Nine words like gold, to everyone!

/July 2022


first sentence: learn to be grateful for all the encounters in the world.

learn to be grateful for all the encounters in the world.

double cherish what is good to me,

treat me badly, try to be tolerant,

be grateful to meet, do not owe.


second sentence: learn not to be angry

Life is not as good as you want,

can't make us happy everywhere,

learn not to be angry, not angry,

look at it with an ordinary heart.

nothing is immutable.

face it with a good state of mind.

learn to control your emotions.

find a piece of pure land of your own in the troubles of the world.


third sentence: learn to think of others

across the side of the winding mountain is a steep peak,

the height of the distance is different.

stand in different angles,

see different scenery.

get along, learn to think of others;

communicate, know how to compare your heart to heart,

to be kind to others is to be kind to yourself.


fourth sentence: learning not to please

is false, and

needs to explain that there is no good person.

can not last long,

will eventually be sad.

Life is hard and full of twists and turns.

Don't look at people's faces.

for the rest of my life,

learn not to pander to others and not to wronge yourself.


the fifth sentence: learn to be light

look down on gains and losses and not be surprised;

look down on fame and fortune and be content;

look down on feelings and let nature take its course;

everything will suddenly become clear.

the heart is big, the matter is small,

heart is small, the matter is big,

people with a good state of mind will be good for the rest of their lives.


sixth sentence: be kind

be kind, do not play tricks, do not play with your heart,

be kind, keep your feet on the ground and be a man of your duty.

those who are willing to lose will never lose, and those who are willing to give in will eventually get more.

kindness, not stupid, not pussy,

people are doing, heaven is watching,

good cause, get good result.

be a kind man and have peace of mind all your life.


Seventh sentence: learn to respect

whether poor or rich;

whether it is superior or subordinate;

all need to respect each other.

those who love others, people always love them.

those who respect others, they always respect them.

No one will be at the bottom all the time.

No one will always be at the top of the mountain.

to respect others is to respect yourself.


eighth sentence

08  eighth sentence: filial piety    08  eighth sentence: filial piety    08  eighth sentence: filial piety   08  eighth sentence: filial piety   08  eighth sentence: filial piety   08

Life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long.


Ninth sentence: pay attention to health

what is the most important thing in one's life? is it a luxurious house, an expensive car,

or countless tickets?

neither. Healthy body is the greatest wealth. Money can't buy health.

where there is health, there is everything.

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