Understand oneself thoroughly

/August 2022

many people have such a doubt: "Why do you still have a bad life after hearing a lot of truth?"

there are three psychological explanations for this:

first, other people's principles are not necessarily suitable for us;

second, they all understand reason but lack of ability;

third, they do not achieve the unity of knowledge and practice.

the essence of these three points is self.

people, once they don't understand themselves, a lot of efforts are in vain.

as Laozi said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

the following are the ten understandings of life summed up by Uncle Nine. I hope it will enlighten you.


realize humility

the ancients said, "Wood is better than the forest, and the wind will destroy it."

A sharp person is easy to be resented and sometimes hurt.

people, no matter how strong they are, their abilities are limited after all. Only when they cooperate with others can their abilities be magnified.

those who cannot bend down are doomed to hold their heads up in cooperation.

not only that, they will also lose awe because of arrogance, and stagnate themselves because of excessive pride.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A gentleman hides utensils in his body and waits for time to move."

if you keep a low profile, you can achieve success;

humility leads to benevolence.



Why are there so many contradictions between people?

most of the time, you just don't think of others.

if you look at the problem from your own position, it is difficult to get the best solution;

standing on your own interests to talk about problems, it is difficult to get others to agree.

people's hearts are mutual. Think of others more and they will think of you.

since joys and sorrows are not connected, try to push yourself and others;

since it is difficult to empathize, try to compare your heart to heart.

trade tolerance for beauty and understanding for happiness.


let go of

human troubles are all obsession, one cling to one thought, one question to another.

moderate desire, make people progress, excess desire, let people suffer.

if you blindly pursue things that are not in your life, the happiness of the moment becomes a habit and is ignored.

it is a wise choice to let go of obsession;

to let go of desire is a thorough freedom;

to let go of the past is a kind of willing harvest;

to let go of achievement is a force to move forward.

Let it go, learn to be relieved, know how to be free, and life will be more wonderful.



Li Ka-shing said: "optimists see opportunities in disasters, pessimists see disasters in opportunities."

A person's life is an experience and a mood.

the so-called success or failure, joys and sorrows are all in one thought.

it makes sense to adjust your mood and move forward to happiness.

smile is the best health care product; optimism is the best immunity.

Elegant and magnificent, our red occasion dress will make you look regal. We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

mindset dominates everything, while mindset is dominated by ourselves.

if you relax your heart, your heart will be happy; if you look down on things, it will be over.


realize being alone

as the saying goes, "it is enough to have a bosom friend in life."

A lot of people look everywhere, but the person who knows himself has participated in countless flattery games and accumulated a long list of friends.

comfort yourself that it's hard to find a bosom friend, so it's time to accumulate contacts.

but I don't know that such a person can never precipitate the soul.

instead of being paralyzed in the noisy social junk, it is better to enjoy life and achieve self-growth in the stillness of solitude.

solitude can make a person.

if you understand the charm of loneliness, you will find that it is not desolate, but Qinghuan.


understanding fate

people come and go, meet and leave, all for fate.

some people appear in our lives, which is a beautiful accident.

gave us happiness and beauty, so he walked away without warning.

some people are destined to be just a companion, no matter whether you like it or not, once the fate is over, you will never see it again.

there is always someone in our world to fulfill his mission, which has something to do with you, but nothing to do with you.

what we can do is not to control the departure and stay of others, but to cherish the people in front of us.

welcome when you come, bid farewell to you when you go, and live up to others and yourself.


in fact, wealth loses thoroughly in the face of health.

what's the point of having more money and losing your health?

there is a good saying: "what matters in one's life is not how much money you have now, but how many years you can live."

in the second half of life, don't trade your life for money, don't bet on your health, you can win at the end.


realize family

what is home?

Home is a comfortable home run by husband and wife, a nursing home for parents, and a place where children's dreams begin.

Home is the warmth hidden in responsibility, and it is precisely because of the tediousness of firewood, rice, oil and salt that there is a taste of insipid life.

A family should not use the family as a battlefield in order to avoid gunpowder smoke and deserters.

the whole family shares weal and woe and unite as one to withstand the unknown storm.

in the family, more care and love, more understanding and understanding, there will be more laughter and happiness.



the world is cold, not because there is something wrong with the society, but because the people have become indifferent.

in essence, ungratitude makes human feelings cold and alienates relationships.

Thanksgiving is a philosophy that expresses gratitude for the kindness of others and returns it at the right time, allowing the good to have a virtuous circle.

Thanksgiving is a kind of wisdom of life. Look at the world with a grateful heart. Life is beautiful everywhere.

be grateful and do good deeds in order to gain more help and warmth, which is an endless blessing.


realize happiness

Happiness is a self-feeling that is difficult to define, has nothing to do with owning, and has nothing to do with others.

when you are at a low ebb, you are happy to have someone to lend a helping hand; when you are frustrated, you are happy to have someone to stay with you.

Happiness is the reunion after parting, the health after illness, the direction when lost, and the possession after loss.

when you live a lifetime, never stand in happiness and look for perfection.

written at the end:

Life is not only the life of enlightenment, but also the life of spiritual practice.

understand the nature of life, and you will find that all problems are nothing more than that.

Let go, relax, close your eyes, feel cold and warm, taste sweet and sour.

in the future, replace survival with life.