Those who are tolerant will be blessed with great happiness.

/July 2022


wide and tolerant, it is a kind of bearing

as the saying goes, "tolerance is great."

people should be tolerant and be able to tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world.

We should learn to tolerate people who are different from our own views, especially those who have contradictions with ourselves, so as not to lose the grace of being a man.

the Dream window Zen master of the Tang Dynasty was highly respected and respected.

once, when he was crossing the river by boat, as soon as the boat left the bank, a voice came from a distance: "wait for me, wait for me to take me there!"

when everyone saw it, it turned out to be a general riding a horse with a knife.

all the people on board said, "the boat has already left, so let him wait for the next one."

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at this time, Master Dream window, who was sitting on the bow, said to the boatman, "Boatman, this boat is not far from the shore, so it might as well be convenient to turn the bow and take him across the river."

seeing that it was a magnificent Zen master asking for mercy, the boatman turned around and let the general on board.

but the ship was full, when the general saw the Dreamwindow Zen master sitting on the bow and shouted rudely:

the Zen master gave up his seat to the general without saying a word.

all this was seen by everyone on board, and they felt aggrieved for the Zen master.

one after another talked about: "the general is really an ungrateful man. The Zen master begged the boatman to carry him, but he ended up treating him like this!"

the general seemed to understand something from everyone's discussion, and he was very ashamed, but because of face, he had to pretend that nothing had happened.

until the boat reached the other side, everyone got off the boat. The general went up to the Zen master and said, "Zen master, I was so rude. I'm so sorry!"

the Zen master said calmly, "I don't blame you, and when you are away from home, people will inevitably be in a bad mood."

when he heard this, the general became more and more ashamed of what he had done on the ship. He wanted to worship the Zen master as a teacher and learn such a mind.

the Zen master replied:

"Yanshan Night talk" said: "the gentleman can bear what people cannot bear, what they cannot tolerate, and what they cannot do."

dealing with others with a tolerant mind is a kind of wisdom that every one of us should have.

in the face of the general's rudeness, the Zen master showed no concern, no malice, and showed kindness to others, which is a kind of tolerance.

to deal with the world, know that enough is enough, learn to use a tolerant heart, to tolerate, to understand, in order to untie your mind.


tolerance is a kind of kindness

someone asks God, "if someone in life scolds me, deceives me, humiliates me, shames me, despises me, and humiliates me, what should I do with it?"

God said, "just put up with him, forgive him, avoid him, follow him, let him, ignore him, wait in silence, and I will tell the difference between right and wrong."

this dialogue shows the beauty of tolerance in life.

if you forgive others, God will naturally give you a wider path.

as the saying goes, those who are blessed will come, and those who love to return will love to go.

leaving a glimmer of leeway in everything is not only a kind of kindness, but also a blessing sometimes.

during the Spring and Autumn period, one of Qin Mu Gong's good horses was caught by rural people in Qi and ate them secretly.

the officials of the State of Qin seized these people and planned to deal with them severely.

Qin Mu Gong, who knew about this, said:

so he ordered them to drink wine and released them.

later, the Qin and Jin dynasties fought a war in Hanyuan. Hearing the news, the 300 villagers who were released this time all volunteered to go to war.

when Qin Mugong's chariot was besieged, it was this group of people who risked their lives to save him from the encirclement of the Jin army in order to repay his kindness.

if the goodwill of Qin Mu Gong had not allowed others to lose, then the chance to save his life would have been lost in the Battle of Hanyuan.

there is a saying in Mencius: "to be kind to others, to be good to yourself; to have a way with others, to retreat from yourself."

people with a broad mind can easily erase many unnecessary disputes in life because they can tolerate mistakes.

as the saying goes: a great wise man must be modest, and a great wise man must be tolerant.

the heart is an inch wide, the road is one inch wide, and if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere. If the heart is relaxed and everything can be tolerated, then happiness will come naturally.


tolerance is a kind of realm

tolerance is not only a kind of moral character, but also a kind of realm.

the broadest thing in the world is the ocean, the sky is wider than the sea, and the human mind is wider than the sky.

because people are big enough to judge others by themselves, they can tolerate more people and things.

Mr. Liang Shiqiu has been tolerant, loving and modest all his life, so many people are willing to associate with him and are happy to call him "my friend Liang Shiqiu".

tolerance, but also let him gain a great reputation and many friends.

on one occasion, Mr. Liang Shiqiu went to attend the anniversary speech of normal University at the invitation of his friend Liu Zhen, and the speaker at that time was late for some reason.

the teachers and students present were really a little impatient, and several teachers sitting next to Liang Shiqiu were even full of dissatisfaction with the speaker.

the headmaster waited for a long time, so he asked Liang Shiqiu, who was present, to come to the stage and say a few words to save the scene.

Liang Shiqiu did not like to play such a role, but he was afraid of hurting the principal's face, and because such an occasion really needed to be dealt with, he gladly agreed to it.

he stepped onto the stage and said with a touch of humor:

The whole audience roared with laughter, not only relieved the late speaker with his broad mind, but also calmed the anxiety of the teachers and students present with this open-mindedness.

the previous teachers who gossiped were even more influenced by Mr. Liang to relax and stop complaining.

most of the time, unhappiness between people stems from different positions on things.

but forget that there are infinite possibilities and accidents in life. When you encounter contradictions, tolerance and understanding is the easiest way to go.

therefore, tolerance is not only a virtue, but also a realm.

tolerant and magnanimous, that is, be considerate of other people's mistakes, don't worry about it, don't haggle over every penny, and be a generous person.

as my husband said in his book Life is nothing more than that:

"Life is just a journey that comes and goes again and again. Happiness and sorrow are life, and bitterness and sweetness are life.

the most important thing for us is not to care about truth and falsehood, gain and loss, fame and gain, rich and cheap, rich and poor, but how to live happily and discover the poetry of life. "

when people are alive, they will inevitably encounter unpleasant things, and those who don't like to see them will constantly consume themselves and wear themselves out if they care about them everywhere.

in this short journey, it is better to be more tolerant, be sympathetic to strangers and not calculate the giving and return of love to those close to you.

when you learn to see some people clearly and despise some things with a tolerant heart, you will find that life is nothing more than that.

the human heart is like the road, the more deliberate, the narrower; and the more tolerant, the wider.