Two words that make people happy.

/July 2022


the first word: degree

1. Be generous

magnanimous, big enough to make friends all over the world, small enough to ignore personal gains and losses and ignore gossip.

all kinds of bitterness, bitterness and sweetness of life should be measured and broad-minded.

then, in front of us, it will always be a beautiful world, and we will be happy and have it forever.

2. Speak moderately

"Silence is golden" is a famous saying, and "evil comes out of the mouth" is also well known.

this clearly shows that "there are many mistakes in words", so you must speak moderately and not say everything on any occasion.

speaking moderately can avoid unnecessary adverse consequences and make yourself a popular person.

3. Reading has thickness

Reading must have thickness. The thickness here is not the height of the ruler, but the quality of the content of the book.

No matter long or short articles, after reading, you should be able to enlighten the soul and persuade people to do good, or to give people the experience and philosophy of life.

read quality books, we read them carefully, it will bring a lot of fun to life.

4. The visual field has width

stand high and see far. If you think too much, you can't see far.

whether you do things or be a person, you should look at the distance, not just see the points, but not see the meeting.

the field of vision is wide, stand high, see far, think less, care less, and happiness will naturally surround you.

5. Life expectancy

if you want to prolong your life, you should strengthen your health, get rid of bad living habits, and adjust your life rules; it is good for your health to sleep when you want to sleep, play if you want to play, go to bed early and get up early.

in addition, we must be in a good mood, not anxious, not impatient, not worried, not depressed, do not fight.

the years are long. We should pay attention to the maintenance of ourselves and live a few more years in order to have time to pursue and experience the happiness of life.

6. Feelings have temperature

carefully prepare a dinner for the family, give a friend a blessing, give a small gift to the wife, can keep the relationship at the most lasting temperature.

spend some time and energy to manage and maintain the feelings in life, let the feelings have temperature, life will have more happiness and warmth.

7. There is a high degree of mindset

A person's attitude determines a person's height, and a positive attitude is more precious than gold.

if you don't have a positive attitude, complain negatively and worry about gains and losses all day long, you will be very tired.

what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you will have.

if you keep a higher state of mind than life, you will feel much better.

if you have a high state of mind, you can have a high degree of life.

8. There is heat in life

in life, if we pour enthusiasm into it, everything will be refreshing.

make life hot, the most important thing is to love life.

as long as we love life with our heart and understand happiness with our heart, we can enjoy all the good things with a grateful heart.

Love life, starting today.


second word: put

1. There is a wisdom to let go of something

. Let it go when it's time to let go. Every heart has its limits. Don't worry about it.

Let go, and the heart will be liberated.

put down the burden and run for a new life; let go of the past and start a new life!

2. There is a state of mind called relaxing

life, the most rare thing is a good state of mind.

be relaxed and willing to do things. Only with more peace and warmth can there be sunshine in life.

Life, live is the mood, only smile to live in the present is the best.

3. There is a kind of kindness called letting go

you can never replace your children and live their lives.

children and grandchildren have their own blessings, and children and grandchildren have their own way.

be hands-on, tired yourself and hurt your children.

parents let go properly is a kind of trust in their children, but also a kind of kindness to themselves.

4. There is an expression called loud

Life is full of joys and sorrows, so it is necessary to vent your emotions properly.

making a sound is a kind of washing of body and mind and a free display of soul.

laughing out loud can make people feel happy, sorrow disappears, and a smile relieves a thousand sorrows.

5. There is a kind of happiness called Fanda

if you want to be happy, you must mind your own business and rest assured to pursue your own fun in order to prolong your life.

of course, indulgence is not indulgence, but the adjustment of body and mind to the state of "comfort and happiness".

6. There is a kind of life called giving up

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if you lose something, don't cling to it, just regard it as something that doesn't belong to you in the first place.

and believe that what belongs to you will eventually have it.

there is a famous saying: if you cry because you lose the sun and moon, you will lose the stars.

give up what you should give up so that you don't miss a better one!

7. There is a kind of ease called banishing

people to middle age, want to play something, want something to eat, don't be reluctant to give up, let go, banish yourself.

after half a lifetime of hard work, while you can still walk and move, you should have fun, do what you like, and live happily every day.

8. There is a kind of freedom that calls rest assured

in life, you can be carefree with all kinds of things.