James is good.

/March 2023

Game 6 of the Eastern showdown, Love was injured and left early, and James had to play for 46 minutes to win the game again with injury.

James was so calm that he thought he had played all of them for 40 + minutes in the first five games of Love.

the first quarter of the G7 on the second day, the Cavaliers fell behind by eight points, and the moments were silent.

finally, in the last few minutes of the second quarter, the Cavaliers completed the best part of 12-2. At the end of the third quarter of the

G7, the Cavaliers surpassed and locked the analogy at 58:56.

but what is still more frightening is James. In the second quarter, as he secretly gasped, he was still on the court.

and James is still running at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

looking at the score that has been hanging on, James, a 30-year-old man, suddenly found a fast break in the 47th minute. He realized that it was a key ball, and as long as he won it, he could draw an analogy.

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"two. You can fight. "

the defender also realized that the ball had to be defended in just a few seconds, but James stepped behind him almost the next moment before he could think about how to defend.

unexpectedly, he found James picking himself up and moving on.

take off, hit the board, score! Two plus one!

this goal completely broke the faith of the opposing team.


put all your energy on the court, no matter how strong the team is, find a way to attack with your teammates and score one point after another. And if a teammate is injured and needs to support the whole game on his own, stand up until the end.

another friend said, "after all, his name is LeBron."

while lamenting the strength of James, what I have to admire is that he has a great desire to win no matter where he is.

0-2 staring at the basket when falling behind, Love staring at the basket when he left the court, staring at the basket when he fell down with a calf injury, now winning the Eastern Conference finals, sitting in the break room, he is also staring at the Finals basket.

there is no bereavement, no despair, no so-called age bondage, some only rush forward and move forward.

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