Tolerance for parents is the best practice.

/August 2022

everyone has his or her old age. Today of our parents is our tomorrow. To be kind to the old is to be kind to yourself.

our parents are mortal, not perfect. Respect and respect for them is our most basic moral character; understanding and tolerance for them is our most basic filial piety.

can you be more tolerant to your parents when they are old?

if you can tolerate your parents, you should do "five things".

Don't dislike your parents'"incompetence":

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parents used to be high-spirited and energetic when they were young, and their middle-aged parents were also able to fight, jump, drive wolves and drive tigers. However, today's parents are old, really old! They can't do little things that seem very simple, and sometimes they can't even peel off a piece of candy. This is still young in our view, parents are really too "incompetent", please do not dislike, we will all have such a day.

Don't dislike your parents' nagging:

nagging and nagging is a common feature of the elderly. They always say some things over and over again, and like to ask questions about everything. How do they know that it is their "meticulous" concern for their children that has aroused the boredom of the children? Please understand them and don't look down on them and despise them.

Don't dislike your parents' complaints:

as they get older, parents gradually lose their ability to do things. Although they can't do what they want, when they see their children do something that doesn't weigh their hearts, they often complain, which is normal, please don't take it seriously with them.

Don't dislike the slowness of your parents:

elderly people always speak slowly and are particularly forgetful, sometimes forgetting the next sentence; old people always walk slowly, their feet are unstable, and sometimes they stumble. To know that they were not like this when they were young, please be more patient and help them when necessary. Don't taunt or yell at them.

Don't dislike your parents' ailments:

people are old and weak, and there are many diseases when they are old. People are very painful when they are sick, maybe their parents will moan when they are sick, they may make you ask for leave to take care of you at work, and they will make you give up your farm work when you are busy. Even your long-bedridden parents still need you to wait on you every day. Please think of others, heart to heart, do not be irritable, do not jump, raising a child is to prevent old age, this is just your turn not yet.

Children must not forget these old sayings: "the kindness of the fetus in October is heavy, but the reward of the third life is light." "when the mother suffers and the child is not seen, the mother is uneasy." My mother is one hundred years old and often reads eighties. " "all love is full of kindness and bitterness, but if you love me, how do you know my parents?"

all along, maternal love is like a boat, carrying us from youth to maturity; fatherly love is like the sea, giving us a happy harbor. The true feelings of our mother lit up the hope in our hearts, while the love of our father raised the sails of our long voyage.

Today, our elderly parents need our crutches. If we can't do that, won't we be ashamed of our parents and blush with pain?

none of us want to see our parents be embarrassed in front of us, do we?

the Book of songs says, "Father gives birth to me, mother bows me." Caress me, grow me, nurture me, take care of me, go in and out of my belly. I want to return the favor. Haotian turned a deaf ear! "

it is difficult for us to repay our parents for their kindness and hard work all our lives. To be able to show them more respect, care, understanding and tolerance is our most expensive character and the best practice!