Memorize these two paragraphs, top half of the old traditional Chinese medicine doctor

/August 2022

all things vegetable health treasure, a variety of diet according to your adjustment.

Chinese cabbage diuresis and detoxification, cucumber weight loss is effective.

radish digests and opens spleen and stomach, and mushroom inhibits cancer cells.

clearing away heat and detoxifying horse tooth grass, salt and vinegar is good for anti-toxin and anti-inflammation.

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when you eat towel gourd in summer, celery can lower blood pressure.

Peanut can lower cholesterol and resolve phlegm after pear meal.

the anticancer element of Auricularia auricula is medium meat, and the lotus root can dispel the wine.

Hawthorn reduces weight and removes hernia, yam tonifies kidney and reduces glycosuria.

Lichang Tongbao eats pig blood, shortness of breath and weakness take yam.

nutritious carrots, often eat body does not look old.

Purple eggplant dispels wind and dredges channels and collaterals, and poultry eggs have high intelligence and nutrition.

often eat melon seeds for beauty, and eat more sesame for anti-aging.

Persimmon can relieve cough and moisten the heart and lungs.

invigorate the spleen and replenish qi and eat grapes. Autumn eclipses make people not old.

kelp can prevent leukemia, and it is also good to remove fat and reduce blood pressure.

adzuki bean detoxification cures furuncle sores, mung bean relieves summer heat and reduces temperature.

Aloe vera is used for constipation in the elderly, so it is not easy for women to get old.

White chrysanthemum has clear eyes and calming the liver, and yellow chrysanthemum makes tea to eliminate the heat.

High pressure and low pressure shepherd's purse flower, fundus hemorrhage Shepherd's purse boil.

the flower bud of Golden Needle is good for treating yellow pox, fresh and fire-lowering elm.

radish resolving phlegm, clearing flatulence, detumescence and diuresis.

Red jujube tonifies qi and nourishes painstaking efforts, boil porridge and add jujube skin.

Shengjin Anshen belongs to Wumei, and Runfei Wufa eats walnuts.

to prevent stroke, it is good to eat porphyra and protect cerebral vascular potatoes.

spinach contains iron blood tonifying medicine to prevent anemia and anti-aging.

Chinese wolfberry is full of treasures all over the body, so it is necessary to prolong life.

Don't forget to eat sweet potatoes in the elderly, which has a wonderful effect on defecation and cancer prevention.

clearing heat and detoxification and eating Toona sinensis has a good effect on invigorating the spleen and regulating qi.

stick to eating tomatoes, and the black spotted finches will disappear naturally.

Fitness benefit fig, fruit leaves have high medicinal value.

sore throat, make tea, prolapse of hemorrhoids, fumigate and wash.

antitussive and expectorant food wax gourd, edema nephritis is also treated.

Pumpkin is very good for eliminating inflammation and tonifying qi, preserving health and dispelling diseases.

often eat bean dregs constantly, which is also a wonderful way to prevent cancer.

the three-character Sutra of keeping in good health

in the morning, don't be in a hurry.

stretch before getting up.

sit by the bed, don't worry,

stand up in half a minute.

warm boiled water, drink half a cup,

unobstructed blood is the most precious.

defecation, emptying,

intestinal detoxification and garbage clearance.

it's important to have breakfast.

early and nutritious.

after sunrise, morning exercise is appropriate,

the air is fresh and beneficial to the body.

refers to comb your hair, dry wash your face,

keep your face clear.

wash your nose, rub your eyes, and

stay away from colds and blindness.

teeth often knock, tongue often turn,

Shengjin appetizer teeth are firm.

Health acupoints, regular massage,

fitness has many benefits.

stride, small stride,

ten thousand steps a day is better.

step by step, keep constant,

insist on the inevitable spirit all the year round.

quit smoking, limit drinking,

keep an open mind and don't worry.

after lunch, sleep

self-regulation to reduce fatigue.

less dinner should be light, and

is good for health and sleep.

after supper, take a walk

relax and sleep.

before going to bed, soak your feet and

massage Yongquansheng to take medicine.

emphasis on health, in psychology,

mental health number first.

loving, remember that

it is meaningful to be indifferent to life.

keep youthful years, and

the whole family will be happy forever.

TCM health preservation, under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, follows the changing law of biochemical collection of yin, yang and five elements, scientifically recuperates the human body and maintains the vitality of life and health.

with nothing to do, recite the diet of an old Chinese medicine doctor and find your own good food from the traditional wisdom.