If a man is over fifty, no matter how kind he is, he will never care about them.

/July 2022

Life is alive, but in a short period of a hundred years, when a man reaches fifty, he has unwittingly reached the second half of life.

lived to the age of 50, experienced the ups and downs of life, tasted the ups and downs of life;

just understood:

when people reach this age, it is most important to live their own life well.

you always take care of others, who will take care of you?

as the saying goes, one more thing is better than one less thing.

ignore some things that should not be interfered with;

some people, don't worry about it and stay away from it as soon as possible.


people over 50 are two-faced people

have seen such a question on the Internet:

some of them replied: "I am most afraid of those who are two-faced and hide a knife in a smile."

take this for granted.

in life, there are too many people who are inconsistent in appearance, saying one thing openly and doing another behind.

such people tend to say nice things to you on the surface, but secretly they are eager to trip you.

think of the dispute between Tong Wenjie and his assistant Xiao Jin in the TV series Little Joy.

Xiao Jin is an assistant brought out by Tong Wenjie and has been working under her for several years.

Tong Wenjie trusts Xiao Jin very much and takes good care of her on weekdays, giving her suggestions everywhere and helping her improve her business ability without reservation.

Xiao Jin always looks modest in front of Tong Wenjie, and the two get along like sisters.

for a time, Tong Wenjie often asked for leave because of family matters, but she was told that Xiao Jin had taken her place when she returned to the company.

it turns out that Xiao Jin, a former sister, has always coveted Tong Wenjie's position and has been secretly looking for an opportunity to take his place.

as the saying goes, "A war of words is not terrible, but a knife on both sides of the heart."

when you get along with such a person, you never know when he will stab you in the back.

so, in the face of people who can only manipulate you, ignore them and stay away as soon as possible.


people over 50

I wonder if you have ever heard of the "crab effect":

if there is only one crab in the bamboo basket, it will be easy to climb out, but if there are more than two crabs, they will not be able to climb out.

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because if a crab climbs up, other crabs will pull it down. Over and over again, in the end, not a single crab can climb out.

in contrast, people like crabs who can't see the goodness of others can be found everywhere.

some people feel unhappy when they see that others are better than themselves, and they balance their hearts by desperately belittling others.

when they see that other people's work is going well, they will be jealous, and they will make black-hearted money everywhere.

when they see other people living comfortably, they will hold a grudge, gossip behind their backs and confuse black and white. The world is declining and the hearts of the people are not old.

in this world, there are always some people who just can't see that others are better off than themselves.

if one day, you are better off than him, he will be out of balance and secretly belittle and ridicule you.

just like crosstalk actor Yue Yunpeng, he struggled and suffered grievances from the bottom of society before he became famous. Later, he met his own Bole Guo Degang and made unremitting efforts to achieve his present success.

but every time he went back to his hometown, he would hear the villagers ridicule him: "this kind of person is just lucky to meet an important person."

just like Zhu Zhiwen, the big coat who became famous at that time, he paid out of his own pocket to build the village.

who knows that some villagers are not only not grateful, but resentfully satirize him: "this poor boy can go out even if he looks like this. He can make a lot of money by singing a few exceptional songs."

I can't help but think of the saying: the greatest evil of human nature is not to see others good.

these people, who are not doing well, want to see that others are not doing well, and often do things at the expense of others at the expense of themselves.

as long as you see that others are better than yourself, it is easy to get jealous, try every means to discredit others and add blockage to people's hearts.

if there is such a person around you, be sure to stay away.

the years are in a hurry, and through half of my life, I gradually see the ways of the world;

know who is worthy of deep acquaintance and who needs to stay away in time.

when people are over 50, we should learn to put aside our magnanimity. Not all people deserve our confidence.

No matter how kind you are, don't pay attention to those who are double-faced and shameful.

our kindness and sincerity should be left to those who are worthy of it.

in the second half of life, we should look down on right and wrong, let go of human feelings and live as we please.