If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.

/August 2022

there is a saying on the Internet:

you are hungry, others have a loaf of bread.

give you half, this is a friend;

give you all, this is love;

hide the bread and tell you that he is hungry, this is society.

as the saying goes, you know horsepower in the distance. You can never really know a person without experiencing something.

Historical Records once warned the world: "when one dies, one knows friendship." One is poor and the other is rich. If you are expensive and cheap, you can see your friendship. "

some people come to you to tell you what is true; some people come to you to tell you what is false; some people to give you warmth, others to chill your heart.

but it's all a gift of life. Whether you like it or not, learn to accept it and try to understand the meaning behind it.


I have known people for a long time.

I have heard such a story in which a white-haired old couple went to the hospital to see a doctor.

not long after they entered the consultation room, there was a quarrel.

the doctor said that the grandmother had a high tumor index and advised her to make a further diagnosis.

but her wife said, "Oh, what is there to find out? check it out and waste money."

the old woman looked at the doctor and her wife, her eyes were full of helplessness, her voice was full of helplessness and hesitation, and she didn't say anything for a long time.

at this time, her wife couldn't help it again and said angrily, "if you don't check, you won't check. There's not so much nonsense."

after saying this, he signed the medical record card directly, and the word "no" was in front of him.

then he shouted to his wife, "Let's go, you'll know how to mess around all day long."

the granny got up shaky, ready to go out.

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the old man at this time intended to help her, but he was thrown away by her.

I guess she didn't expect that people who had been with her for decades would be able to say such things and do such things at critical moments.

Li Ye said: "from the highest to the bright sun and moon, husband and wife are close to each other."

sometimes, when we reach the trough of life, we find that the pillow person who is accompanied day and night is not as good as a stranger.

even if you are sad, you can do nothing about it.

Sanmao once sighed:

Human nature is cold and thin, and why is there more than who?

the cold and thin human nature is never worth mentioning in the face of time and adversity. Truth and hypocrisy are often known as soon as you try.


in the Golden years, Jiang Nansun, a lady from a famous family living on Fuxing Road in Shanghai, was raised by her family as a princess. Her boyfriend Zhang Anren also held her in the palm of his hand, spoiled and protected her, fearing that she might suffer the slightest grievance.

but Nan Sun's family is not optimistic about this marriage. His father feels that the family circumstances of the two are so different that they simply can't make it to the end.

Nan Sun is determined by the weight, and feels that Zhang Anren is gentle, down-to-earth and willing to work. Although he is not rich enough for the time being, as long as the two work together, they will certainly have a bright future.

it's just that an accident broke their love in the ivory tower.

because father Chiang was addicted to stock speculation, the Chiang family was accidentally burdened with tens of millions of foreign debts.

when he was cornered by his creditors, Nan Sun offered to let his family live in their small house for the time being, but Zhang Anren refused.

Zhang Anren said bluntly that he was afraid of carrying this trouble, and he was even more afraid that someone would find the school and delay his evaluation of detention.

Jiang Nansun felt unbelievable and could not believe that he had promised to give himself a future partner.

thanks to his friend Zhu Suosuo's help, he took out all his belongings and rented a decent house, which prevented the Chiang family from falling into the streets.

emotion is sometimes like a glass of good wine. Last night, when the wine went into my throat, my heart was happy. Now the wine is cold and fragrant, but it is desolate.

and the accidents and trifles of life often become the best sobriety medicine.

Nalan Rong once said helplessly:

if life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind? It is easy to change the hearts of the old people, but the old people's hearts are changeable.

without going through one thing, you don't know anyone.

some people are ready to save themselves and leave you at any time.

No matter how deep you think your friendship is, no matter how true your vows are, you should know that human feelings are like sheets of paper and the world is like a new chess game.


it's really important to choose the right person.

time will drive away some people, but it will also leave some people behind.

for example, Luo Yonghao, who recently became popular again, came out of the trough because of the support of the people around him. It took three years and relied on live broadcast to bring goods, and finally nearly paid off the 600 million he owed.

the moment Smartisan sold it, he thought about suicide.

but his wife and friends helped him survive.

once, he applied for a loan from the bank and asked his wife to be a risk-sharing person. He called his wife immediately, and his wife came quickly and signed the paper without looking at it.

after coming home in the evening, my wife said, "if one day you are really bankrupt, have you ever thought about what I will use in exchange for this money?"

he immediately froze and realized that as the wife of a writer and director, she risked cutting films day and night to sign this for him.

he once lamented that many peopleThe failure of starting a business is all because of a disharmonious marriage, and his marriage will always inspire him to move forward.

in Luo Yonghao's current live broadcast team, there are many people who followed him all the way, one of which is his best partner Zhu Xiaomu.

Luo Yonghao is live on camera, while Zhu Xiaomu is busy outside the camera.

all the food that needs to be cooked in the studio is done by Zhu Xiaomu.

between them, they know what each other needs with a glance.

even when he was heavily in debt, Zhu Xiaomu never thought of leaving him.

it is precisely because there are so many like-minded people and so many people who believe in him that he has survived the dead of night and muddy intersections.

fellow travelers can not only add icing on the cake when we are happy, but also lend a helping hand when we fall into underestimation.

Pu Songling put it well:

Mo Ruoyou is a happy thing in the world.

perhaps the luckiest thing in the world is to meet like-minded and like-minded people among thousands of people, leaving true feelings for you in the wilderness of time, regardless of gains and losses.