There are less than 100 days left in 2021: to the past, to love the present, to the rest of life.

/August 2022

time is like quicksand between fingers, but in the blink of an eye, there are less than 100 days left in 2021.

looking back on the road, there have been joys, sorrows, glories and setbacks.

but no matter how difficult the days were, we finally finished more than half of the journey.

remember to give yourself a big hug and thank you for sticking to it all the way in the past.

in the last less than 100 days, please continue to work hard to write a happy ending for 2021.


the lost past, do not look back

the past 9 months, how are you doing? Have all the plans made at the beginning of the year been realized?

every autumn, people always feel inexplicably sad.

or the feelings separated in the sea of people, or the scenery missed during the journey, or those wasted time, there are many things that we will never forget.

even naively, want a time travel machine, hoping to go back to the past and rewrite those regrettable endings.

but time is a journey with no return, and the so-called past is mostly ten memories and nine injuries.

A person's life, no matter how carefully you plan, will not be 100% successful.

every choice has its own regrets.

instead of looking back sadly, try to move on.

there is an excellent saying: "Don't fight the past, we are no match."

the past is like the westward running water, no matter how much you chase it, it will never return.

looking back frequently, it will only make me lose my way and make it difficult to travel far away.

in the last 100 days of 2021, please be sure to sort out your mood: put what you should put and forget what you should forget.

Don't let the haze of yesterday block out the sun of today, and don't let the past affect the mood of the present.

always believe that there are no useless experiences in life, and that all arrangements are meaningful.

the injuries and tribulations you have suffered are just to make you a brighter light one day in the future.

as long as you move forward bravely, you will certainly get rid of the mud under your feet;

when you bid farewell to the past half an acre of square ponds, you will eventually meet the brilliance of the sea of stars.


cherish, there is a passage in all the

"Shadow stealers" that

Human nature is roughly like this: turning a blind eye to what is near, but thinking about what is far away.

but the most precious thing in life is never what you can't get and lose, but what you have now.

it's just that we are so used to it that we forget what we should cherish and care about most.

We often feel that we have so little that we can't help envy other people's lives.

but isn't the life you are living a dream of others?

you yearn for great wealth, but as far as those who are accompanied by illness are concerned, their health is better than tens of millions of people in the world.

you are eager to get ahead and resent your mediocrity, but you don't know that the so-called successful people also want to be simple.

you envy your friends working hard in the big city, but they also envy you, and the lights are lovely as soon as you get home.

I like that sentence very much: "you can't recall the past, but there are too many uncertainties in the future. It's best to have it now."

from now on, may you learn to cherish it.

cherish your body, go to bed early and get up early, live a self-disciplined life.

take care of your emotions. You can get angry once in a while, but don't let the anger last until the next morning.

you and I come to this world for a walk, a journey in the mountains and a journey in the water, just to meet a better self.

only by taking good care of yourself is the best reward for those who love us.

cherish all the people and things in front of you, live up to every encounter, and live up to every heart.

to be kind to every inch of time, to irrigate the land under your feet with sweat and effort, to write an ending you want.


Don't wait for regret, don't wait for regret

have read such a sentence: "many people have lost in one word all their lives."

always think that the day is still long, wait for it, wait for the next time, wait for the future, wait for the conditions …...

but time does not turn back, there is no if in the world, the past is difficult to turn back, and the return is no longer the same.

Life cannot stand too much waiting, which is a pity at the end of the day.

belated affection has no meaning; tomorrow's fiery filial piety will not serve the parents who passed away yesterday.

think about the more than half of the 2021, have you ever had a time like this:

you promised to have dinner with your parents, but when a friend called, you happily stood me up and comforted yourself by saying, "do you want to have a meal? it's okay to eat next time."

obviously promised his lover that he wanted to see a romantic movie, but he could go home and slump on the sofa, but he didn't want to move any more, so he made an excuse to say, "the movie can be seen another day."

you are always accustomed to saying "wait a minute, then wait", but you often injure the people who love you most.

as the old saying goes, "if you don't drink tea, it will get cold, and people will disperse without hesitation."

nothing, will wait in place forever.

some people, some things, once missed, isThe last song of all ages.

in the last less than 100 days of 2021, please leave the most precious time and energy to the people and things you love most.

those things you like, take the initiative to strive for them.

Don't let today's indecision turn into tomorrow's regret.

those who care about feelings, use the greatest sincerity to manage and maintain.

even if you don't know where the story ends, at least in the days when you get together, don't let yourself feel guilty for a moment.


everything in the past is a prelude, and all future can be looked forward to.

those who lost the past, let it go with the wind, cherish the people and things in front of you.

there is no need to envy anyone's life, because what you have now is not the white moonlight in the hearts of others.

in the last 100 days of 2021, please keep on working hard and take good care of yourself.

Please believe that God will live up to everyone who works hard.

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the efforts you have sown will be full of smallpox in the future.

the sufferings you have experienced will surely turn into the brightest romance in the future.

as long as you devote yourself to the sun, you will wait until the years produce incense, and there are stars everywhere as far as you can see.