16 little things to improve happiness, it is recommended to keep them forever!

/August 2022

what is happiness?

some people spend their whole lives looking for answers, while others are readily available in life.

in the final analysis, happiness has different feelings for everyone.

People's Daily once described happiness like this:

"Happiness is never out of reach, it is hidden in everyone's life."

Happiness can be seen everywhere, but many people never care.

Today, Uncle Fan summed up 16 little things to feel happy and improve happiness. May everyone get what they want in the rest of life.


find a hobby that you can stick to

some people say:

"Happiness has three indispensable factors, one is something to do, the other is to be loved, and the third is to have hope."

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the hardest thing in life is to find something you love in a mundane life, and stick to it in the long run.

if you have love in your heart, you will do your best.

what drives you to forge ahead is always the word interest.

because of love, you can explore the future and pursue possibilities infinitely; let yourself run hard and feel the fun of the unknown at the same time.

only when you have love in your heart can you be desperate.

support yourself to move forward, not afraid of the eyes of others, live a different self, and live the way you want to be.


regular physical examination, pay attention to health

this is the case for many people, for the situation that has not happened, there is always a bit of fluke.

but life is always fair, and the causes of youth always bear different fruits at some point.

Don't neglect your body for the sake of being lazy; don't let it be indifferent and keep your body in sub-health.

have regular physical check-ups, take care of your health, don't stay up late, and order less takeout.

Don't give up long-term happiness for the sake of short-term happiness.

because of health, it is never a multiple choice question, but a must-answer question in life.


learn to save money and hold sense of security in your own hands

Zhang ailing said:

"I like money because I have never experienced the pain of having no money. I don't know the disadvantages of money. I only know the advantages of money."

if you want to be happy in your life, you must know how to save money.

is to make yourself have the ability to resist risks and not to get into a dilemma because of money.

know how to increase revenue and reduce expenditure and make a good savings plan.

because money brings you not only enough sense of security, but also strength that others cannot give.

making more money, saving more, and watching the rising number of bank accounts are the happiest things for adults.

do not suppress negative emotions, find a suitable release channel

in life, we will inevitably have troubles.

blindly suppressing emotions in the bottom of my heart will only aggravate the psychological burden and make life worse and worse.

learn to break away from negative emotions and choose a way you like to ease your sadness.

read books, listen to music, go out for a walk, taste your favorite food, cry, and break down.

We can always find a way to clear our emotions and relieve stress.

Don't push yourself too hard, don't let life be too stressful.

know how to release your emotions at the right time in order to live a happier life.

Don't set limits on life, dare to try different lives

most of the time, the boredom of life comes from your own immutability.

be careful not to make a decision; numb the present life, but afraid of the new world.

but that's the way life is. If you want to be different, you must dare to try.

how can the world surprise you if you blindly follow the rules?

bravely do what you want to do, dare to choose a different life, is the most beautiful appearance of a person.

go out of the house and see the outside world

what I fear most in life is to limit myself to a familiar environment and live an immutable life.

go out more for the rest of your life.

stay away from the familiarity of the past, adapt to different lives and feel the beauty of life.

accustomed to the hustle and bustle of big cities, I went to enjoy the serenity of the countryside; when I got used to the ruggedness of the north, I went to see the tenderness of the south.

there is always a place in the world where I am willing to give up my original life and stay for it.

work that can be done today will not be put off till tomorrow

"Today's work will be done today."

A sentence that everyone knows, but few people can actually do it.

We always like to procrastinate, always saying that we will do it tomorrow.

but there are so many tomorrow after tomorrow.

accumulating everything until tomorrow will only make your life miserable.

the present thing is done now.

learn to manage time without procrastination.

only by improving the efficiency of doing things can one have more time to enjoy life.

do a good job in the separation of life and return to a simple and pure life

there are always a lot of troubles in this life.

if you take everything into your heart, it will only bring you pain.

the best life is never to add to yourself, but to subtract properly.

what should be decided, give up the person who should give up.

A person can live a relaxed and comfortable life only if he dares to part with his life.

that isMake people unfathomable, but also have more goodwill to the world

this world, there is always a glimmer of darkness and always a glimmer of light.

there are always some lovely people who give kindness silently, regardless of gain or loss.

A trivial act, a harmless joke, a simple hug.

even so, it is enough to make others feel warm.

there is a saying on the Internet:

"every candy you send has gone to the right place. In fact, the earth is round, and the good you have done will eventually come back to you."

for the rest of your life, be a warm person and try your best to help others;

be a well-intentioned person and let others feel the tenderness of the world, and you will be happy.

occasionally give yourself some "little surprises" to fill life with a sense of ritual

German writer Loreleis once wrote:

"A life with a sense of ritual gives us a real sense of existence. It is not to leave any impression on others, but to truly perceive life and face it enthusiastically."

Let life be full of ritual, not hypocrisy, but respect for life.

buy a bouquet of flowers, see an exhibition, and have a nice meal. The sense of ritual never needs to be done on purpose, it exists in every corner of life.

Don't make do with it, don't make do.

keeping a sense of ritual is not only the luck of life, but also the best shortcut to improve your happiness.

learn to dress up and keep decent clothes

No matter what age, the most important thing a person should do is to dress himself up.

what kind of occasion, what kind of makeup, what kind of clothes, what kind of styling.