In the new semester, please tell your children seriously: reading must be hard, it's the same all over the world!

/August 2022

the summer vacation is over and the new learning journey begins.

in the face of the arrival of the new semester, some children are still immersed in the sloppiness of the holidays, are unwilling to enter the state of study, and even wish that the summer vacation will be extended indefinitely, and the beginning of school will never come.

I heard a conversation between mother and son on the bus:

"Mom, I don't want to start school."


because it is hard to go to school, to do homework and to take exams, I want to play at home. "

"but children have to go to school. That's what everyone does."

Yes, reading is hard, there is no doubt about it, but parents are also asked to tell their children that it is not easy for everyone to study.


Learning must be hard. It is the same all over the world

there is no genius in the world. Behind all high achiever's boundless scenery is day after day's hard work and self-discipline.

once a reporter interviewed a top liberal arts student. When she saw her refill full of drawers, she asked, "do you know how many words a refill can write?"

the liberal arts champion replied:

Learning is never an easy task. There are not so many geniuses, more than the clenched teeth of ordinary people.

behind the opening of the mouth of ancient poetry is repeated recitation and memory;

fluent English is behind the day-to-day listening, speaking, reading and writing;

behind the ease of math problems is tirelessly doing a large number of exercises.

No one in the world can casually succeed, and no one can get something without giving.

We always talk about happy education, but we have to understand that the process of learning is never happy and easy. What is really happy is the state of mind and the satisfaction of reaping the fruits of hard work.

so children, don't complain about the hardship of reading, knowing that even at this time, your opponent is turning the pages, calculating carefully, and reciting aloud.


enough study

after watching a video, the reporter asked a dark-skinned, sweaty young man on a construction site:

"if you could go back to the past, how old would you most like to be back?"

under the scorching sun, the young man put down his brick and said, "I want to go back to school."

the reporter asked: "Why?"

the young man said, "because this construction site is too tired, if you can go back and learn knowledge, you can no longer suffer."

some people may say that Han Han dropped out of high school, and he is still very successful, but what many people don't know is that Han Han said after dropping out:

gifts from fate are secretly marked with the price.

our society can allow those who are unorthodox to succeed, but reading is still the way for most ordinary people to change their lives and lead a better life.

so don't choose comfort at the age you should strive for, and don't give up reading when it's time to study.

after many years you will find that compared with the tribulations of life, those years of hard study are only the lightest hardships you have endured in this life.


people who do not study can only be chosen

this year's college entrance examination. Zhong Fangrong, a left-behind girl from Leiyang, Hunan, has become the focus of online discussion because she applied for an archaeology major at Peking University.

as soon as the news came out, it was questioned by many netizens, who called the major "no money", "professional unpopular, and not easy to find a good job."

but the girl herself said, "I personally like it very much. I think it's enough to like it."

son, from this girl, you should understand that only those who study hard have the capital to choose.

through her own efforts, she was admitted to her ideal university, and firmly chose her dream.

but behind the college entrance examination, there is still a large part, and there is no right to choose at all.

according to the latest released data, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination in 2020 was 10.71 million, an increase of 400000 over last year.

among them, based on the overall admission rate of 79% for the 2019 college entrance examination, 2.0349 million people will fail this year.

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for children from ordinary families, reading is still the most effective way to change their destiny. it may not make you a winner in life, but it can keep you from falling to the bottom.

as said in "Wind and Rain Harvard Road": no one can bargain with life. If you want more choices, you must work harder!


it takes a lifetime to

to see such a topic on Weibo # which moments make you regret not studying hard # some netizens left a message below:

when other people communicate with me, I feel very sorry for not answering that kind of question, because people who talk eloquently make people look very cultural.

is that when you can't find a job, you will feel special regret, why you didn't study hard, and now you are reduced to this situation.

after you go to a bad school, you will feel that you have not studied hard to go to a better school.

Life is a piggy bank, and every effort you put in will be packed and returned to you one day in the future.

if you find it hard to study and choose to give up when it's time to study hard, then when you enter the society, you will find yourself like an unarmed soldier.

in the face of the powerful enemy of fate, you will be beaten black and blue and defenseless because you have no protective armor.

then, you willWill understand that reading while stealing laziness, it will take a lifetime to return!


Please force yourself to be excellent and live a proud life

We always say that it is hard to have a noble son from a poor family, but some people still believe that as long as you work hard enough, you will be able to change your destiny!

in the 2020 college entrance examination, twin brothers Zhao Barley and Zhao Di, from the depths of the mountains in Hunan Province, were admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University with high scores of 687 and 685 respectively.

when his children were in high school, their father Zhao Zhongqi often encouraged them: "hold on, you have to hold on for the past three years, and you'll get through it."

facts have proved that both Zhao Barley and Zhao Di are very successful. They have won themselves first-class universities by studying and broadened the way for their future.

Wei Kailun was born in a small mountain village in Tongwei County, Gansu Province. Tongwei County is a deep poverty-stricken county with hills and ravines.

there is not much way out for the children in the mountains. They either drop out of school early, go out to work to earn hard money, or study hard to get into the university and get out of the mountains.

Wei Kailun chose the latter because he had suffered enough in the mountains.

Wei Kailun has to climb mountains to go to school. There is no complete road on the mountain. He often has to push his bike to climb steep slopes.

"when I walk, I really walk enough. Study hard from now on and walk out of the mountain. "

"since I was admitted to the military academy, why didn't I take the best!" Wei Kailun set his goal as a famous university, the University of National Defense Science and Technology.

when he learned that he had been admitted by the University of National Defense Science and Technology, he was overjoyed and ran up the hill and shouted to the barren village:

"Shan, Shan, I went out!"

through his own persistence and efforts, he walked out of the mountain and became the pride of the mountain!

Children, life is your own, and everyone's way of living is his own decision.

if you work harder today, you will be closer to your dream in the future. If you pay a little more sweat today, you will be able to shed less tears for life in the future.