A good sleep is the best way to keep fit.

/August 2022

as the saying goes, "the tonic of medicine is not as good as that of food, and that of food is not as good as that of sleep."

sleep is closely related to our health and longevity.

good sleep is a blindly "longevity medicine", which can put us on the road to longevity;

on the contrary, if we don't sleep well, all kinds of terrible diseases may be found.


whether you sleep well or not, time is very important

among the ancient ways of health preservation, the concept of "three cold, two inverted and seven full" is the most popular in the world.

"two upside down" means to take a good nap.

as the saying goes, "take a big nap at midnight and take a nap at noon".

A good sleep is the best way to maintain good health.

Laozi has a saying: "one yin and one yang is the way."

from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, both midnight and noon are alternating periods of yin and yang.

is also the time when the human body meridian qi "combines yin" and "combines yang", which is beneficial to nourishing yin and yang.

taking a nap is a way for people to cultivate and refresh themselves.

Yin and Yang are half and half, and none of them is indispensable.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "when Yang Qi is exhausted, you lie down, while Yin Qi is exhausted, you sleep."

Yin Qi is the most abundant and Yang Qi is weak at

, while Yang Qi is the most prosperous and Yin Qi is weak at noon.

according to the sleep theory of Huangdi Neijing, it is the meeting of yin and yang in the middle of the night and the time of water and fire.

so you should go to bed before 11:00 at night and nourish the yang that has just arisen.

if you don't sleep at this time and Yang Qi is not maintained, it will dissipate the most precious vitality.

noon refers to 11-13:00 noon, when the hand Shaoyin Heart Meridian is the most active.

taking a short break at noon is good for nourishing the heart.

can make the afternoon more energetic and more efficient.

afternoon "Heyang" time, short nap is recommended, and half an hour is the best.

if the nap time is too long, it will disturb the body clock and affect sleep at night.

even if you can't fall asleep, you should "sit still" so that the body can balance and transition.


sleep well, posture is very important

1, supine

face up, head, neck and torso are in the same straight line.

this posture seems to be relaxed, but it actually puts a burden on the spine.

in addition, when lying on your back, the uvula in the mouth will be clogged, which can easily cause snoring.

2, prone

sleeping on the stomach will oppress the chest and abdomen, resulting in poor blood circulation of the heart and disturbance of lung breathing.

especially female friends, the face is pressed on the pillow, the facial circulation is not good, easy to appear color spots, dim color.

3, side horizontal

side horizontal, especially the right horizontal position, is most advocated by experts, also known as "horizontal dragon".

"Wolong style" comes from Zhuge Liang in the period of the three Kingdoms.

the sleeping position he often takes is this right lying position, so it is named "Wolong style".

the horizontal dragon position is the right horizontal position, while the right leg is straight, the left leg is curled up, and the right hand is placed next to the auricle.

traditional Chinese medicine says that "the kidney dominates the ear". Protecting the ear is a way to protect the kidney essence.

in this horizontal dragon sleeping position, the kidney essence is firm, the heart and kidney communicate, and the qi and blood circulation is more unobstructed.


the most recommended sleeping position is the right lying position, but it can also be adjusted according to the individual's situation.

in addition, people with emphysema, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease are not recommended to lie on the right side.


A cup of tea during the day and a set of calming exercises at night

insomnia can easily lead to endocrine disorders, induce obesity, hair loss, long spots, and accelerate human aging. Insomnia is also considered as a preclinical symptom of Alzheimer's disease.

people with long-term insomnia have an 80% chance of developing Alzheimer's disease.

insomnia has three major symptoms:

1, difficulty in falling asleep-more than 30 minutes

2, waking up early or waking up more than 2 times a night

3, dreamy or sleep time is too short

the first three months of insomnia is the best time for treatment.

pay attention to conditioning at this stage, you can avoid the development of long-term insomnia.

here are two tips to help you sleep:

Suanzaoren decoction

Suanzaoren decoction

Suanzaoren decoction   saute 15g of wild jujube kernel, 3G licorice, 6g Rhizoma Anemarrhenae, 6g Poria cocos, 6g Ligusticum chuanxiong


Suanzaoren decoction nourishes blood in addition to annoyance, clearing deficiency and heat, and sweet sleep.

[calming mind exercise]

press kneading Shenmen point, Neiguan point and Yongquan point.

Press 3 times before going to bed for 1-2 minutes each time.

especially Yongquan acupoint, you can press it when soaking your feet in warm water, and the effect is best while soaking.

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