For the sake of children, please read aloud three times a day!

/August 2022

are parents ready for the annual school season? Are you ready for the new semester and new phase?

School begins. For the sake of their children, parents let us read the Parental rules aloud three times a day!


from now on:

I will praise and encourage children more.

as the saying goes, "people have their own feet".

Children are born with extraordinary potential and talent.

We should find more shining points in our children.

be our children's Bole.

encourage and support more,

instead of complaining and angry.

when the child encounters difficulties and setbacks,

in fact, he has worked very hard.

is good at making the child focus on his own growth,

Things go better with our stunning semi-formal black gown. There simply is no better place to purchase a dress than

, not just the result.

help children to ease their emotions,

build self-confidence,

improve their ability to resist frustration.


from now on:

I want to control my emotions.

emotion is the devil.

the strong control emotion, and

the weak are controlled by emotion.

parents' good mood,

is the best fengshui for a family.

We should control our emotions and

don't let bad emotions spread to our children.

get along with your child quietly and peacefully.

you should know that emotion can affect your child's character.

losing your temper will only make us regret it.


from now on:

We should teach by example and set an example for our children.

parents are always the first teachers of their children.

We should lead by example and ask our children for what we have done.

instead of things you can't do by yourself,

to ask your child too much, this is often counterproductive.

to know what kind of person you want your child to be,

first of all, you have to be what you have to be.

Children are born to imitate our behavior, and

is naturally influenced by us.


from now on:

I will love my child unconditionally,

love him as he is,

love everything about him.

do not force children to study, make up lessons and strive for the first place as I think.

because children are the best gift from God, what else do I have to ask for?


from now on:

I will respect my child and give him privacy.

respecting everything about children is the basis of all education.

Children are also slowly growing up, and are also gradually growing up.

he also has his own mind and needs his own independent space.

Why not let him thrive in the sun?


from now on:

I will honor my parents and learn to be grateful.

filial piety comes first.

as the child of my parents,

I must be filial to them.

take good care of them and take good care of them.


from now on:

I want to live on an equal footing with my children.

bend down,

ask more, listen more, think more

his feelings, thoughts,

peaceful communication.

will not be condescending and domineering.

forcing children to do something they do not want to do will only increase the rebellious psychology and the generation gap with their parents.


from now on:

I will deal with the relationship between the other half and create a harmonious and warm atmosphere for the family.

in the Book of worry-free, it is said that those who live in harmony lead to a prosperous family.

if the family is in harmony, the family will prosper.

because the influence of the original family on the child is lifelong and great,

the harmony of husband and wife and the integrity of the family are the greatest love for the child.


from now on:

I want to spend more time with my children.

companionship is the most lasting confession.

whether studying or playing,

attentive companionship,

will bring children confidence from the bottom of their hearts

and curiosity about new things.


from now on:

I want to make friends with my children.

become the child's closest partner,

the most solid support group,

regardless of the storm ahead, there is the support of parents behind



from now on:

I will accumulate virtue and do good, and

accumulate Yin virtue for future generations.

because I know how to accumulate good causes and get good results.

do a good deed every day, accumulate good deeds, and change your destiny.

sow a kind seed for children from an early age.


from now on:

I will learn to reflect.

because I know:

I am the root of everything.

the problem of the child is all my problem.

nonePerfect person,

there must be something I haven't done well.

improve yourself through constant self-reflection.

I am good, the family is good, the child will be fine.

in this way, the relationship with the child will be better and better.

parents  parents  would like parents to take their children's growth seriously, because if their children's growth is missed, they will not come again.