24 hours after the revelation of the boycott of cotton in Xinjiang, something exciting happened.

/August 2022


History will remember this day: March 24, 2021.

on the afternoon of March 24th, a statement on the website of Swedish clothing brand HathampterM began to spread widely on Weibo.

this statement, issued in October last year, said:

according to reports from civil society organizations and media reports, forced labor and religious discrimination exist in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

HattorampterM Group said it no longer cooperates with any garment manufacturing plant in Xinjiang, nor does it purchase products and raw materials from the region.

what is this coquettish operation?

China's annual cotton output gap is about 1.85 million tons, and we need to import 2 million tons of cotton, which itself is not enough.

it is too much to resist Xinjiang cotton with great fanfare.

the civil society organization mentioned in the statement is actually called BCI and the Chinese name is "better Cotton Initiative".

BCI, formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund, is funded by the United States Development Agency and the Swiss Foundation.

as a non-governmental organization in the cotton industry, BCI has no technology and production capacity, but it makes a lot of money by recruiting members and issuing certificates.

some professionals have bluntly pointed out that it is just a "tool man" of Trump's previous cotton ban.

this is not a human rights issue, but it is only part of a trade war.

since 2000, China has become the world's largest cotton producer.

Last year, US President Trump announced a ban on cotton in Xinjiang, and BCI stepped forward to take part in it.

as a member of the BCI organization, HendampterM quickly issued a statement to boycott and spread rumors about Xinjiang cotton.

however, they do despicable things for high-sounding reasons, boycotting Xinjiang products and trying to make Chinese money at the same time.

is it too shameless and wishful thinking in this wave of touching porcelain and spreading rumors?

when the news came out, the Chinese were angry.

actors Huang Xuan and Song Qian, the first time to invent the announcement, to terminate the cooperation with HattorampentM.

Tmall, JD.com, pinduoduo, a number of e-commerce platforms, immediately removed the Himalamptern M brand products.

Xiaomi, Huawei, vivo, Tencent and other phones have also removed App from the app store.

not only stars and e-commerce giants, but also Weiya, a well-known carrier, has been removed from the shelves of brands involved in slandering Xinjiang cotton.

in Huijia Times Square in Urumqi, Xinjiang, shopping malls directly demanded a solemn apology.

some netizens have found that Anta, a well-known Chinese sports shoe brand, is also a member of BCI.

Last night, Anta issued a statement that it was starting the relevant program to withdraw from the organization.

CCTV even commented: absurd, extremely wrong, and very unreasonable.

amid the uproar of condemnation, @ HM China responded overnight:

the global supply chain of the HipampterM Group is open and transparent, which does not represent any political stand.

but this response did not quell the heated controversy, but attracted more criticism and anger.

A false apology can no longer coax the Chinese.

claims to follow the principles of the international market, but in fact it eats Chinese food and smashes Chinese pots.

face to face, there is no corporate social responsibility.

Don't blame the Chinese for bringing you down if you dare not take the feelings of the Chinese people seriously.


what are the consequences of provoking 1.4 billion Chinese people at will?

what kind of experience is it to play with fire and set yourself on fire?

luxury brand DomenampterG (Dolce and Gabbana) has the most say.

earlier this month, fashion regulator Diet Prada posted on the social networking site that

they were sued by the company for exposing that its founder had insulted China, resulting in huge economic losses.

in mid-November 2018, DharmampterG released an advertising documentary deliberately vilifying the Chinese.

netizens asked the founder of DempampterG to delete the video and apologize to the Chinese.

but he refused to apologize, saying that "China is just a bunch of poop."

subsequently, DempampterG encountered general resistance from top to bottom in China.

although the founder of DempampterG later explained that these words were not made by himself, the account was stolen. But it doesn't help anymore.

the final result of this provocation is the heavy price paid by Dharmampscape G in China.

the Shanghai show was temporarily cancelled, and within one day, the loss of Dempamptern G was as high as 1 billion.

the collective removal of e-commerce has reduced the online sales of DharmampterG in China to a freezing point.

two years later, last year's Qixi Festival and DempampterG tried to re-expand the Chinese market.

it spends millions of dollars on advertising every day, but it has also been scolded by Chinese netizens as a sieve on Weibo.

on the major shopping APP, DempampterG is still off the shelves.

even its official account on Douyin has only a pitiful 2048 followers as of today.

among the few comments, most of them are "don't want to see you".

when the insult to China first occurred, the Italian media gave encouragement to Demerampwitz G:

the founder of DumbampampterG also believed the oath.Dan Dan:

two years later, Demeramptern G is still cool in China, the world's largest market for luxury goods.

this slap in the face of Dempamptern G and foreign media is too loud.

Don't be so confident. Without China, you would really have a bad life.

since you don't like China so much, and since you are full of ugliness, don't make money from Chinese people.

you take a fancy to China's huge market, but you don't respect the most simple feelings of the Chinese people.

such foreign rubbish, please get out.


if you think the arrogant Demeramptern G doesn't end badly enough, take a look at South Korea's Rakuten Group.

in February 2017, South Korea's Lotte Group said it would provide a golf course for the THAAD anti-missile system.

THAAD is an anti-missile system under the US Missile Defense Agency and the Army, which poses a great threat to China.

the Chinese provide 1/3 of the market for Rakuten, but it helps Americans monitor China, and the results can be imagined.

in the second quarter of that year, Rakuten's supermarket revenue in China fell 94.9% from a year earlier, almost to zero.

in order to pay store rent and employees' wages, Rakuten Group urgently raised 2.1 billion yuan, but to no avail.

by August, Rakuten said that Rakuten Matt had lost 2.9 billion yuan in China and would lose 5.9 billion by the end of the year.

but the Chinese didn't let it last until the end of the year.

in less than two months, Rakuten closed 99 stores and 87 stores in China because of a Chinese boycott.

the boycott continues.

Lotte's last 12 Chinese stores had to be closed.

is not a transfer, not a sale, but no one to take over, can only be turned off.

following the sale of the supermarket business, Rakuten was forced to sell its department store business again and withdraw from the Chinese retail market.

in the midst of ups and downs, Xin Dongbin, president of Rakuten Group, gave a rare interview.

he said that he loves China, which is the hometown of his ancestors, and hopes to continue to do business in China.

however, it is too late.

sadly, without the Chinese market, Rakuten did not gain South Korean political recognition.

Look no further than red homecoming dresses and feel your extremely best. There is no collection like ours.

after former South Korean President Park Geun-hye stepped down, Rakuten Group was sentenced and severely punished for accepting bribes and monopolizing the founder's family of five.

you always think that Chinese people are easy to bully and always want to trample on Chinese people.

however, the world is still that world, but China is no longer what it was then.

in the past, you were indifferent to me, but now you can't afford to offend me!


Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying likes to use one word when talking about Western countries:

misjudge China.

up to now, there are still too many misunderstandings and misjudgments about China in the world.

they think that if they grasp the core technology, they can hold China's neck, but they do not realize that the Chinese can also face up to the difficulties.

they think that they can defeat China by launching a trade war, but they do not realize that the Chinese people are made of steel and iron and will never return;

they think that an epidemic will make China in a hurry, and as a result, China's epidemic prevention has become a ceiling that no country can touch.

they once thought that they could make money in Chinese territory without respect for the Chinese.

but the Chinese don't like it anymore.

of course, we are also well aware that the world economy is closely related. Even if it is an overseas brand, there are a large number of Chinese employed among them.

however, this is not an excuse for Chinese people to bow their heads or an excuse for their lack of blood.

there are some bottom lines that cannot be broken through and some provocations that cannot be turned a blind eye.

you are strong, the breeze blows the hills, you let you cross, the moon shines on the river.

Chinese people are tolerant, but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. If you are shameless, I will make you lose face.

if you misjudge China, you will lose the whole market and a developing world.

writer Meng Daming said in vain:

if you hate China and want to maintain nobility, don't come here to make money.

if you don't hate RMB, let's put aside the racist thing.

the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad, how can the sparrow know the swan's will.

Don't underestimate the power of the Chinese people, and don't underestimate the strength of the Chinese people.

in this era, there is no shortage of impassioned Chinese people who are happy with gratitude and hatred.

they will not take the initiative to bully anyone, but they always have the courage and courage not to be bullied.


A few days ago, in the high-level strategic dialogue between China and the United States, a set of comparative pictures spread all over the Internet.

100 years ago, our weak countries had no diplomacy.

100 years later, China has already changed its appearance and courage, and the world is still looking at China with the old eyes, which is doomed to be hit in the face.

the world is changing.

We welcome all those who are friendly to China, but we are not afraid of those faces who are ready to move.

what kind of land China is, many foreigners will not understand.

this country occasionally moves slowly, but never sleeps, and the blood always surges in my heart.

the country is still not perfect, but it has been determined to move forward.

more than 100 years ago, Zhan Tianyou made an impassioned statement:

each of his learning and knowledge can make the countryRich and strong, free from foreign aggression, is enough to stand on the earth.

more than 70 years ago, when the War to resist US aggression and Aid Korea was in progress, Castle Peak buried loyal bones, horse leather wrapped in corpses, 70 years of official business, tonight and Angelica!

three years ago, Huawei was maliciously suppressed by the United States, and all the technicians stood up.

Today, the Chinese people roared angrily and gathered into a visible force when they bumped into cotton in Xinjiang by spreading rumors.

We have already lost the illusion of tenderness and are ready to meet all possible storms.

the rise of a great power has always been viewed sideways by tigers and wolves, with thorns everywhere, and it is necessary to act fearlessly.

A nation that is moving upward does not need sympathy. It has been working hard and pleading for the people.

We have been improving ourselves.

all those with bad intentions, please remember:

do not easily provoke China.

Don't wear a fancy name and do something small all night.