These are the only two people who will cross you in this life.

/June 2022

the Buddha says that there is no encounter for no reason.

everyone appears in your life for a reason.

the one who loves you gives you warmth and strength.

those who hurt you give you experience and strength.

in fact, no matter what kind of fate, their mission is to ferry you.


the person who is good to you is the one who comes to see you

writer Anthony once said:

there is always some encounter, coming with tenderness across the vast sea of people.

there is always some fate, through the years cold and warm, do not give up company.

when you are at a low ebb, I will lend you a hand and give you encouragement and comfort.

in the gloom, accompany you through loneliness, warm and support each other.

such people are worthy of our gratitude and cherish for the rest of our lives.

I have heard a story:

there was a Zen master who practiced in the mountains. One night, when he returned to his hut after a walk in the bright moonlight, he was patronized by thieves.

he was afraid of alerting the thief and kept standing at the door waiting for him.

the thief could not find anything of value and bumped into the Zen master when he was about to return.

when the thief was alarmed, the Zen master said:

"you have come a long way to visit me, but you can't let you come back empty-handed!"

as he spoke, the Zen master took off his coat.

"it's cool at night, so take this dress and go."

the Zen master put his clothes on the thief, who was at a loss and slipped away with his head down.

the Zen master looked at the thief's back and said with emotion:

"Poor man, I wish I could send you a bright moon!"

the next day, when the warm sun shone on the hut, the Zen master pushed open the door and saw that the coat he had put on the thief last night was neatly folded on the door.

the Zen master was very happy and murmured:

warmth will flow.

to be kind to others is a kind of reincarnation. Those who love love return, those who are blessed return.

writer Xue Xiao Zen said:

the more you go forward, the more you find that you want to be with warm people. She gives you energy, gives you time, and makes you feel grand in this world.

those who are kind to us not only give us the courage to face the ups and downs of life, but also let us understand compassion and kindness.

people are mutual, and happiness is sincerely exchanged.

A person does not know how to be gentle to others until he has been treated gently.

Lin Xi said:

We are all passers-by in the snowy night, melting the snowflakes on each other's shoulders because of friction.

when goodness meets goodness, you will also believe that you must be a kind person for the rest of your life.

Thanksgiving to the people who are kind to us in life, it is they who use sincerity and kindness to cross us to become a warm person and fill our hearts with sunshine.


the person who hurts you is here to spend your

life, practicing intentionally or unintentionally.

No one can be plain sailing on the way to growing up. If someone helps you, someone is bound to hurt you in order to balance.

in fact, the person who hurt you shows up to ferry you.

as the saying goes:

every tear is accompanied by awakening. Every pain is the pillar of growth.

the ups and downs of life are not to make you flinch, but to let you learn to hold your own umbrella.

the deception after trust is not to chill you, but to make you see the world clearly.

We all know that Xu Zhimo, a talented man of the Republic of China, left many well-known poems in his life.

among them, there are quite a lot of love poems, some for Lin Huiyin and some for Lu Xiaoman, but none of them is for his wife Zhang Youyi.

this affectionate and romantic man is extremely cold in his marriage to Zhang Youyi.

Zhang Youyi was born into a wealthy family and was educated in a women's college since she was a child. However, because he accepted an arranged marriage and married Xu Zhimo at the age of 15, he was looked down upon by Xu Zhimo, who advocated new ideas at that time.

Xu Zhimo shouted "country bumpkin" at first sight of Zhang Youyi's picture, and compared their marriage to "small feet and a suit."

when Zhang Youyi was pregnant with her second child, Xu Zhimo was frantically pursuing Lin Huiyin.

when he learned that he was going to be a father again, his first reaction was to "get rid of it".

in the face of Xu Zhimo's ruthlessness, Zhang Youyi said submissively:

Start showing off your stunning figure in our short white wedding dresses. This section is just for you – unique in every way.

Xu Zhimo scoffed:

"and because people die by train, don't they take the train?"

later, the two divorced and became the first person to divorce in the new style of the Republic of China.

after being abandoned by Xu Zhimo, Zhang Youyi silently gave birth to her youngest son in a foreign country, and then followed her second elder brother to Germany to study early childhood education and learned fluent German.

A few years later, Zhang Youyi returned home and started a Yunchang clothing company with others.

the woman who was laughed at by Xu Zhimo as a "country bumpkin" finally ran a clothing company, leading the fashion trend in China.

because of her excellent business ability, Zhang Youyi not only made a success of Yunchang Garment Company, but also became the vice president of Shanghai Women's Commercial savings Bank.

it is Xu Zhimo's ruthlessness that makes Zhang Youyi understand the unreliability of marriage. She used her own efforts to perform the people's version of "the first half of my Life".

from being abandoned to unboiled water, it is a belt of excellence and strength.Give Zhang Youyi luck.

the most thorough harm is the most powerful growth.

writer Roman Roland once said:

those who can't beat you will only make you stronger. Those who have hurt you, they are here to enrich your experience and complete your life.

I like what Charles Billard said very much:

people are always strong after the pain; when they are through, they are mature; when they are stupid, they know how to cherish and give up at the right time.

Thank those who deceive you, for they have enhanced your wisdom.

Thank those who despise you, because they inspire you to fight.

Thank those who slander you, because they sharpen your character.

the process of sculpturing oneself through experience must be accompanied by pain and hard work.

but the self-beating with one hammer and one chisel can finally make us gain a better self.


in this life, there will always be someone to cross you

in this world, no one will treat you for no reason, and no one will hurt you for no reason.

all the experiences in life are the meaning of moving forward.

Zeng Guofan said:

what kind of person you will become when you do things with a mindset.

what really determines the height of our lives is how to face the experiences in life.

in the face of those who are kind to us, know how to return and be grateful, and one day your "giving up" will become a "reward" for you.

in the face of those who hurt us, do not hold grudges and excuses, quiet strength is the best revenge.

May the kindness you receive warms the time at your fingertips, and may the bitter water you swallow turn into blessing one day.