Is it bad to be promoted to a junior college?

/March 2023

the term "rote learning" refers to those who are in the top few in every exam.

all this makes them look like what people call "low EQ", while the "EQ" I have a group of friends anytime, anywhere, no matter what I do, I can easily live a better life than them.


so my mother, who only attended primary school, said more and more about me. At the end of every argument, she could only leave "you'll regret it" as the last weapon, and then just let go and say whatever I want.

so that "sophistry" has become a "sincere belief", believing that even if you can't read, you will certainly be able to make a living in the future.

in this way, I finished the college entrance examination with the attitude of fulfilling my parents' wishes, and decided to finish my studies, go out to work, and start my "independent journey" as written in the novel.

I used to be a waitress. Welcome and please take your time when it comes to tongue-tied, factory worker, sweating in front of a sweltering assembly line, and selling insurance door to door. I get the first place in the Wechat step list every day.

there is one thing I remember very clearly.

A minion who can only look at other people's eyes for a long time.

it's like a straw stretched out when I was struggling in muddy water. If it were me in the past, I would certainly disdain it, but now I just want to catch it first.


just like in a sprint race, the difference of a few tenths of a second in the starting reaction time often determines the outcome.

so in order to make up for the gap between "junior college" and "undergraduate", I began to get up and recite at 6: 00, often busy until 11: 00 or 12: 00 at night, taking my efforts more seriously than many college students.

even during the winter vacation of my freshman year, I went to learn to drive, and the master would blurt it out to the undergraduate who had failed in the second year of college.

I have heard a lot of such words.

"Why are you so busy in that school? get busy sleeping."

it's just that no matter how many times you listen to it, you will still feel the same.

I have tried to explain many times, but each time, other people just smile and don't speak. They don't believe it in their hearts, but they don't say it, so that everyone won't be embarrassed.

after all, people are bound to lose, not those who start late, but those who give up because they start late.


that's a cram school on weekends, which lasts for eight hours.

but in that dull and stuffy cram school, I saw a lot of people like me who put all their eggs in one basket and wanted to try.

in the chat, I found that no one regards the remaking of junior college students as a way of escape from reality, and everyone thinks even more clearly than some people who take the postgraduate entrance examination.

it's watery, and it doesn't look as glamorous as a simple bachelor's degree, but for those of us who wake up later, it's a remedy, a desire, and the only way to make others less sympathetic and contemptuous of us.

this is enough.

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