Be a layman, love money and life, simple and happy

/July 2022

the word "vulgar" always sounds unlikable. After all, we have been told since childhood that people should be outstanding, elegant and refined.

the older I get, the more I feel that I live a little more "vulgar", which is actually not bad.

"Man + Valley" is vulgar.

whoever eats whole grains is just a layman.

you don't have to pursue "high-end" in everything, just face life simply and truly.

the greed for money and fear of death is human, ordinary and mediocre, and it is also the normal state of life.

you don't have to hide it, you don't have to whitewash your image, and you feel at ease.


be a layman and openly love money

I saw a small video on the Internet:

A young man from a poor family went to a rich family to apply for a job as a driver. In the face of the cold words of the doorman, he did not flinch.

after seeing his master, the young man flattered humbly and lost his tongue.

he was ridiculed and flattered by others, and he was of low birth. He was patient and continued to sell himself eloquently. Finally, it was recognized by the owner, and the job search was successful.

A netizen left a message saying: "I will never be so humble in order to work and make money!"

another netizen replied:

the world of adults, every day to open their eyes to face the pressure of life, can not be divided into willfulness and hypocrisy.

in the face of money, it is because there is still a way back, and life has not yet forced me into a desperate situation.

in the news, a taxi driver was seriously ill in hospital. He was extremely weak but insisted on not taking oxygen in order to save four yuan an hour and save money for his daughter who just entered the society.

A single mother with a meagre income in Wuhan cried bitterly because her child lost 5 yuan. It was a day's vegetable money.

it's heart-wrenching, but this is reality.

talking about money is very vulgar, but this broken silver will make people trapped in a state of dislike and become a look that they don't like either.

as Maugham wrote in the shackles of Human Nature:

"money is like the sixth sense. Without it, you can't make the other five senses work fully."

without enough income, the hope of life is cut off in half. You have to be deliberate, penny-pinching, and become small, humble and greedy. "

money is the courage of a person and the strength of a family.

it can solve 90% of the troubles of life, iron out the folds of life, block the wind and rain of life, and make you live a calm and decent life.

there's nothing wrong with being a layman, loving money openly, living hard and truthfully.


to be a layman, you should be a pussy

Mother Qin half-jokingly rejected her son's "pussy".

Qin Hao said earnestly, "of course I have to save my life. I'm going to have an accident. What can I do about rice grains?"

before, I would have thought that Qin Hao was a man and too timid.

when I am a parent, I realize that sometimes I accept it because I know that my life is no longer my own, because it is related to the stability and happiness of the whole family.

cousin used to be an experienced extreme sports player, racing, bungee jumping, skydiving, omnipotent and valiant.

since becoming a father, his style has changed greatly. He doesn't drive fast or do dangerous sports.

there is no sign of him at the party late at night. Whenever he is not feeling well, he will go to the hospital for fear that a minor illness will lead to a serious illness.

when his friends saw his cotton-padded clothes and trousers and soaked Chinese wolfberry in a thermos cup, they laughed at him for being too pussy and vulgar.

cousin disagreed, saying frankly, "after having children, I am really afraid of death, so I want to take good care of myself." If there is an accident, what will the family do? if they are helpless, they will have to suffer more. "

in the past, he was brave and lived as he wanted, but now he is a pussy and lives carefully.

on the surface, it seems to have changed, become tacky, and become not brave enough, but in fact, it is just a caution in the heart, heavy responsibility and deep concern in the heart.

Liao Yimei once wrote in Amber:

when you reach middle age, you should be a pussy.

timid, it is because you love deeply and take good care of yourself that you can keep your loved ones safe in this world.

knowing how to save one's life is a sign of one's true maturity.


be a layman, easy and free


the second season of Reality Show's fascinating offer, high achiever Wang Jun, a graduate of Stanford University, was ridiculed as a hot search because her words and deeds were too "Versailles".

in the program, the water cup he uses, the T-shirt he wears, has a big Stanford logo, and even the cell phone case and the label chain have been changed to those around Stanford, so that people can't ignore him "born from a wealthy family" all the time.

obviously he has already passed the domestic legal examination, but he says that he is not familiar with the domestic law.

he also interrupts others at will and likes to mix Chinese and English when communicating with colleagues.

all kinds of performances make the audience say, "Wang Kui has a strong sense of superiority," which makes people uncomfortable.

there is no difference between people except that knowledge and character are good or bad.

care too much about the sense of identity. If you want to be superior to others, it will often be self-defeating and make people look down on you.

people with a clear heart never put on airs and are very peaceful in life. This is their practice and their charm.

think of the funny story of Mr. Ji Xianlin.

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Ji always has the habit of keeping a diary. When I was studying at Tsinghua University, I often recorded some daily emotions:  192.09.11 my manuscript has not yet been published.

in the morning of 192.09.23, I was just sitting on the shift, and it hurt so much.

192.12.21 to be honest, watch women play basketball. I'm looking at my thighs. The female classmate of the attached middle school had black thighs and came back only to watch the half-court.

193.04.29 I went to see it especially because the girls' dormitory was open. Most of them are not in the house.

194.03.13 did not do anything meaningful, these bastards professors, not only do not know that they are discouraged, but also take the exam all day, either you take the test, or I take the test, what the hell is it?