Nanjing Zoo became popular: the epidemic lost 30 million yuan, and many employees left,

/July 2022


some time ago, an article quietly scanned the moments.

the protagonist of the article is Shen Zhijun, director of Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo.

the income for 51 days after closing the garden is 0;

the loss in 2020 is 30 million;

there is only more than 500,000 yuan left in the account;

deduct the performance of employees to ensure animal feed;


these words are both shocking and heartbreaking.

how can the zoo, which grew up with many local people in Nanjing, be so difficult now?

you know, this zoo has many great labels:

it is one of the earliest zoos in China;

is the first zoo in China to cancel animal performances;

is the first urban zoo in China to have koalas.

the most praised thing is that it is the most "animal-respecting" zoo in the country.

there are thousands of animals in the park, and the green coverage rate is as high as 85%.

however, regardless of the increase in labor costs and prices, it has maintained the conscience ticket price of 40 yuan for 11 years.

because there are no animal performances, more than 80% of the zoo's income comes from tickets.

at the height of the epidemic, the park was closed for 51 days without any income, and the zoo directly lost more than 13 million yuan.

this figure is almost half of the previous annual income.

faced with such an economic crisis, the director said sadly in his speech:

however, when there are only more than 500,000 left in the account, between the crying employees and the hungry animals, the director would rather let people be "poor" than let the animals starve to death.

after watching the director's speech, I finally understand why this zoo is called "the best public zoo in the country".


how do animals live in Nanjing Zoo?

in order to provide animals with a "walk-and-go trip", they directly designed a moving pipe.

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under the guidance of the breeder, they can safely go through the pipeline to places of different climates and functions.

even considering that some animals have special periods when they don't want to see people, such as pregnancy, illness, and a bad mood.

you can move it to a place where it is not on display and let it bask in the sun and blow in the wind.

Elephants here can bathe under umbrellas in summer.

there is even a sand pile for elephants to take a "sand bath SPA" to relax.

in order to have some fun for elephants, snacks are given from time to time, which is a little more challenging.

the giant pandas, the national treasure here, are kept chubby and clean.

A gorilla lives comfortably in the forest, often skillfully climbing trees to pick mulberries or chestnuts.

without any previous experience, they groped a little and successfully hatched 32 endangered species: crane rheas.

they convert animal manure into odorless green organic fertilizer through an airtight fermentor, which is finally produced and sold by themselves and used in their own feed supply base.

they used 3D printing technology to install dentures on monkeys without incisors.

the red-crowned crane injured in the fight was fitted with a false beak.

it took them three years to raise a little orangutan and then send it back to its family.

in order to let the little owls learn to be independent, they set up an owl school, graduating one and releasing one.

in many places, a zoo may just be a place where animals are kept in iron cages.

Nanjing Zoo has been built into a paradise where animals can show their nature, and many animals still remain wild.

for example, wolves lie in ambush by the water, waiting for wild magpies to fly down to drink water.

naturally timid animals can also maintain their own nature and have the right to see people.

just like the Imperial Palace develops all kinds of periphery and strives to generate income, because the recovery and restoration of cultural relics is a very expensive thing.

Nanjing Zoo can be said to be even worse in terms of burning money.

there are so many lives waiting to be fed, in order to make them eat well and live happily, each link requires a lot of money.

as a self-financing institution, most of the renovation funds are raised by them.

but no matter how difficult it is, the idea in the garden director Shen Zhijun's mind is always simple: