It's expensive for the rest of my life, so I don't get tired of getting along!

/July 2022

Life is long, it is difficult to walk step by step,

experience ups and downs, encounter obstacles and setbacks,

live physically and mentally exhausted, it is not easy to live,

should not be ashamed of themselves.

take care of others in the first half of your life, grievance and perfection,

please yourself for the rest of your life, be free and easy.

Don't care about other people's opinions and opinions.

talk, just choose the sincere,

socialize, choose the ones that are not tired,

get along, choose the ones that are comfortable! 01

friends who are not tired are the best

friends are gifts from God,

friends are companions on the way of life,

but not all friends are sincere.

Best friend,

not to find you by eating, drinking and playing, but to share weal and woe without separation.

if you are in trouble, let me help.

I am in trouble, you support me.

in front of each other,

you can truly be yourself.

you don't have to pretend to be strong.

just say what you have and cry when you feel uncomfortable.

Don't worry about the other person's dislike,

don't be afraid of leaving.

with such friends,

is the most reassuring and comfortable as family.


the feelings that are not tired with each other are the truest

feelings, not sweet words, but practical actions to give.

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the best relationship,

is not a promise,

is not romantic,

but the rich and poor do not break up,

go together.

each other is each other's favorite,

has no bondage and suspicion,

gives respect and trust.

get along with each other and care about it.

depend on each other and be independent.

you know everything I like.

I know all your thoughts.

when I talk about everything, no one is bored, and when

is silent, they are not embarrassed.

such feelings are the most relaxing. 03

for the rest of my life, I only spend my life with people who are not tired.

the rest of my life is in a hurry, and not long.

whether it is to talk about love or make friends,

do not make do with it and wronge yourself.

people who make you uncomfortable, don't come close.

people who make you uncomfortable, don't get along with them.

whatever makes you curry favor,

you don't have any sincerity.

break when break, avoid its harm,

disperse as soon as possible, don't procrastinate any longer.

this is the only time in your life.

Why should you let yourself be too tired?

you will pay attention to those who are sincere to you.

whoever makes you cold, you will be cold to him.

there is no need to work hard and give in.

be nice to yourself for the rest of your life.

only spend time with people who are not tired, and

only socialize with people who make you comfortable.

May all you meet are beloved, and

may all of you be true! The vast sea of people, not everyone can communicate,

the world, not all people are always around.

I used to care too much about other people's opinions, and I only cared about my own feelings for the rest of my life.

whether it's making friends or falling in love,

choose people who are not tired of getting along.

only by being with such a person, can your life be free from worries, and will you be comfortable and relaxed for the rest of your life!