The real reason for one's unhappiness is to wake up after reading it.

/August 2022

Open-minded as Li Bai once lamented life: "the road is difficult!" The road is difficult! There are so many misguided paths. Where are you now? "

in the long journey of life, the road ahead is difficult and complicated, and there is always a lot of helplessness, sadness and depression.

when I was young, I always cried and laughed, but now I cry with a smile.

I can't help asking why people are unhappy.

I think it's just thinking too much and doing too little.


to think too much is to torture yourself

writer Lin Qingxuan once said: "after sweeping the fallen leaves today, tomorrow's leaves will not fall today. Don't worry about tomorrow. Try to live in this moment today."

the reason is simple, but very few people do it.

people always worry about things that haven't happened yet, and they get stuck in the mud of negative emotions, and it's hard to get out.

the reason why you are tired and not happy is mostly because you think too much.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Sister Daiyu is an eternal dream in the hearts of many literati.

she was born to everyone, talented and smart, full of amorous feelings in her frown and smile. But on the other hand, she is weak and sickly, her parents are dead, her love road is rough, and the ending is sad and sad.

in fact, when I think about it, Daiyu's smile has a lot to do with her sentimental and overthinking temperament.

A little movement and a small setback will cause an uproar in the mind, causing an emotional uproar, and torturing the body and mind.

once, when an assailant said that everything Baoyu wore had been given to the boy, Daiyu guessed that the purse she gave Baoyu had also been given away.

before Baoyu could explain, Daiyu went back to her room with an unhappy face and cut up the incense bag Baoyu had asked her to make.

seeing this, Baoyu hurriedly took out his purse from his clothes and persuaded each other to resolve the farce.

it is obviously something that can be asked in one sentence, but he likes to ponder over some things all day long, which is of no use but to add annoyance to himself.

as the ancients said, "worry has no root, and if you don't pick it up, you will have nothing; confusion has no source, and it will be easy if you don't study it."

the so-called predicament in life is sometimes just a cage shackle you set for yourself.

if you think too much about small things, you are tired; if you think too much about big things, you are tired; if you think too much about bad things, you are annoying.

as soon as I put it down, I am at ease. It is more important than anything else to take good care of my mood in my whole life.

it is said that nine times out of ten things go wrong in life, but "if you don't think about it, you often think about one or two." if you think less, you will be in a better mood.


Don't think too much. Mr. Yang Jiang said: "everyone will have an extremely difficult time, the pressure of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, and the fear of love all day long."

No one's life is plain sailing, and no one's success can be achieved overnight.

when you are confused and can't see the way ahead, don't worry too much and dare not give yourself a chance to try and make mistakes. In the end, you can only be mediocre for life.

but there is no dead end in the world. Instead of thinking about it, it is better to take the first step in a down-to-earth manner.

as someone said, "the 21st century is the century of Wang Yangming."

but Wang Yangming's road of "knowing things to know" has also been frustrated. Has he ever been confused?

his bamboo, breaking the border, studying hard, and constantly exploring the problems of Neo-Confucianism in action led to the later famous study of mind all over the world.

think, all are questions; doing is the answer.

the Analects of Confucius says: "look before you leap." But in fact, there is still half a sentence: "again, Si can be."

means that you can just think about it, and you can't understand many things until you do them.

when the car comes to the mountain, there must be a way, and the boat will go straight when it comes to the bridge. Spend your dreamy time reading, working and studying, improve yourself, change yourself, and everything will get better.


mindset is right, life will go smoothly

Lu Yao said in the ordinary World: "if you don't worry yourself, others can never worry you."

there is nothing to worry about in the world. All the troubles are given to yourself. I live too hard just because I think too much.

if the mentality is wrong, the mind will be complicated and lose happiness; only when the mindset is right, can the clouds be light and penetrate the fog.

once upon a time, two people agreed to go to Beijing to take the exam, and on the way they came across a family in mourning.

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A person thought to himself, "it's really bad luck. I'm afraid it's a sign that I won't pass the exam when I encounter something like this on the road. I'm very depressed and I don't want to study."

another person thought: "A coffin, a promotion and a fortune is a good sign. His face is full of joy and self-confidence, and he studies harder."

in the end, the first person was defeated, but the second was Jinshi and the first.

Life is just a contest between yourself and yourself. if you draw a circle on your own ground as a prison and allow yourself to sink in negative and painful thoughts, you lose.

it's better to smile, shake hands and make peace with life, not in fantasy, not in empty words, but seriously do everything well, and you will win.

I like what Feng Zikai said very much: "since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice; since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since there is no wish, it is better to be relieved."

We take a walk in the world, the longest is no more than 30,000 days, happy is a day, unhappy is also a day, why quarrel with ourselves?

in the second half of life, the word mentality is spelled.

have a bad mentalityEverything is difficult; if you have the right mindset, life will go well.

as the old saying goes, illness comes out of eating, but health comes out of it. Disasters are spoken, but troubles are thought out.

if you think too much, your mood will be ruined; if you think too much, you will be slow; if you think too much, you will be less happy.

so don't think too much about it and do it.

only by not falling in love with the past, not welcoming the future, and living up to the present, can we live at ease.