Who you are with determines the fate of your life.

/July 2022

I quite agree with Han Han's sentence:

how far a person can go depends on who he goes with;

how good a person is depends on whose guidance he has; and

how successful a person is depends on who he is with.

it really matters who you spend your life with. What kind of people you associate with, what kind of life you have.

these three people often determine the direction of your life.


people who dare to criticize you

there is a saying: "nothing in the world is more difficult than speaking the truth, but nothing is easier than flattery."

in today's society, too many people believe in the creed that "you can only say three things to everyone, but not all your heart".

they only say nice things to you and flatter you, because it takes no effort and will not offend people.

although those sweet words don't hurt people, they make you unable to recognize yourself. The most valuable thing is to meet someone who criticizes you with good advice.

during the three Kingdoms period, Lu Dai and Xu Yuan were good friends. When Lu Dai saw that Xu Yuan was upright, he recommended him as an imperial history and hoped him to achieve meritorious deeds.

however, when Lv Dai made mistakes, the honest Xu Yuan always blindly accused him of his mistakes.

some people thought Xu Yuan was ungrateful, so they went to Lu Dai to speak ill of him.

Lu Dai was not angry, but said with emotion, "that's why I respect Xu Yuan."

after Xu Yuan's death, Lu Dai said sadly, "my good friend, now that you have passed away, where else can I hear about my mistakes?"

We are all flashlights, so we can only see others, but not ourselves.

the ancients said, "if you don't repair a tree, you can't grow into wood, and you can't make a tool without thinking about it."

meet people who criticize you, can help you cut off their own extra branches, carve out their own flaws, in order to grow into a more valuable "beautiful jade".


reliable people

people aspire to be smart people, but they are reluctant to get too close to smart people, fearing that they will become the laughingstock of others by comparison.

reliable people tend to be more popular in daily interpersonal communication.

they keep a low profile. Although they are not brilliant, they are sure to make no mistakes. They bring full sense of security to others, so people naturally like to work with them.

they do things in a moderate manner, they know what to do and what not to do, and they will not lose their heart because of temporary greed.

the Hunan Army founded by Zeng Guofan is famous for being good at fighting.

as the soul of the Hunan army, when he led the army to destroy the Taiping army, he made great meritorious deeds, and the prestige of the Hunan army in the hearts of the people grew, and the people in power in the Qing Dynasty could not help but fear.

in order to allay the suspicion of the court, Zeng Guofan took the initiative to reduce his troops and power, dispelling the rumors that he supported the soldiers and respected himself.

this move quickly won the trust of the imperial court and saved himself in the surging political arena.

Beautiful words are easy to say, but beautiful things are not easy to do. there is no shortage of smart people in this world, but reliable people are as precious as gold.

reliable people are more worthy of our treasure and stay with them for a lifetime.


excellent people

there is a saying: follow the bee, you can find the flower; follow the fly, you can only find the toilet.

when dealing with decadent and depraved people, the sky is gray, and the people who linger all day are sighing and complaining, becoming more and more pessimistic.

when you are with an excellent person, you will be affected by his interest and enthusiasm, like to explore everything in the world, and gain insight and growth from it.

there is a young man named Chen Sheng in Suqian, Jiangsu Province.

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after graduation, I went to Beijing to look for a job and accidentally walked into Communication University Of China and was deeply attracted by the atmosphere of the school.

so I decided to work as a security guard in Zhonghua while studying at the same time.

due to the good congenital voice conditions, Chen Sheng applied for the broadcasting and hosting major of the school under the encouragement of everyone, and now he has successfully graduated and become a host.

when you are with excellent people, you will be in a more positive atmosphere, and their behavior and good style will nurture you.

A good person is like a ray of light. When you are always bathed in the light, you don't want to go back to the dark.

some people say: walk with the wise, you will be extraordinary; with the superior, you can reach the top.

We can't decide when we are born, but we can choose how to live our lives;

We can't change the people around us, but we can choose what kind of people we are with.

the rest of your life is not long. May you choose people who can criticize you, reliable people, and good people to walk side by side.

Life is like this, it is perfect.