Who will you meet in this life, already doomed! (too accurate)

/June 2022

Sakyamuni once said:

if there is no debt, how can we meet?

do not meet for no reason.

No matter who you meet,

he is the right person in your life!

fate, in the dark,

encounter, has long been doomed.

all the people we meet

are arranged by God.

you can't stop it, you can't hide.

you can only face it calmly and accept it gladly.

all encounters in this world

are reunited after a long separation.

because there is fate in the past life, we will meet in this life.

because we owe each other in the past life, we will meet in this life.

if you miss it, you will rub shoulders close at hand, and

if you don't owe, your acquaintance will be scattered for many years.

there is no unexplained encounter, and

does not appear for no reason.

every time we meet, it is fate.

everyone has a mission.

those who lie to you teach you to be on guard,

those who hurt you, teach you to be strong,

those who fail you, teach you to be brave.

those who love you give you happiness, those who help you give you warmth, and those who accompany you give you peace of mind.

between people,

there is not only hatred and resentment, but also love and love.

of all the people you meet,

someone hurts you, someone protects you;

someone fails you, someone cherishes you;

someone ignores you, someone loves you;

someone forgets you, someone loves you.


Don't hate the people who hurt you.

they teach you a special lesson.

makes you grow up instantly and become stronger and stronger.

Don't hurt people who are kind to you.

they give you a fiery true feeling.

make you feel warm and no longer alone.

you will meet them. They are all meant to be.

you should be grateful, don't hold grudges,

you should cherish them, don't waste them.

the world is big enough to meet thousands of people.

the world is small enough to accommodate only a few people around you.

whether it is to come or go, it is God's decision.

No matter who goes or stays, it is a destiny.

I can't change to meet you, and

I can't expect to meet you.

I can only cherish the people I stay around.

Don't hurt, don't cheat.

with heartache, true love.

Thank you for all the encounters in your life.

make an acquaintance and keep in mind.

Thank you for all the company around you.

accompany me for a ride and read your whole life.

No matter what happens in the end,

this encounter will always be beautiful,

No matter what happens to you and me,

this true feeling will be unforgettable in the end!

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