parents are a little cruel, and good teachers are a little ruthless.

We can all feel that times are different and the progress of science and technology is unimaginable.

and we all hope that children will not lose at the starting line, but when raising children, please think more about:

what abilities do children have so that they will not be eliminated by the cruel times?

this is an era of rapid changes. In an era that will be eliminated if you are not careful, if you do not force your child to learn "72 changes" now, who will help him block the "81 difficulties" in the future?

for the sake of their children's future, every parent who loves his child should be cruel, and every visionary teacher should be ruthless.


now he is willing to discipline his child, and in the future he will thank you for a lifetime

Huang Lei said:

because love that has gone too far is selfish love, which is worse than hate.

all children have the same nature, and it is different education that turns them into different people.

on the way of educating their children, parents should learn to let go, be willing to let their children "endure hardships", support teachers' work, and discipline their children ruthlessly. In the future, their children will be grateful to you.