Envy those who often post on moments.

/June 2022

how long has it been since you posted on moments?

when I am in a bad mood, I just want to open my moments to vent a few words, and after a few seconds, the typed words are cleared again.

otherwise the moments that have just been sent will be deleted in a few seconds.

casually click on an avatar, which is either visible in three days or a horizontal line.

I don't know since when do we even become careful to post a moments?

A girl once sent me Wechat in the middle of the night. She said,

"now I look at those who often post on moments, I really envy them."

at least they can not be afraid of other people's eyes, love what I love, and say what I want to say.

I used to be the same, but I seem to have broken the 'wings' of expression. "

I used to think that people who often post moments are too noisy, but now they think that people who share life and express themselves generously and confidently are precious and interesting.


people who often post on moments love life

for a period of time, my friend steamed stuffed bun shares his luck in his life regularly every day.

I feel beautiful after wearing a new color lipstick today. The picture shows her with light makeup, gentle and bright.

help a young girl carry heavy luggage on the way. She said thank me and made me very happy today.

I ate the little wonton I missed after working late. Thanks to the night watchman in this city.

on the surface, everything is going well and her life is carefree, but in fact, only a few friends know how stressful her work was and how difficult her situation was during that time.

the company came to a leader who targeted her everywhere, and she stayed up all night and was picked on for no reason;

her original travel candidate had her name, but it was temporarily replaced;

others often snitched on her, so that her relationship with her boss became strained.

but in the most difficult time, she goes to work beautifully every day in beautiful clothes and delicate makeup.

after doing this for a few months, the colleague who often stumbled was finally fired by the boss, and the work of steamed stuffed bun was less tiring.

when she said this calmly, we all admired it very much. If I were in that environment, I would really be depressed.

the steamed stuffed bun smiled and said:

think about it, it is true.

those who often post on moments, it is not that life has not experienced the beating of life, nor that life has let them go, but when life throws them a sour lemon, but they will find a way to turn it into a cup of sweet lemon juice.

it's easy to mourn, but it's cooler to continue to love life despite everything.

those who often post on moments just see the truth of life and then live hard and seriously with greater enthusiasm.


people who often post moments never live in the eyes of others

backstage fans have left messages:

when their moments were diss, they gradually stopped posting moments.

there is a girl in moments who likes to post in moments every time she falls in love, and the evidence of love shows up in her moments, so we basically witnessed her falling in love-breaking up-falling in love again.

recently, she fell in love again, when she posted sweet details of her new relationship in moments, but was attacked by "enthusiastic netizens":

to tell you the truth, even posting a circle of friends has to take care of the mood of the onlookers. That is really tired.

the original intention of posting moments on moments is to record life and recall life in old age. Those warm moments and moments of being loved make us feel that this life has not been wasted.

WeChat moments or not, all belong to their own freedom, some people like to digest their joys and sorrows quietly, some people like to express their preferences lively, and there is no need to evaluate each other.

even if you don't like what others are doing, please express your opinions on the premise that they don't affect others. There is a social etiquette in moments: don't disturb other people's happiness.

the reason why many people are becoming more and more silent is because of outside comments and ridicule, they would rather not post any moments, because they can't stand any malice from others.

once saw such a sentence:

if you do something against your will just to cater to others, it is your own loss anyway.

and those who are still posting moments will not encounter bad reviews, but will never be bound by other people's comments.

they know that life is for themselves and has nothing to do with others.

laugh when we are happy, cry when we are sad, and do not have to suppress ourselves. This is the right thing to do in our lives.

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people who often post on moments have a young mentality

someone once asked: what is the sign of a person's maturity?

see such an answer:

there is a college classmate in the moments. From graduation to marriage, we have witnessed his process from wind and fire to silence.

at first, he still likes to post his changes in moments, participate in football matches, travel to other cities, and make new friends.

later, as he worked and got married, he had to earn money to support his family, to pay off his home loan and car loan, and to pay for the milk powder after the baby was born. He gradually lost his tongue in his moments.

once I chatted and asked, "Why haven't you posted on moments recently?"

he said: "now the pressure is too great. Every day I open my eyes with all kinds of bills and plunge into the tide of life. There is no mood to post on moments."

matureThe price, as Haruki Murakami said:

as you get older, you have more experience, and you do not show your emotions at will, and you do look stable and decent, but the consequence of suppressing yourself is that you lose a lot of desire to express freely.

look at those people who are still posting moments briskly and say

"I envy them so much, although they are all adults, they are still young psychologically and can say whatever they want regardless of what they want to say, unlike us who have grown up to say nothing."

mature people go away with the rain and wind and gradually remain silent, while young people, after hardships and dangers, still keep an eye for finding beauty.

I have read such a sentence:

although the years have passed and the flowers are gone, naive people will still be curious about the world, have great expectations for tomorrow, and cherish the beauty of the present.

you think it's mature and stable to stop posting on moments, but when all the good things in the world can't shake you, it's not mature, it's old.


moments have read a sentence:

those moments that have been posted are traces and evidence of a person's hard work.

they are not all happy in life, but prefer to present the warm and sunny side in front of people.

it is not that they have not experienced rain and wind, but experience the world, and some people still choose to look at the world with sincere eyes.

posting on moments is never to show off, not to compare, but to please yourself.

Haruki Murakami said:

whether or not to post in moments is your own freedom. The important thing is not to miss the good moments in your life because of others.

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