Turn (after watching the epiphany)

/August 2022

the mountains do not turn, the water does not turn, the road does not turn, the road does not turn, people do not change their minds.

on the road of life, the main road and the narrow road often meet, and the smooth and rugged roads often alternate.

however, the real master will hold the steering wheel, turn his head, avoid hitting the south wall, turn a corner and find another way to make a living.


on one occasion, the reporter could not help coming forward to express his doubts.

the old fisherman disagreed: "what's so strange?" Because the pot in my house is too small, the big fish can't be boiled at all. "

the reporter then asked, "then why not change to a bigger pot?"

the old fisherman was surprised: "the pot is matched with the stove. The stove is so big. How can you cook on a fire if the pot is too big?"

the reporter said, "wouldn't it be okay to build a new stove and change a big pot?"

the old fisherman said calmly, "this stove and pot were left to my father by my grandfather, and then my father left it to me. I only know how to cook with this stove. I don't know how to build a new stove for a big pot. I don't know how to cook with the new stove, because my father didn't tell me that year."

the philosopher Epictetus once said:

"what people fear is their own view of things, not things themselves."

many people are "old fishermen" who do the same thing over and over again every day, always looking at things with the same eyes and thinking.

turn your mind around in order to get out of the predicament.

the mind turns, everything turns

I have seen a very interesting story:

the emperor had a dream that the mountain fell, the water dried, and the flowers withered.

he told the queen his dream.

the queen said, "No, when the mountains fall, the rivers and mountains cannot be protected. When the water dries up, the hearts and minds of the people have dispersed, and the good times will not last long when the flowers fade."

when the emperor heard this, he was in a cold sweat and could not afford a serious illness.

when a minister heard about this, he went up to the emperor and said, "your Majesty, what a wonderful dream!" The world is peaceful when the mountain falls down, the real dragon appears when the water is dry, and when the flowers fade, the fruit will be harvested! "

when the emperor heard this, he was relaxed and recovered from a serious illness.

A change of mindset will make everyone happy.

it is said that there is not much difference between people. The real difference lies in the state of mind.

I think so.

Life is not perfect, often either you control life, or life rides you, and mindset is your mount.

"the mountains are majestic without words, and the flowing water is not only smart by itself."

worry and happiness, entanglement and calm, are often in the middle of a thought.

Don't compete with other things, don't compete with yourself, after all, you still have to fend for yourself.

mindset turns, everything turns.

Life turns around.

Carter's dream when he was young was to be a professor of history.

in order to earn money to support my family, I had to find a suitable but dislike job to repair cars for 40 years.

until he got old and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he made up his mind to go crazy, have fun in time, and live the life he wanted.

he turned into an old urchin, "regardless of the consequences": skydiving, car racing, traveling around the world, crossing the lions on the African prairie.

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many people think that it is too early to talk about the bucket list, but this second is actually the first second of the rest of my life.

do what you want to do now, see whoever you want to see, don't think that the future will be long, don't fall into a dead end and think you go with the trend.

Jobs said:

"our time is limited, so don't waste them repeating other people's lives."

Don't let other people's noisy opinions obscure your true inner voice. "

Life is not somewhere else, but at your own feet.

seek affirmation from the outside, look back at your heart, and live what you want to look like, so as not to go to the top of your life.

learn to turn, heaven and earth are wide.