Empty (this article is priceless)

/August 2022

see a sentence on the Internet: "the past is gone, the present is, and the future is."

I think so.

people live in the world, if they do not understand this simple and profound truth, they will be busy and exhausted.

so, how do you practice this sentence and make your life easy and fulfilling?

the answer is just one word: empty.

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in the past, empty

Li Bai poem: "abandoning what I have passed away, yesterday is irrevocable."

what has left me is past, irrevocable, or unnecessary.

since that's the case, let it leave me.

in the Han Dynasty, a man named Meng Min bought a clay pot in the market.

when he was on his way home, he accidentally broke the clay pot.

but he walked on without even looking at it.

my friend Guo Tai went the same way with him. Seeing this, he asked strangely, "your jar is broken. Why don't you look at it?"

Meng Min replied, "the jar has been broken. What's the use of looking at it?"

that's the way to be a man. People and things that have passed, especially those bad people and bad things, should strive to "don't think about it, don't worry about it," and make it a thing of the past forever.

on the contrary, if you can't figure it out and let it go, you will hold back and worry.

in fact, when life begins, it is like a new mobile phone.

Life is just the process of constantly using your mobile phone and constantly adding things to your phone's memory card.

if the mobile phone memory card is too full, or reaches the limit, it will be difficult to operate, or even crash.

the same is true of people.

if you want to feel at ease, you have to clear out the past that you can't let go, and there's no need to keep it.

the past is gone, the good things stay in the bottom of my heart, and the bad things go back to zero.

in this way, we can travel light and live well in the present.


now, it is not empty

Tao Kan said: "Dayu Sheng, is to cherish inch Yin; as for all, should cherish Yin."

Saints like Dayu cherish every inch of time very much; as for ordinary people, they should cherish every minute of time even more.

time is so precious, how to cherish and use it?

one day, Edison, who was working in the lab, handed his assistant an empty glass light bulb without a light port and said, "measure the capacity of the light bulb."

after a long time, he asked, "what is the capacity?"

he did not hear the answer. He turned to see the assistant with a soft ruler measuring the perimeter and slope of the light bulb, and took the measured figures on the table to calculate.

he said, "time, how does it take so much time?"

Edison came over, picked up the empty light bulb, filled it with water, gave it to his assistant, and said, "pour the water into the measuring cup and tell me its capacity at once."

the assistant read the number immediately.

Edison said, "how easy it is to measure. It's accurate and time-saving. Why can't you think of it?" Isn't it a waste of time to do the math? "

suddenly, the assistant blushed.

after reading the story of Edison, we must at least understand some truth:

to be a man, you don't want to be Edison, but you must cherish and make good use of your time.

in today's society, the hearts of the people are impetuous and there are too many temptations. Many people misinterpret the true meaning of "living in the present", so they "get drunk today", so "when a monk rings a bell".

Mao Zedong said, "how many things are always urgent; heaven and earth turn, and time is pressing. Ten thousand years is too long to seize the day. "

most human affairs are urgent, cannot wait, cannot afford to procrastinate; heaven and earth keep spinning, turning away the urgent time.

if you want to have peace of mind, you can't wait ten thousand years. You must seize the time and seize the hour.

Chairman Mao's words, such as Huang Zhong Da Lu, if you don't listen, who do you want to listen to?

is here now, can not empty, and go and cherish, an inch of gold to buy an inch of time.

in this way, we can live well in the present and not be afraid of the future.


in the future, the clear sky

Liu Yuxi's poem said: "A crane in a clear sky will draw poetry to the blue sky."

Life is a lifetime of vegetation and autumn; autumn is crisp and the sky is clear.

when you are born a human being, you should, like the crane, push aside the clouds and soar to the sky, full of poetry and singing.

once read such a story:

two friends were sitting together chatting, and one asked, "what's the weather forecast for tomorrow?"

the other said, "it's going to be my favorite weather."

the man asked, "how do you know it will be your favorite weather?"

the friend said: "I find that the environment is not always what I like, so I face everything I encounter with joy, so tomorrow's weather must be what I like."

No one can predict what will happen in the future or in the future.

however, a person with a good mindset, what he sees in the future, is what he likes.

there are two realms of life: one is pain without saying anything, and the other is laughing without saying anything.

pain without speaking is a kind of strength; smiling without saying is a kind of open-minded.

Open-minded people are open-minded and don't ask about the future, even if they wander all their lives.

in the future, it is useless to think about it. It is sunny to greet it with a smile.Empty.

only in this way can we be relieved, physically and mentally.

Zhuangzi said, "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, all of a sudden."

years are easy to grow old, time flies, and a person's life is very short, just like a white horse galloping through a narrow gap.

when people are alive, we should treat time correctly: the past is gone, do not think, empty; the present is in, cherish, not empty; the future, smile welcome, clear sky.

May you and I both understand the true meaning of emptiness for the rest of my life.