Don't dwell on one thing for too long.

/August 2022

Don't dwell on an awkward thing for too long.

if you are entangled for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken.

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself.

these eight words of wisdom are for you.


the reason why we live tired is that we can't put on airs, tear face, and solve unhappy knots.

in fact, forget it, all the questions in the world can be answered with "none of your business" and "none of my business".


see clearly why a person needs to expose; why hate a person?

when we are alive, there are always people who don't like us, just as others don't like us.

living, saying simple is actually very simple, laughing at gains and losses will lead to broad sky; transparent heart will bloom in spring.

that's all in life.


whoever chases two rabbits at the same time will not catch either.

Don't covet everything, or you'll have nothing;

Don't try to know everything, or you'll know nothing;

Don't try to be omnipotent, or you'll have nothing.


if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, it is always spring.

there are nine times out of ten bad things in the world, and there are very few people who can be obedient to you and make your wishes come true.

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if you have to worry about it, no one or thing can satisfy you.

when people live all their lives, they only seek peace of mind, so there is no need to quarrel with themselves.

the width of the heart is one inch, and the width of the road is one inch. If the heart is not as wide as the sea, how can life be calm?


Ten years ago, people around you would treat you according to your parents' income.

Ten years later, people around you will treat your parents and your children according to your income!

this is human nature and life, and there is no choice but to work hard.

remember: children without umbrellas must run hard!


there are two things that should be done as little as possible: one is to interfere with other people's lives with their own mouths, and the other is to rely on other people's brains to think about their own lives.


when you reach a certain age, you must throw away four things: a meaningless wine bureau, people who don't love you, people who look down on your relatives, and false "friends".

you should have four things at the same time: self-confidence in the face, kindness in the heart, backbone in the blood and strength engraved in life.


others slander you because you are better than him.

others are jealous of you, which means you are ahead of him.

others beat you with words and maliciously hype you, which shows that you have influence.

so, from now on, don't be angry, be happy, don't be sad.

Life is like a mirror, you laugh, he laughs, you cry, you insist on being yourself. Near the gentleman, far from the villain, smile to life.