Those who insist on getting up early are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

/August 2022

people always say that trifles can be seen by character, while details can be seen by the heart.

if you want to see whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance, you don't need to experience major right and wrong.

you can see it in all kinds of small details on weekdays.

such as getting up early, it seems inconspicuous, but to a certain extent, it determines a person's character and life.

those who can insist on getting up early are mostly principled and persevering.

and such a person is the most worthy of deep acquaintance.


early risers

have seen such a small problem:

one of the most liked comments is:

indeed. Getting up early seems like a simple thing, but not everyone has such determination and perseverance.

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wanting to get up early means giving up rich and colorful nightlife, restraining the desire to play with your mobile phone and browsing Weibo, and fall asleep on time.

at the same time, getting up early also requires extreme self-discipline and persistence, not lust for comfort, don't miss warmth, and don't make any excuses for yourself.

people who can possess these qualities tend to work hard and be meticulous.

they have their own definite goals and firm self-control, so they are always full of positive strength.

if you spend a long time with them, you will be affected by them and become self-disciplined.

just like in the TV series Twenty, Liang Shuang is far better than the other three people in the dormitory in terms of face and figure. When the three people lamented the unfairness of fate to her, Liang Shuang gave the reason:

"the rule of ten thousand hours, have you ever heard of it?

when you stay up all night, I go to bed early and get up early for my face;

while you are still drowsy, I have finished running three kilometers.

can you do that?

I've spent 10,000 hours on my face, and I've done my best in terms of beauty. "

it was this remark that changed the mentality of the other three people in the dormitory.

Benjamin Franklin once said: I have never seen an early, diligent, cautious, honest man complain about a bad fate.

sticking to getting up early is the beginning of having good habits; with good habits, you can shape a good state of mind.

and a good state of mind determines a person's way of thinking and the bottom line of principles in dealing with the world.

therefore, people who insist on getting up early, no matter when and what they promise, can be serious and practical and do it as soon as possible.

affected by it, we will also be more active, and it is comfortable and reassuring to work with it.


people who get up early do not panic

there is an old saying: get up early and get up late.

Life will be more leisurely if you only get up 30 minutes earlier every day.

as described by the author Li Siyuan:

"sometimes, I often eat breakfast at home and cook it in a different way, which is not only nutritious and healthy, but also in time.

sometimes, before I go out, I will check again to see if I have everything in my bag, and check the weather forecast to see if I need an umbrella or sunscreen.

sometimes, I even want to exercise. I can get up directly, run in the neighborhood for half an hour, then simply wash up, clean up methodically and then go out. "

so, don't underestimate that little time in the morning, accumulating year after year, enough for a person to do a lot of things: either learning a foreign language, reading more books, or going to the gym to sign in.

over time, this person will have more skills and time than others, and they are more likely to take things easy and live more leisurely than those who are sleepy all the time.

this is the greatest advantage of getting up early.

it allows people to always walk in front of others and give priority to taking the initiative in life.

Haruki Murakami once said, "if you get up early, you can really make money."

all who win the morning earn a virtuous circle of life.

they plan their time properly and make full use of their minutes and seconds. They never have to panic or rush.

with such people, we will spend the rest of our lives at ease.


people who get up early are happier

some people say, "the hardest thing in the world is to have a good breakfast in the morning."

how many people open their eyes when they are almost late. After washing, they can only grab something to eat, or even eat nothing, and go to work on an empty stomach every day.

so I was hungry all morning and I was out of shape.

there must be no happiness in such a life.

just like Zhong Hanliang at that time, because of filming, he often turned day and night upside down, and he couldn't get up early for breakfast.

one day, he suddenly felt a stomachache. When he went to the hospital, he found not only gastritis, duodenal ulcer, but also stomach perforation.

since then, Zhong Hanliang has decided to adjust his schedule and eat on time.

from then on, he insisted on getting up early every day, and no matter how busy he was at work, he would find time to have breakfast first.

after a period of time, not only the body is getting better, but also the mood is much better.

so, eat a good breakfast, people eat full, peace of mind, life can live a vibrant life.

this feeling, Mr. Liang Qiushi wrote in his article:

"when you wake up to hear bird songs, you are happy all day."

Men and women come into the city carrying fresh and fat vegetables, and there are old scavengers in straw hats on the road.There are countless young men and women wearing ironed cloth clothes briskly carrying "bento" to work on bicycles

at this time I am filled with joy from the bottom of my heart! This is a living world, this is a person's world, this is life! "

thus it can be seen that life can be very happy, as long as you sleep hard, get up early and eat well.

replace all anxiety with calmness, and all unease with indifference.

in this way, life will not be in a mess.

Nan Huaijin once said, "he who can control the morning can control life."

getting up early is not only a requirement for yourself, but also a control of life.

it not only hides a person's view of time, but also hides a person's attitude and future.

the earlier you get up, the more disciplined you are; the more disciplined you are, the luckier you are.

the rest of my life is long and there is still a long way to go. From today on, be an early riser.

live up to every morning and live up to your life!